Islamo-Marxism Is Now Officially a Virus!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-02-28 05:37

Goat-fucking is now known to spread the Coronavirus! Latest casualty: the deputy-Health Minister of Iran. !!!! Poetic justice was never more poetic than this. Question: how did the virus get from a Chinese laboratory to Iranian goats?

Required immigration policy: Not One Muslim! Not One Marxist!

Required foreign policy: Unrecognise Communist China. Close down its embassy. Declare Communist China an outlaw nation. Ditto Iran and all other bastions of Islamosavagery. Withdraw from the United Nations. Establish a new United Civilised Nations. Trade with, and accept immigrants from, those nations only.

Taxpayer-fund one-way tickets to Iran for Jihadi Jacinda, Woke Winston and Soyman Brudjuz—traitors! Oh, and Bolshevik Brash while we're about it.


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stuff. Why is the Republican opponent not saturating the district with leaflets and adverts, and travelling around in a van with a (very) loudspeaker doing 20 street corner meets per day cutting to the chase - "This sick bitch married her brother, she's Un-American, throw her out" - stop the pattycake stuff and blowtorch the snotty cow.

Why is the Republican opponent not saying what Josh is saying? (these people are such cowards)

Unbelievable ...

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... what the goat-fuckers get away with. Ilhan, of Ugly Wimmin's infamy, for GTMO. Along with Soros!


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is Glenn Beck with a hot off the press update on Coronavirus


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have always viewed the Roman church as creepy and subversive - so nothing about them would surprise me! it's either a goat or his latest 12 year old boyfriend is a Chinkie. Sick sick sick!!!

I thought ...

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... the kids the Pope fucked were of the human variety. Is Pope Satan a goat-fucker too?!


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a series of marvelous ideas Lindsay!

I also heard on the radio news that Pope Francis has caught it too; seems "Papal infallibility" has failed haha! (whoops!).

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