The Latest from Amy and James - "right"

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Mon, 2020-03-02 02:56

Can anyone tell me why Amy and James think saying "right" every five seconds makes them more persuasive?


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don't! please don't! ...please go and watch a Bill Whittle or Glenn Beck video instead Laughing out loud


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And she's an upward-inflecting fry-quacker too. I would find it beyond unendurable. Glad I didn't click on it.


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no, not a joke. She spends the first part of the video discussing it - in a neurotic "California" sort of way; ghastly. All very socialist.

Please tell me ...

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... that's a joke??!!


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they are talking about her "women's waterworks" problems Barf! great length. Any female with any dignity would not mention such things in public (albeit to a non existent audience)

Don't make me ...

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... click on the link. Are they rhapsodising about open borders and George Soros?

Is it Amy and James wather than Amy and Yawon now?


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have the grand total of 221 views Shocked ....and considering this post has 56 views, with many presumably clicking the link, it would mean the true number is only about 150 views. Not exactly setting the World on fire are they? I think I can surmise that nobody in the entire World cares what they think haha!

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