There Is No Depth ...

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-03-03 08:14

.... to which the Woke Fascists will not stoop in their enthusiasm for goat-fucking. Obleftivists, SJWs, pomowankers, Bernie Sanders supporters, Dem-Scum, all of them support this kind of travesty: Tommy arrested again for bopping a pedophile who molested his, Tommy's, daughter. A goat-fucker no doubt.

Edit: "An Asian gentleman" whom Tommy is not allowed to name and who has not been arrested. Note that one of the arresting cops is "an Asian gentleman" also. Jesus! Britonistan is lost!

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how childish; they really are pathetic. All the goblins together....


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The Woke Fascists of YouTube have removed Tommy's video because "some find it offensive."

That's the world we're in.

Avi to the Rscue!

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This is of great concern because it indicates Tommy is some sort of 'enemy of the state' being targeted by the Police and others. That is unacceptable in our system.

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