Hannah Tamaki is the Victim of Bullying, Not the Bully

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Submitted by Olivia on Wed, 2020-03-04 02:37

By Olivia Pierson

Outspoken pentecostal Christian and wannabe politician, Hannah Tamaki of Destiny Church, is the latest victim of a media bullying campaign because of her cultural views. Scheduled to be a contestant on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, Mrs Tamaki was suddenly dropped by the woke MediaWorks team due to complaints that her views are bigoted, homophobic and racist (weep only for their lack of imagination).

A spokesperson for MediaWorks made an official statement yesterday:

“It was originally planned for Hannah to take part in the show. We now recognise this was a mistake and we apologise.

We have seen a very strong reaction, some of which has been extreme and concerning and MediaWorks does not condone bullying. We would be failing in our duty of care to everyone if we continued as planned.”

“Duty of care to everyone” – what role in our lives have these uppity people arrogated to themselves, that of our national doctors and therapists?

It has become a staggering pattern that in order to ostensibly protect some people from bullying, these self-appointed guardians of thought morph directly into the worst bullies imaginable.

Social media boiled over with folks hollering out insults about Mrs Tamaki in the most self-righteous tones known to man, but worse than that, the Project’s TV show host, Kanoa Lloyd, sounding every inch the millennial snowflake, said these very silly words on television:

“The ideas that the Tamakis have can actually be deadly. There would be no Christchurch mosque shootings if it wasn’t for dangerous ideals like that… that stuff is properly dangerous.”

“That stuff” which Ms Lloyd refers to in the dialect of Bimboian, is likely to be a reference to Mrs Tamaki’s anti-Islamic views. There is no need to go into the Tamakis’ homophobic views when Brian Tamaki, with his wife at his side, made a very public apology to the gay community for espousing them – which is more than any apostle of Islam has ever done, given that in Islamic countries homosexuals are frequently put to death by the more devout in their midst.

Shortly after the Christchurch mosque massacre in March 2019, where 51 people lost their lives, Sri Lanka suffered multiple, co-ordinated Islamic terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday where 259 people lost their lives, including 45 foreign nationals. Three churches, three luxury hotels and a guesthouse were the targets. I don’t remember our media machine condemning any aspect of Islamic thought, despite these types of attacks being horrifically commonplace all over the world, including the West. They were still too busy crying “They are Us!”

As I write this, Christians all over the Middle East and Africa are being raped, attacked, beaten, murdered and genocided out of existence. This is an ongoing religious cleansing wherever Islam holds sway: Nigeria, Egypt, Cameroon, Uganda, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey.

​Christians happen to be the most currently persecuted group of people on our planet – at the hands of Muslims – and an ignorant little wokey-two-shoes such as Ms Lloyd would do well to get an education on these indisputable facts before sounding-off to excoriate any Christian for holding anti-Islam views.

Islam is not a race, it’s a theocratic ideology – and a backward, violent, uncivilised one. It’s every human being’s right to openly critique any ideology in play, especially the worst of them.

The selectors of Dancing With the Stars have the right to choose who gets to dance in their kitsch show, hardly anyone watches it and therefore no one cares anyway. A controversial alpha personality like Hannah Tamaki would’ve actually been a ratings draw-card. But MediaWorks should cut the delusional crap about “their duty of care” when referring to NZ citizens as if we’re all mentally frail invalids who cannot think for ourselves any more.

Lloyd says that although she

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Lloyd says that although she loves DWTS, she doesn't want to see a "homophobic Paso Doble" or a "xenophobic Cha-Cha".

Oh, I don’t know, those could well be the highlights of the entire show.


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well... that was a bit of a shock. I find it astounding how far gone it all is; no balance, no reason, no sense of proportion. And these are the same people who will wonder why several million people, including me, just turned out in California to vote for Donald Trump despite him not having an opponent to speak of; pushing back against this sort of insanity

How is it indeed ...

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... they keep going under but are still there?

These, Eli, are the Woke Fascists you thought might put me back on talkback, remember?


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dear, and I am sure there are people at that network who - in all sincerity - cannot understand why they keep going bankrupt at regular intervals! haha! Sticking out tongue

Shall we have an All Black? or an Olympic gold medalist? or that war hero chappie Willie Apiary or whatever his name is? - no! let's have a thing person to appeal to 3000 potential viewers in Grey Lynn. That will have advertisers lining up around the corner....

I understand ...

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... Mrs T has been replaced by a non-binary gender-fluid thingie. (No, not Jacinda.) The Wokers will be in Wokopia!


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great post Olivia. It is sickening the level of virtue signaling wankerism these people display.

What they do not realise is that it was only the metropolitan pansy demographic who cared about the Mosque killings; all trying to out do each other as to who was the most tearful, most affected. (I'm sure a lot of the woke crowd actually practised for hours in front of a mirror to get the hysterical screaming "just right").

Everyone else in New Zealand looked at the shooter - and saw an Aussie; looked at the victims - and didn't think of them as New Zealanders. Just thought "shootouts on the streets of NZ is pretty cool" and got another beer out of the fridge. This wasn't Pike River, Cave Creek, Aramoana, or the CTV building collapse, which most people did 'feel' as a kind of national tragedy ...and it is only the woke crowd who didn't understand how the vast majority of the population viewed it all.

The treatment of the Tamaki folk is another example of this woke, smartypants, "I am the MOST upset" fake virtue signaling and the ratings for The Project show that nobody cares one jot what these people think. I think Kanoa Lloyds views and ideas - (like that of all uppity Maoris) - are dangerous and need to be nipped in the bud!

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