Too Good To Be True?

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2020-03-05 20:07

This is exactly the sort of Campaign ad Trump should be doing: "civilisation at the crossraods," calling out The Filth in all its guises: Dems, Fake News, Soros, the Clintons ("yes, she should be locked up") the Swamp, Woke Fascists, et al. Electrifying in its gloves-off on-offensiveness! Let's hope it's for real:


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jokes aside; this video is very informative. Elijah does another "Slightly Offens*ve" show where he talks to (mostly Demoscum) voters in Los Angeles.

What is interesting is the number of "regulars" - the ordinary Demoscum registered voter - who are appalled at the very notion of socialism and are completely opposed to it; far more opposition to Bernie than I would have expected. People who are just ordinary folk, not rich, not ideologues, but no way do they want a bar of left wing twaddle that Sanders is spouting. Shows even shallow, mindless, moronic Los Angeles people do actually think about issues....(rather impressive)

11 mins take a look


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there be a slightly more logical explanation for her defeat than the hoax narratives over the last 3 years? haha!


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I cannot recall that specific advert; could it be a montage? a mash up of several different adverts and speeches? (ie: the chappie who made it decided to create his 'perfect' Trump advert?)

Yes, 2016

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This reference to Nov 8 gives it away. This year's is Nov 3. Plus all the focus on Clinton. An update is needed. I wonder if they even played that in 2016 or chickened out? I'm sure we'd remember if they had.


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does bring a tear or two - of pride - to the eyes when he mentions how, instead of retiring and enjoying a billionaire lifestyle, he decided to save the Republic from the forces of pure evil. No wonder 'little men' of the Brash variety hate him so much.


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What a wonderful advert, but inclined to think it is from 2016?

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