Thank God for the Occasional Victory!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-03-11 04:34

Next: "safe spaces" on campus!!

MPs vote to uphold important free speech principle
11 MARCH 2020

The Free Speech Coalition congratulates Parliament on removing the provisions which would have made "safe zones" around abortion clinics enforceable. Free Speech Coalition spokesperson Stephen Franks says:

"While harassment and intimidation of women seeking treatment from abortion clinics remains a criminal offence, and rightly so, Parliament was correct to uphold the principled right of New Zealanders to peacefully protest and express views."

"This would have created an indefensible precedent, and we thank the MPs for voting in favour of David Seymour's initial Supplementary Order Paper."

MPs who stood up for the principle of free speech in voting for the first part of David Seymour's SOP:

ACT Party (1/1)

David Seymour

National Party (41/55)

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
Maggie Barry
David Bennett
Dan Bidois
Chris Bishop
Simon Bridges
Simeon Brown
David Carter
Jacqui Dean
Sarah Dowie
Andrew Falloon
Paulo Garcia
Joanne Hayes
Harete Hipango
Brett Hudson
Matt King
Barbara Kuriger
Melissa Lee
Denise Lee
Agnes Loheni
Tim Macindoe
Todd McClay
Ian McKelvie
Todd Muller
Simon O'Connor
Parmjeet Parmar
Chris Penk
Maureen Pugh
Shane Reti
Alastair Scott
Scott Simpson
Nick Smith
Stuart Smith
Anne Tolley
Louise Upston
Tim van de Molen
Nicola Willis
Michael Woodhouse
Jain Yang
Jonathan Young
Lawrence Yule

Labour Party (5/46)

Kiritapu Allan
Keiran McAnulty
Greg O'Connor
David Parker
Michael Wood

NZ First (9/9)

Darroch Ball
Shane Jones
Jenny Marcroft
Ron Mark
Tracey Martin
Clayton Mitchell
Mark Patterson
Winston Peters
Fletcher Tabuteau

Green Party (0/6)


Media contact:
Stephen Franks
027 492 1983


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of hoping and praying for an "occasional victory" Sticking out tongue


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great victory! impressed at some of the Nats who supported it; would have thought the crypto-commies like Bishop and Reti would want to wank themselves into virtue signaling and oppose anyone protesting abortion.

So Lindsay, does anyone whose name is NOT on this list mean they voted against the SOP? or could they have been absent?

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