New Zealistan's Thought Police—What They're Asking

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-03-17 02:00

From Dieuwe de Boer's Right Minds site:

Are you a member of any political groups?

Does the "right" in Right Minds stand for right-wing? [We had to pause our conversation at this point owing to my needing a full minute to laugh.]

Do you donate to any political parties or other organisations?

Do you know what New Conservative's immigration policy is?

Do you know any representatives of the New Conservative party?

What are your views on immigration?

Get off my lawn!

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In unrelated news.. Australian man interrupts the prime minister..

Here Are the Thought Police of New Zealistan in Action

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I don't know anything about this guy, and I'm late catching up with it, but this is truly disgusting:


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I don't watch any NZ news since it inevitably entails encounters with disgusting fry-quackers, including illegitimate Prime Minister Jihadi Jacinda. But I gather the ChCh shooter has pleaded guilty on all counts, months after pleading not guilty.

There's something altogether too convenient here. He no longer will be cross-examined about his ideology—"eco-fascism" a la Greta and Occasional Cortex, and admiration for the regime in Communist China. In other words, his kinship with Jihadi Jacinda and his credentials as a Woker will not now be exposed.

From what I recall of his Manifesto, in the few seconds Jihadi Jacinda allowed us to see it, he confessed to actively wanting to provoke a backlash against gun-owners and a clampdown on them. Is it not equally likely he wanted to provoke a reaction against anti-Islamosavagery? Anti-Islamosavagery is about to be criminalised; isn't it likely that that's exactly what he sought? And was he really doing so on his own? Who approved his gun license? Was it not the self-same Thought Police who now knock on doors demanding to know if householders are Trump supporters?

What will be interesting here is the sentence. In an ideal world he'd be executed in a heartbeat. In this Woke world, of which I suspect he's part, he'll get off lightly. It might be life imprisonment, but in luxurious circumstance. Let's see.

The Judges Are Woke Too

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The decision against the Free Speech Coalition's case against Phil the Phascist was made by a Woke judge. Problem is, FSC won't mention that or speak out against Wokeness. They bend over backwards to be Woke themselves. Controlled opposition, just like the baby-killing ACT Party.

And of course the National Socialist Party under Woke Soyman Brudjuz will support these new laws.


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truly sickening.

My interest is in what the National Party's attitude to this is. If they support it then it probably IS the end; NZ down the gurgler, slowly but surely, because you cannot have a proper functioning country if 70% of people are walking on eggshells.

You also cannot move forward if the Police and Justice system chooses to pretend certain things are not happening - despite all the evidence - but will always see other things happening; for instance, Maoris threatening people ("do what we want or we'll say you racially abused us") and the authorities wilfully blind; nothing to see here. Conversely, somebody makes a Billy T. James-style joke and finds themselves under arrest.

The New Zealand Justice system is already weak, more about 'who' you are than the facts of the matter - and I always advise Australian businessmen who are my customers to never, ever trust a NZ Court - and this will really undermine us internationally. A true cancer upon the nation. Another step in what I keep referring to - NZ following the Argentine a century ago.

Wotta Surprise!

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Here's a Wokestuff article about the imminence of new hate speech laws. I have said all along that the main object of these laws is to criminalise criticism of Islam. Watch the video in this link, where a "New Zealand citizen" with a barely intelligible accent promotes these laws, and see who else pops up. For instance, the President of the Manawatu Muslim Association:

Watch too as sneaky Comrade Little-Lenin uses the distraction afforded by the Communist China Virus to spring these laws upon us by stealth. He and the Supreme Human Wrongs Commissar, Hunt the Corbynista, have been working in secret for months on this.

WokeStuff must have creamed themselves writing this article:

Enjoy Sharia Law!!

"There's no such thing as a right not to be offended."

—Salman Rushdie

The Police Are Woke

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The Police are Woke, politicised ... and obeying Jihadi Jacinda's instructions. Do not think it hyperbole to say we are in the the clutches of a totalitarian evil. We are, and the first duty of any patriotic human is to call it that. Woke Fascist Jihadi Jacinda is as evil as she's ugly, and she's after our freedom. She's out to destroy New Zealand's Western heritage: freedom within the rule of law, individual rights consistent with social cohesion, the sovereignty of nation states built upon cultural commonality (Obleftivists shudder!), etc.

Here's a good video:

Vote New Conservative!!

Remember, ACT is the party of baby-killing, and ACT is the party of acquiescence to the Global Migration Compact. ACT is Soros dressed as Gutless Gormless Goofy. ACT is controlled opposition. Do not under any circumstances vote for ACT!


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awful stuff and something to resist and fight back against. Maybe someone should sue? Or start a campaign urging people not to cooperate with the Police?

New Conservative Press Release

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From Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei:


18 March 2020

Late Night Police Visits, Raids on Conservatives, Increasing

According to an article released this week, late Saturday night on the eve of the commemoration of the Christchurch massacre, a firearms licence holder was visited and interrogated by armed police at his home, and segregated from his family when they returned home later.

He was questioned on political beliefs, social media identity, religious affiliation.

He was also asked directly about New Conservative:

"Do you know what New Conservative's immigration policy is?"

"Do you know any representatives of the New Conservative party?"

The questioning style and content has chilling similarities to what kiwis have read in history books covering socialist governments, departments with historical identifiers such as 'secret police,' 'political officers,' 'Ministry of Public Enlightenment,' and social environments with suppressive speech laws and militarised police.

"Farmers, families, firearms owners are being raided by armed police. Conservatives are interrogated in their home and segregated from their family, questioned on personal beliefs such as politics, religion, who they know and what they believe," says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei. "This is not happening in faraway nations or dystopian novels, this is happening in our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces.

"We are losing the greatest nation in the world, and the brutality of this increasingly authoritarian government is being ushered in with hollow words such as "kindness," "transparency," "us."

"The targeting of conservatives and their families is causing a growing number of New Zealanders to recognise the deliberate destruction and replacement of New Zealand’s founding values with an ideology that should never be allowed to infect our society," concludes Ikilei. "This election year, we either take back what we have lost, or we lose the rest of what we have."

Source article:


Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader New Conservative

021 1628472

The smallness of it all..

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with these slimy little bureaucrats; they sit their like smirking eunuchs and love throwing around words such as ‘integrity' and ‘clarity' and 'moving forward.’
It’s the same in every country under the Western sun now, and they totally rule in corporate places of employment also. Sickening.
Go Ezra! What a man.

Meanwhile in Canadistan

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