Some Perspective On Coronavirus

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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2020-03-17 21:18

Let me explain what the response to Coronavirus in New Zealand is all about....

1. The grand total of 11 people have coronavirus in New Zealand.

2. Yet the NZ Government has just gone mad with a $12 billion bailout package.

3. And banned entry into the country.

4. And are causing mass panic among the moronry, opps - I mean 'population'.

5. However, 460 people have died from heart disease since this all started.

6. But they don't want the population to know that - to put things into some perspective.

7. Or they may elect a National Government.

Understand now?


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watched Sir John Key talking to Paul Henry.

Still the most monstrous humbug; still running the same con game haha!

Having said that I wish he was in charge with commonsense and a businessman's view of things. He was talking a lot of sense and good to hear from him.

A bit miffed he sees blaming China as the wrong thing to do; seems to think MORE whoring to the chinks is the way to go.... *sigh*


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Watched ardern on the AM Show get annoyed at a report saying the response was an overreaction. More 8 year old girl stuff; someone being a meanie (*sniff*). Thought she was going to blub for a moment there; pathetic.


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has been particularly galling about this silly lockdown hoax is the infantile nature of it.

That dreadful Ardern woman has not progressed beyond childhood so continues to think and talk like an 8 year old girl. Childish twaddle such as - "be kind", " don't be a meanie" - this is what odious little girls talk like, and it is being served up as government policy!

(and you wonder why Holyoake and Muldoon didn't have women in their cabinets??!?)

When the thought process at the top is about waiting for monsters under the bed, and the 'baddies mummy told me about', to be killed by the fairy princess.... then you're in real trouble.

When I am the only person who can see the naked Emperor.... you're in even bigger trouble than you "don't" realise. It's going to be hilarious to watch the aftermath.


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To be back online after five weeks of this hoax. I bought a smart phone yesterday at countdown - the first time I have owned one; it enables me to go online and every thing!
Needless to say this hoax has taken a toll, but I hope all of you are well.

Perhaps this is the end of nz I have long predicted?

Perhaps this is the trigger that causes freedom lovers to leave the country for good?

What's particularly sad are the sheer numbers who are obedient little slaves; conforming, obeying; not questioning such obvious twaddle. Protests in America warmed my heart, especially in California where the penny seems to have dropped.

I am a bit troubled for the future of nz. We are about half a millimetre away from negative inflation - oil prices alone could achieve this - and the starter of a massive deflationary spiral; Armageddon as people lose houses and businesses and farms. Been Reading up on the subject and nz is ripe for it; all the conditions exist, all the duck's are in a row.


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usual one of my favourite conservatives - Dave Morrison - sums things up perfectly!

Some humour - try not to laugh too loudly

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yes and yes - you two chaps are pin on accurate in your summing up of this. It's just appalling.

What I think is happening is a lot of misfits ("my little pony") are now sitting around the Cabinet table and thinking this crisis makes them "Big Time" politicians - they have FINALLY 'made it' - and how impressed all the cool kids at high school who used to bully them must be! Barf!

They really are pathetic

Evil beyond words is Jacinda and cohorts

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They would rather kill off the economy and create more beneficiaries for the sake of a few deaths. Rather run of the mill flu deaths. As with her other “nuclear moment” so–called Climate Change this one’s cure is worse than the disease. Cunts.

The madness...

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that this Kung-flu virus has created is beyond measure.
If folks don’t like the term Kung-flu, then Wu-flu may be more accurate. But it is Chinese in origin and let’s never forget that fact.
China lied, people died - though nobody in NZ. Communists are cunts.

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