Orange the Magnificent

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-03-31 05:33

Even Fake News NBC couldn't ignore this:

The Comchina Virus is doomed!

So is Sorosian Globalism! Obleftivists, wail and gnash your teeth!

Yes, there is

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"Is there a factory mass-producing these gargoyles?" Yes, in Red China. The thing in the video was born there and entered the USA with its parents. They all need to go back. They can take Yawon with them.

Here's another one

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As vicious as she is fry-quacking and stupid. Is there a factory mass-producing these gargoyles? Is it called the ARI by any chance?:

Epitome of Evil

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The deeply stupid fry-quacking sub-human mannerless Narcissistic Woke bitch in this encounter is the epitome of contemporary evil. No words can capture her viciousness:

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