Get Stuffed, Stuff!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-04-21 07:22

The fellow in this video is altogether too kind. Perhaps he's been contaminated by Jihadi Jacinda's nauseating, phony exhortations to "be kind" (as if we need to be instructed by an unelected, fry-quacking, woke, fascist airhead as to how to be decent in an emergency or at any other time). Stuff are everything this chap says they are, and more. They are a virus as insidious as the one from Wuhan in their relentless campaign for the triumph of Islamo-Marxism over Western Civilisation and their suppression of dissenting views. Now apparently they are begging for contributions from the very people whom they insult, denigrate and de-humanise every day: decent, regular human beings who mistakenly—out of habit more than anything else probably—read their mindless, snowflake, tabloid totalitarian trash. In days of yore, The Dominion was a repository for actual journalism, a phenomenon some of us are old enough to remember; now, there is not a journalist in sight—just a cluster of illiterate woke wankers pushing their evil group-think agenda under the guise of reportage. Get stuffed, Stuff!!


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a positive note channel 3 has gone very anti Labour, running four negative stories back to back. Good to know they finally realize "get woke, go broke" is true and are happy to break ranks to get stuck into adern et al.

Running comparisons between Key and Ardern with the implication an anti business, naïve woman isn't up to the job. Funny to watch "comrades" fall out!


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people wonder why I am not a taxpayer??!!?

Use my money to bail out Commie media companies .....or stick to tax free capital gains from playing the share markets of the world? Not exactly a difficult choice! Haha!

What has been chilling is tv3 spouting chinky commie fake news about wetmarkets when it's been established it came from a lab. Shame on garner et all; they must have known it was a fake story when they ran it on the AM show.

Stuff CEO, Sinead Boucher to

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Stuff CEO, Sinead Boucher to Peter William's suggestion that the begging bowl wouldn't be needed if they weren't so biased.

"Our journalists don't take a bias stance"

"What about your position on Climate Change?"

"In climate change, we have chosen to accept the very well established triumph, over many decades, that climate change is happening, and that humans have played a part in that."

"Journalism should not be about debating whether or not [climate change] is a thing, and instead focus on what are the solutions."

Beyond redemption.

Yes, but in 2017 Stuff was a

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Yes, but in 2017 Stuff was a Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award Finalist. And they no longer have an HR director- it's a People and Culture director, didn't you know?

And Stuff's Auckland office has a cafe with a deaf barista and all Stuff's staff have been taught how to order a coffee using sign language.

So bugger the news (but is that coffee fair-trade?)

It Gets Worse!

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Now, not just Stuff but all the Woke media are being bailed out involuntarily by the taxpayer as Jihadi Jacinda seeks to preserve the crumbling hegemony of her craven cunnilingites. National Socialist Radio, braindead TVNZ, TV3, the Anti-NZ Herald, Woke-Stuff ... the whole kit and kaboodle of evil: $50 million to prop them up, supposedly because of the Wuhan Virus. Actually, they were all struggling before the Huawei Horror struck, and deservedly so. Avowed, unapologetic enemies of reason, freedom, common sense and common decency, these creatures would treat 1984, in the unlikely event of their having read it, not as a warning but as a playbook.

One wonders what would happen if the chips were simply allowed to fall where they may?

Now, the media, already falling over themselves in their fawning, will work double-overtime to try to secure the hitherto unelected Jihadi Jacinda's "re"-election.

Fascism—true, actual Fascism, not the hobgoblin of the Social Justice Warriors' fevered lack of imagination—will have triumphed.


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A reader has acquainted me privately with the full text of the begging letter from Woke-Stuff. It couldn't be more perfectly Orwellian in its use of noble words to mean the exact opposite of what these ignoble savages really mean:

At Stuff, our mission has always been to provide you with trustworthy, accurate and reliable news and information. We’ve never taken your support for granted. And we need it now, more so than ever, to fulfill our duty to you.

Translation: At Stuff, our mission has latterly been to pull the wool over your eyes with lies and disinformation in the cause of Wokery. We've taken your support for granted, but we need it now more than ever to fulfill our betrayal of you.

This commitment is more vital than it’s ever been, particularly in light of the challenging times we all find ourselves in. And we remain a trusted source of information even though, like news organisations everywhere, we’re under growing commercial pressure.

Translation: We know you've seen through us, and that we're screwed. And we're panicking.

For more than 150 years, our news and information services have relied on your support, either through subscribing to our newspapers, consuming news via our websites, or indirectly through the patronage you provide to those who advertise with us.

Translation: For more than 130 years our news and information services deserved your support, because that's what they were. For the last few years they have not deserved your support, because they became woke fake news and disinformation disservices.

Now there’s a new way you can support our journalism: By making direct financial contributions to help power our local and national news teams up and down the country and our award-winning investigations.

Each time you contribute, you’re helping our journalists continue to do what they do best: Sort the facts from the fake news and report on the things that matter to you in your daily life. Your contribution will enable us to shed light on our nation’s most important issues, and continue to question those in power.

Translation: Each time you contribute, you're helping our Social Justice Warriors do what they do best: Sort the facts from the fake news and go with the fake news. Your contribution will enable us to prevent the shedding of light on our nation's most important issues, and continue to lick Jacinda's totalitarian twot.

As our traditional means of funding journalism decline – advertising in particular – the direct support of our readers will become even more important.

Today, open and robust public discourse is under great threat. Together, with your support, we can continue to play our role in safeguarding a free and open society, and fostering a democracy that’s accountable to all its citizens.

No matter how small or large, know that your support is making a difference in sustaining the values of freedom and openness that mean so much to each and every one of us.

Translation: Today, open and robust public discourse is under great threat—from us! And rightly so! Together, with your support, we can continue to play our role in destroying a free and open society, and fostering a tyranny that is accountable to nothing except the memories of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. No matter how small or large, know that your support is making a difference in obliterating the values of freedom and openness that mean nothing to us and that, in fact, we hold in utter contempt.

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