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Submitted by Victor Pross on Wed, 2006-06-07 03:30

Solo Members,

What a devil I am. I believe my contempt for B.Branden (and this MSK caricature) is known by now--and shared. I have been to the O-Lying site (as it's lovingly called) and came across this post from B.Branden. Am I an ass for sharing it here for it's perverse entertainment value? She speaks of Lindsay and SOLO and...well, it explains itself.

Here it is:


I have often thanked Michael Kelly privately for everything he’s done for me, but it’s time I thanked him publicly, and time I told those of you who are not familiar with his activities something about this remarkable man.

I did not know Michael until he appeared one day on Solo, long before the present hysteria, and wrote a very beautiful post thanking me for "The Passion of Ayn Rand," and explaining that it had been of great value to him at a crucial time in his life. I was very pleased that this was so, as I told him, and I assumed that that was the end of it. It was not the end of it. I have learned that if Michael feels someone has helped him, he will return the help many times over. And that is what he has done for me.

There was a period of some months when Solo rang with praises for my biography of Rand– yes, much of it from people who are now denouncing it and me -- but later, when I criticized Perigo for his rudeness and endless hysterical damnations of innocent people, when I defended an old friend against Perigo’s malice, when I sanctioned James Kilbourne’s article “The Drooling Beast” because I believed Perigo would not have published if he did not agree with it, the tide quickly turned. I was not startled by Perigo’s about-face; I had seen it many times before with other people whom he first praised and then damned, and I had had no doubt that his basic hostility would one day be directed against me should I ever cross him, but I was startled by the sycophancy that caused many people on Solo to become his clones. I had expected better of those who called themselves Objectivists.

When I left Solo, unwilling to sanction by my presence a debate on my integrity, and feeling that so long as I remained I would be swimming in a sewer of malice, Michael had taken up the battle that I was too disgusted any longer to fight. Many of you know what the results have been for him. He has become an equal victim of
the brutish behavior on Solo and Noodlefood, the butt of Perigo’s ugliest spite and hatred; but he continued to stand firm as a rock in defense of those who were not there to defend themselves. He has fought not only for me, but for everyone and everything he values and who are being vilified: for Nathaniel, for The Objectivist Center, for David Kelley, among many others, and now for Chris Sciabarra, the latest victim of the campaign of lies and distortions. And with Kat’s invaluable help, he has created Objectivist Living, where people of good will can meet and exchange ideas in an atmosphere free of acrimony.

I have often told him that it’s enough, that he has his own important work to do, that he should return to it and leave the haters to stew in their own bile, but it became clear to me that he would not do so as long as there still were things he wanted to say and people he wanted to defend.

Many years ago, I wrote a novel called “Price No Object.” It’s theme was loyalty to values, a trait exemplified by the heroine of the novel who continued to fight for her values no matter what price she had to pay, no matter what the odds against her. For her, price was no object. The novel could have been dedicated to Michael Kelly.

Thank you, my friend. It is now I who am in your debt.


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Like being buried alive in

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Like being buried alive in molasses.

love bombing

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It's a shame that term has come to mean what Wikipedia says it has. I think it is a marvelous image, and I wish I had coined it first as a funny way to talk about showering affection on those you care about.

Too bad.

You are all such wonderful,

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You are all such wonderful, amazing, inspiring people. You have written such beautiful posts. I can't stop going on and on about how wonderful it is to read your posts. It is such a privilege to post with all of you. Oh I am overwhelmed with very sincere feelings of love for all of you. I love to write how beautiful and wonderful all of your lovely posts are. You might even say I am bombing you all with love!

"Love bombing is the deliberate use of an intense, concerted show of affection by a group of people, toward an individual they seek to recruit or otherwise influence."

Sounds like it describes a lot of the posts I've read on OL. Not a tactic anybody named Branden used back in the NBI days, from what I've heard. But people change.

Wikipedia on love-bombing.

This is what MSK has worked

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This is what MSK has worked hard to achieve. It was predictable.


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If you don't want to throw it away, take a pencil and write some marginalia where you disagree. I had a library copy where someone did that with Barbara's footnote about medication for panick attacks, and the person inserted proper diet over medication.

But don't expect to get much for used books, especially that one. Write it off as a loss.


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Thanks Joe, now I actually have to get my copy of PAR back out and try to trudge through it to check.

Since I posted anybody got an idea for something I can do with it... I kind of want to make some of my money back but I don't really want it back in circulation.


Inking is sexy.


To Lorne Dieterling

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Landon, I think you're thinking of TO LORNE DIETERLING.


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Ross, how dare you! The dirty stories are the fun part! But what's with your Sturm fascination, I wonder...?


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.


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Hmmm, this is an interesting little soap box opera here. Is this 'Days of our Primises'?

I'm all ears. Smiling

I have been instructed . . .

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not to make up any more dirty stories about Jennifer on this site, unless they involve Tim Strum or myself. We don't want to upset the delicate balance of our little love triangle. Smiling



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"Many years ago,


wrote a novel called “Price No Object.” It’s theme was loyalty to values, a trait exemplified by the heroine of the novel who continued to fight for her values no matter what price she had to pay, no matter what the odds against her. For her, price was no object. The novel could have been dedicated to Michael Kelly."


Could she at least attempt lies that could POSSIBLY be true and not so easily verified as false. That's just plain sloppy/lazy.


Inking is sexy.


"Oh, but I forgot, there is

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"Oh, but I forgot, there is one person who likes him. Let's not forget how hot Jennifer was for him in the beginning!

Funny, I seem to have missed that part.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

oh my god

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I can believe that there are people dishonest enough to use MSK for their own ends (like bolstering up their trashy books), but I absolutely cannot believe anyone could like him and be his "friend." Were he the smartest, most rational, fair-minded man in the world, I could not put up with his personality alone.

Oh, but I forgot, there is one person who likes him. Let's not forget how hot Jennifer was for him in the beginning! Smiling

Off to go throw up.


First things first ...

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... hand Lindsay a razor! Smiling Secondly ... I've visited Objectivist Living myself, & was astounded by the level of malice there, towards Lindsay & those on SOLO.

Without wishing to sound like some kind of unwashed hippy, the entire place has an "bad vibe" to it.

Attack of The Sycophantic Clones

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Mmm, well I guess Babs won't be getting James to sign *her* copy of PARC... maybe she'll send MSK in her stead.


Hmmm, I feel so out of the

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Hmmm, I feel so out of the loop. You know, I have been an 'independent Objectivist' for many years...reading and thinking on my own...and have not bothered with these Forums and sites.

You see, I began to loathe the Brandens all on my own (no thanks to you, sir!) But I hope the Solo collective will help me to become a sycophanic drone, too. Pass the Kool-aid!


Pay Attention!

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At the Valliant book signing, Victor. Read the dinner invitation in the blue area above! I hope to see *lots* of my "sycophantic clones" there. Smiling


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What speech is this?

I swear ...

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... that woman would spin that black was white if she thought she could get away with it. The guile displayed in that "love letter" takes my breath away—and I thought I'd seen it all!

Dear God!

Oh well, grist for my speech next month. Smiling


Edited to add: I assume this bit:

... but he continued to stand firm as a rock in defense of those who were not there to defend themselves ...

... is a reference to James Valliant & his defence of Ayn Rand & Frank? Since all the poor innocent victims of SOLO's & my "brutishness" she mentions are all still around and with one exception are all at perfect liberty to defend themselves right here. TOC's Ed Hudgins was going to respond to my response to his Frord attack on me, but evidently changed his mind. Not my fault. See, it's the "tolerationists" whom PARC and this last year have exposed as practitioners of precisely the behaviour they accuse Rand of, and worse. That's been the big, tide-turning eye-opener.

Masochists. The lot of you.

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Toohey's love letter to Keating in The Banner was far more delicious.

At first, READING it was

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At first, READING it was like kissing Toohey on the mouth.

That letter is an act of

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That letter is an act of justice...like if Kant had written a letter praising Hegel. Or better yet...Toohey praising Keating.

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