Socially Engineering the "New Normal"

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Submitted by Bruno on Mon, 2020-04-27 10:42

Their plan is decided upon

The elites running this world have decided that the best way to control us is by imposing Chinese-style forms of control. We can look forward to mass vaccinations and "health passports" which will attest to our compliance with their vaccination prescription.

One can safely assume, however, that the vaccination question, with all its risks, is only one part of the whole "new normal". Once the idea of the health passport is in place, more and more controls of this kind will be easily implemented.

Their new surveillance technology

With the implementation of 5G technology, tracking people and their movements is made extremely effective, far more than with previous technology. The "social credit system" of China is the model which the elites would like to impose ideally on the entire planet.

Not all countries will accept this kind of control though, which is why they wish to reduce the population drastically, in primis in Africa but also all over the West.

Our sense of personal freedom

The more uncontrollable the population, the less they appreciate its existence.

The more present the "Sense of Life" from which this website takes its name, the more the need for population reduction.

We must never lose hope, never give up, and never accept the "new normal" these people would like to see imposed on us.

Their opportunity is also ours

This whole "pandemic" situation cannot and should not become the excuse for imposing further globalist control. This virus reminds us that nationalism is the safeguard not only for our liberty but for our health.

All free minded people of the world should reject the globalist system, reject the "new normal", and work to restore a world of free and independent nations. Nations whose governments respond to their people, and not to the world elites.

We see their plan and we reject it

Below is a video reference formed of various clips of world leaders, media and, of course, Bill Gates.
At the end are clips from China, the model for their new normal.

We don't want their new normal, we don't accept their new normal, we want their new normal to be relegated back to its proper place, i.e. science fiction dystopia.

Outstanding from Tucker

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It is a creeping process of bit by bit. Breitbart today carries a story about the one respected Atlantic an article about the need for limited free speech by two law professors. Rule of Law liberties do not seem to matter much for these lawyers.


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Doubt Americans with any gumption will put up with this nonsense; only places which have long since abandoned freedom.

Everyone has had plenty of opportunity to adopt freedom and it serves them right if they rejected it.

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