A Lockdown Letter to Government Asserting Non-Consent by Maree Guenole

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Submitted by Olivia on Mon, 2020-05-11 03:25

Here is a letter by NZ citizen, Maree Guenole, which she shared with me privately and I published on my site with her permission.
Though fairly long, it’s an excellent summation of what many NZers are feeling.

I particularly like this:
Governments in the western tradition are instituted among the people to secure rights. However when they become destructive to these endowed inalienable and natural rights, it is the right of the people to demand the government’s removal. My letter today is to ask the government to either remove the restrictions on the people of New Zealand, or otherwise to remove themselves from office if they will no longer uphold our lawful rights in respect of the constitution of New Zealand.

This charade at protecting public health has gone on long enough. Mr Bloomfield the Director General of Health would also do well to resign, he is a disgrace to the public service. Furthermore universities in New Zealand would do well to disassociate themselves from the Gates Foundation, when one of its founders is now shamelessly undertaking self-promotion on international broadcasters like the BBC as some kind of ‘health expert’. The probability of this being possible is like me suggesting I am an astronaut, wishful thinking. Mr Gates seems to be in the situation of having more money than sense, and perhaps needs to get back to coding which according to rumour he has some skill in. His kind of humanitarianism makes an oxymoron of the word, and the Gates Foundation’s work in India and in Africa is deplorable and grotesque.