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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Mon, 2020-05-11 23:05

The Flynn caper has exposed one of the fundamental differences between left and right.

On the left you find a long trail of filth - rapists, pederasts, fraudsters, wife beaters, even murderers - so that at regular intervals the left wing establishment and media are having to rally around to protect the latest degenerate who got caught.

Their usual line in the media, history books, and other discourse is (as Richard Nixon famously pointed out during his interviews with David Frost) is "oh ha ha ha it's just fun and games; nothing to see here". Compare that attitude towards Edward Kennedy murdering a woman, Clinton's rape victims, or Hunter Biden's drug addled bribe taking, with Justice Kavanaugh or Donald Trump's locker room talk.

There is nothing new in the left's behaviour folks, or the double standard.

Where they get caught up and caught out is by thinking the right are like them. The attitude of " Flynn knows where the bodies are buried, let's get him to flip on the President " is akin to the, frankly bizarre, oft repeated claims Murray McCully "knows where all the bodies are buried in the National party".

In reality - there are no buried bodies in the National party, and apart from a couple of long forgotten temporary MPs (such as Edward Latter, MP from Blenheim decades ago), never have been.

Similarly there are no Trump bodies, nor Republican party bodies, to find.

This appears to be a cause of not only frustration, as investigations demonstrate how basically squeaky clean their opponents actually are, for the left, but a source of incomprehension.

They cannot believe right wingers are normal, decent people who play by the rules, earn an honest living, tell the truth.... and still manage to win.

It is probably a surprise to Helen and Jacinda to learn National leaders don't have rapists and pedophiles and fraudsters in their Cabinets (or families). Mystifying. To them, anyway.

Apart from demonstrating why government by aristocratic landowners, (rather than anyone dragged in off the street), as it was in the good old days, was by far the best system, it also further demonstrates that " we" are simply better people. And "they" know it (which is why they despise us so much).

The Definitive Repudiation of Actual Racism

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... as opposed to that of the Racist Woke who have turned anti-white racism into a high-level virtue:


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of being better people...

I was roaring with laughter at the Budget this afternoon, and what was 'not' in it. There was an idea floating around about copying America and giving everyone a $1500 handout but it was omitted from the Budget.


Because the middle class socialists are virulently racist - absolutely DESPISE anybody with black or brown skin, whom they deem inferior to white people. They also consider inviting brown skinned people to Grey Lynn or Wadestown parties to be...(you know) hence despising these inferior beasts.

When the proposal for a universal payout was discussed they viewed it as helping white people to pay bills, or buy groceries, but then the first thought which sprang to mind with Maoris was...."they'd just feed poker machines until every last cent was gone".

(If I was into being bitchy I would suggest the same thought crossed the minds of "others", too *wink*....but I won't)

Never underestimate the propensity of white middle class socialists (and libertarians haha!) to make disgraceful value judgements based on skin colour, or to seek to run the lives of people based on skin colour.

Because only white folks, like you and everyone you know, from your own social class, can be 'trusted' with freedom (right kids?).

As I say these are completely rotten people, as their actions confirm time and again - and we, the good guys, are just better people.

Chuck Todd Is a Maggot

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Along with Stelter and Maddow et al. Supremely evil violators of decency and aestheticism.


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always sum it up much better than I ever can! haha! The cowards and appeasers are the worst.

God knows what Chuck Todd was thinking; did he really think he'd get away with it?!??

Different Take on Different Standards

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It's not that we who believe in reason and freedom are "better people" than Wokers, including media maggots like the newly exposed Chuck Todd


—it's that we are "people"; those who don't so believe are sub-human, because they renounce and attack the distinctively human traits of rationality and volition and civilised standards (including speech standards). You'd be surprised at who gets upset with me for saying this, but even humans succumb to social metaphysicianship and peer/partner pressure sometimes. For the edification of such wimps, I quote Thomas Paine, addressing those who were terrified of upsetting King George:

This is Toryism with a witness! Here is idolatry even without a mask, and he who can calmly hear and digest such doctrine has forfeited his claim to rationality—an apostate from the order of manhood—and ought to be considered as one who has not only given up the proper dignity of man, but sunk himself below the rank of animals, and contemptibly crawls through the world like a worm.

This is a perfect description, not of Wokers, who are just outright evil, but of the even worse "worms" who know better but choose to appease Wokery out of fear and cowardice and quail at the thought of calling Wokers "evil."

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