What Pre-Moronnial Life Was Like

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2020-05-14 08:41

It's hard for me to believe that the following occurred within my own lifetime, albeit that I was barely a teenager. The current ubiquity of upward-inflecting air-headed fry-quacking and its attendant refusal/inability to discuss anything of substance (those should be the other way round, probably) had not yet kicked in, and an astonishingly nimble mind belonging to a genius was still able to manifest itself in complete, coherent sentences unimpeded by Attention Deficit Disorder or sowphones! And Ayn didn't address her questioners as "you guys"!!

Nathaniel Nails TBD: The Big Defect

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Ayn thought we were not just cognitively but emotionally tabula rasa. As I have often remonstrated, where is the animality in man the rational animal?

I had concluded, after reading Ayn's diary entries in Valliant's book, that Nathaniel was evil in his manipulation of her. Here I think Nathan tacitly acknowledges that this might not have been his finest hour, but since life goes on—and we all have hours that are not our finest, often driven by congenital baggage (especially when we are just 20 years old)—what is the place for redemption? Ayn said to James Day that one little lapse meant "the rest is only a matter of time." Nonsense! Anyway, enjoy! This is beautiful:

Here's Another One ...

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... on the nature of rights. If only there were a way of drilling this into the empty heads of our politicians. And voters!

 Ths is a treat to listen to

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 Ths is a treat to listen to on an otherwise humdrum Sunday afternoon. I appreciate not simply the content, but the civility and decorum with which the interview was conducted. 

Outstanding discussion...

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Like dying and going to heaven.


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understand the oiks communicate with each other by saying "youse guys" (*shudder*)...

But a marvelous tape Lindsay, thanks for posting - other than yourself, I can't say I've met "objectivists" who meet the criteria or possess the qualities Rand mentions. I wonder what she had to say about.... "self delusion"? haha!

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