Somewhere Else To Go..

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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2020-05-19 00:15

The game is up for the National party, and thank goodness for that.

The arrogant attitude within the party from the left - people like Chris Bishop and David Farrar - is they can adopt all Labour's policies, and hold their supporters in contempt (and they despise the rural small town people), because "they have nowhere else to go"

In response around half a million people who voted National in 2017 are saying "up yours, matey!". Including me. Slut that I am I have voted 2 ticks National at the last three elections haha!

The opinion poll last night shows the game is up and being a very ruthless organisation, not big on sentiment (as Marshall and Bolger can confirm), I suspect Siminda, Kaye, Bishop, Farrar and others to be outski fairly soon.

I was delighted to see the Association of Baby and Granny Murderers has fallen back - with any luck they'll fall even further and Parliament will be spared the working class accent of Beth Holbrook!

New Conservatives are creeping up. Simon Bridges will spend 40 years medicated, talking to himself, in a fug, wondering where it all went wrong. All he had to do was adopt the New Conservative policies and he'd be PM....(because we've found somewhere else to go)


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one final thing (as this topic has probably done its dash), is the events of last week need to be put into perspective.

Simon Bridges needs to cut the horse.... feathers; it was an ASSASSINATION - it was not a BETRAYAL (there is a huge difference).

To suggest a betrayal occurred you'd have to believe Simon had longstanding personal friendships with numerous MPs who then voted for Muller. A stretch.

You'd also have to believe Simon had longstanding and widespread support and affection at branch level (as Holland, Holyoake, Muldoon, and Key did). Also a stretch.

He was not betrayed, he was assassinated. I may not agree or support it, but let's not pretend...


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Sidney Holland was a great man, as was Sir Keith. Oh to have such men today...

What you've written about Muller is a bit 'wanky', to say the least. The "problem" with him is I hadn't really heard of him until last week.

I vaguely knew he existed (in the same way I know National has an MP in Northland who ousted Winston, but a bit hazy on...well...his actual name haha!) - but that's about it.

Only MPs I know, or take notice of, are Brett Hudson (whom I've voted for several times and corresponded with on local matters affecting Ohariu, and Hamish Walker whom I went to school with (although these days he's an out and proud heterosexual). Two good men.

Personally the New Conservative's tax policy, and Israel policy, are issues that interest me.


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Turns out National's new boy, Mueller, is truly dreadful. Woke, PC, waffling about "conversations," full of corporate gobbledygook. Wanted March 15 declared an annual holiday for "Aotearoa NZ" to commemorate the mosque shooting in ChCh. A ghastly virtue-signaller of the first degree. For those on Faecesbook, follow John Ansell to see the gruesome details. DO NOT GIVE NATIONAL A SINGLE TICK OR A SINGLE DOLLAR!! And as I've said already, run a mile from blatherers who spout bromides about "community," "team," "exciting," "journey" and all the rest of that contemporary Human Resources PR garbage!

Dear Lindsay --

This afternoon I announced the line-up of New Zealand’s next government.

New Zealand is facing perhaps the toughest time that almost anyone alive can remember. We are borrowing tens of billions of dollars to get us through this crisis.

There is only one team that can spend it competently and well, and that is my National Party team.

Click here to view the National Party team and the portfolios allocated to each MP.

It’s been an exciting few days since I was elected the Leader of the National Party on Friday.

Over the coming weeks, you will see my team and me focusing strongly on our economic recovery.

Only a National government can provide the leadership to get our economy going again and ensure the recovery is focused on you, your family and your community.

The election is drawing near and I’d love your support. Your donation now will make a massive difference.

Can you chip into our Campaign Fighting Fund right now?

Have to laugh

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Someone posted this on BFD the other day. We haven't seen that National Party in decades! May we have it back?:


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a couple of days to get used to the idea, I think Muller could do well.

I don't like or support leadership challenges; was appalled when Bolger was dumped, appalled when Shipley was dumped, appalled when English was dumped.

Believe there should be greater loyalty to the leader than there is. As there used to be.

But having seen and heard Muller the last couple of days.... hmmmm

The good thing about him is nobody had heard of him until Friday, and their first exposure to him were successful appearances on Seven Sharp and The Project making jokes at his own expense and.....looking the part.

As such, he is an impossible target for labour (you can't seriously claim an obscure backbench MP is some grave danger).

There are also 1.2 million National voters who are hearing of Muller for the first time, and as I say - he "looks" the part; middle aged(ish), family man, safe, in charge...."sound".

Those 1.2 million people also realise it makes sense to take the car keys, credit card, and vodka bottle off the teenagers.... and let the adults take over. Folk who are aware that wanking and saying "be kind, don't be a meanie" won't balance the books or grow the economy.

National back to 43/44% (where they'd been for a decade until mid March) seems more likely than not. Nats 44%, Act 3%, and Winston outski.

This "could" work, you know...


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sad situation all round. Must confess Lindsay to not having heard of that website prior to today - bfg - due my complete lack of interest in NZ political matters. But yes, looks disastrous for the national party.

Only have themselves to blame. Hopefully this is the boost the NewConservatives require

"Puddle of Wets"

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Cam Slater at BFD:

"The National party caucus has decided to drown themselves in a puddle of wets.

"Simon Bridges‘ bold gamble has failed and now the party is under the pitiless gaze and control of Michelle Boag associates. We all know what happened the last time they did that.

"Here comes 2002 all over again ...."


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wins; how extraordinary.

Never thought Bridges would lose and à bit disappointed this has occurred.


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I heard about that. Irish Catholic - genetic defects, latent brain damage (usual story).

David Lange once walloped Bolger with a brilliant putdown saying "he always manages to lower himself to the occasion" haha!

It is significant Bolger never became an "elder statesman" on the National party circuit; never liked nor particularly respected.

Whatever happens tomorrow it doesn't alter the fact they've been helping that dreadful Ardern woman - not opposing 90% of her agenda. So how can they ask people to change the government (they don't actually oppose).

Compare that with Holyoake between 1957 - 60 where national put forward amendments to every clause of every bill, refused pairs, and had all 39 MPs voting in every division.

Or Muldoon as opposition leader - similar strategy.

Neville Bolger

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... is promoting Todd Mueller as leader. Is he related to Robert? If he has Neville Bolger's backing he must be a reptile. I note he's their climate spokesman and endorses the zero carbon legislation, as does Neville Bolger. These creeps are truly evil. Never ever vote National while they are in charge.


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may sound odd but I didn't particularly enjoy being young, much prefer being a bit older.

The difference, what terrifies me, is communist China wants NZ. They want the food to feed their people, want the coal reserves for their industry, want the 200 years worth of oil reserves. And they can spend people here for holidays.

Sit back and watch the Chinese govt bail out all the media companies - in return for silence.

Sit back and watch banks become weaponized - anyone who complains, or protests, or opposes the new Chinese colony will find their bank tells them their house is worth less than the mortgage. Comply, applaud, or you lose your house and still owe $150,000.

Would the govt really have borrowed $100 billion and let vast chunks of the economy evaporate unless the "know" there's nothing to worry about?

You ask who I would vote for? your chappies but I suspect it's the last general election....

I don't believe ...

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... I mentioned my age.

One thing age has taught me is not to be side-tracked by cute Bondi surfers. Enjoyed all of that once upon a time—thankfully in an era when we didn't have to worry about condoms—but now, in their own lingo, "so totally over it." Airheads. Airheadery is the greatest anti-aphrodisiac of them all. Why hang around? Because nowhere is now any different. Woke rules all over. Don't kid yourself that Australia or America are any different. That might change if Trump wins re-election. In the meantime, speak out against the Obleftivists supporting such screeching touters of Woke Evil as Pelosi and Schumer. More ghastly gargoyles cannot be imagined.


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mention Sydney because I know it well, and it's a lot like Auckland - (well, sort of). But didn't you live in the US at one point? and Britain?
Either would be fine if you can get in okay, if you're worried Australia is a bit too..."Australian" for you haha! But yes, you don't deserve what's coming so start a new life. You won't look back.


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did an enormous amount of good work, opened eyes, encouraged people to think about freedom. Wasn't futile.

But time to think of the future and I suggest heading to Australia (or wherever). Now is the time to do it when the ’restart' button is being pushed.

But there is no future in NZ, or "for" NZ, so why hang around?

Go to Sydney, find a radio station needing some talent, find a cute surfer at Bondi, live the good life!!! (and don't engage in any self doubt twaddle about your age - President was older than you are now when he launched his campaign)

No doubt ...

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... it's all happening before our eyes: the descent into the Woke Fascist/Communist abyss. Cops can now raid homes without a warrant. Arrest people for "hate speech." Looks as though the Chinese will get us before the Muslims. Either way, not pretty. Especially when the Islamo-Marxists start fighting each other. I am satisfied I have played my part in staving them all off, but of course, it was entirely futile. Kiwis will now get what they deserve Because of their cowardly complicity and sheepleness. I'm just slightly pissed off that I don't deserve it.


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has become incredibly scary; mass madness taking place. By September I will have left NZ permanently and be residing in the US Midwest around 'normal' people.

I have a couple of large bills to pay, and a legal matter to settle - (just going to agree to anything to get it sorted! haha!)- should only take a couple of months to tie up these loose ends, then we're off!

The debt that's been run up, sicko anti freedom laws, all in response to a hoax, all with the intention of handing the country over to Chinese communism. Anyone not terrified.... should be.

This naive "let's stay and fight from within" viewpoint is akin to Munich Jews thinking things will blow over circa 1935.

Lindsay the moment trans Tasman flights recommence, I implore you, and Olivia, and Greg, and Philip, and Graham, to be on the first flight to Sydney (or Queensland).

It's over, rover and flee whilst you can. Don't let sentiment get in the way of common sense. Start a new life abroad as it'll be fun.

Any body with even half a brain can see what's coming next - tourism industry stuffed, then a lifeline, rescue package, when NZ becomes a glorified holiday park for the Chinese. Empty hotels, restaurants, bankruptcy on the horizon.... no choice but to agree.

Then Queenstown, Rotorua, and Taupo are "closed" to New Zealanders... and you are a racist if you criticise the move.

Then will come the phone apps monitoring movement to enforce the ban - and keep you "safe" from corona virus. And the media, with its bailout from Chinese government, won't even mention these matters.

And on and on it will go as a chain reaction is set off.

You get the general tie up loose ends, move abroad, don't look back. Atlas Shrugged come to life.

Bill Rowling

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It was of him that Muldoon said he was a shiver looking for a spine to run up, which is no doubt what Philip is remembering. I'm not sure if the line was original to Muldoon, but it certainly freaked everyone out. Rowling would indeed be considered too right-wing to lead the National Party now, let alone Labour. He was a decent, articulate fellow who didn't actively seek the leadership; it was thrust upon him after Norman Kirk's death. Shrill, ugly, proudly irrational Feminazis hadn't yet taken the party over. Kirk would have hated this whole Culture of Woke.

Funny thing: 30 years after Kirk's death I was working as Political Editor for Radio Live at Parliament in the press gallery. I pointed out to then-PM Helen Clark's press secretary that that day was the 30th anniversary of Big Norm's death. They hadn't remembered and didn't want to know!!

So where do your ticks go this time Eli?


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yes I remember him - from when I was a boy. High pitched voice (but it was Moyle who was gay).

Total loser, spent 22 years in Parliament, 19 in opposition, yet never crossed his mind "he" may be the problem haha!

I am presuming Lindsay interviewed him a few times? what was he like? Ever wonder where they get these people from? haha!

I'd suggest Bill 'a shiver

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I'd suggest Bill 'a shiver looking for a spine' Rowling.

From good farming stock and a degree in economics. Sure, he was a teacher for a while, but that's offset by time in the army, serving both in Malaysia and Singapore.

Probably too right wing for many of the current Nats, plus he's dead. Still better than the alternatives though.


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Is it Judith Collins, or do they go for some fresh face?

I have had no interest in NZ politics for over a decade, haven't followed a General Election since 2008, so really can't judge the lay of the land.

Personally I wouldn't vote for a woman, especially one with an Irish surname - (because we all know what that probably means *shudder*) - so, who are the options?

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