Nigel Sees Ongoing Islamisation, with French Complicity, of Britonistan, First-Hand ... and Chronicles

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2020-05-23 05:46

... while the Woke-Fascist Mainstream Media Maggotry ignore!

Just escort them back

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The flaming obvious: After the French escort the boats into British territorial waters the British should simply escort the boats right back into French territorial waters.

Instead we get convoluted solutions – “we are working on it night and day” or whatever that dishonest woman said.

Here you go:

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Patel to close Channel loophole exposed by Farage that allows illegal migrants to reach UK

HOME Secretary Priti Patel is planning on changing international law in the Channel to close a loophole that is allowing hundreds of illegal migrants to cross over from France.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, May 24, 2020 | UPDATED: 00:09, Sun, May 24, 2020

Ms Patel has been described as “furious” about the crisis which was highlighted by Nigel Farage last week and has vowed to put a stop to it. Tensions have also been raised with the French over allegations that their authorities are escorting boats of illegal migrants into British waters from camps in northern France. And Mr Farage warned that over the summer the Kent coastline is “facing an invasion” unless swift action is taken.

A source close to the Home Secretary said: “She is not happy about what is going on.”

But the source insisted that it was wrong to accuse the French of escorting migrants over the Channel.

The source said: “They do not have the legal powers to stop the boats from coming over but because they have a duty to rescue they have to shadow these overcrowded boats in French waters.

“The migrants will say they do not need rescuing until they enter British waters when suddenly they say they do and it has become the responsibility of Border Force here.”

The source said this is why the Home Secretary is now seeking to change the law so that boats can be intercepted and turned around before they enter British waters.

“We are working with the French on this because they want to resolve this problem too. ...


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Hot news Lindsay!

As I mentioned the other day I have no idea how to copy and paste with this new computer phone, but the Express is running the story.

Either or perhaps you can link it here Lindsay?


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On the bright side when the President wins California, New York, Illinois, new Jersey, Massachusetts, and other Demoscum bastions in response to lockdowns - and Demoscum governors get swept away, the penny hopefully will drop.

Tucker was saying the governors with the most over the top restrictions are all damaged, deformed people who have no relationship with their fathers.

Real sickos - rape fantasies involving "Daddy" - and other depraved stuff. If Biden chooses one as his VP candidate Trump should highlight this ....demand they undergo psychiatric treatment (a Tom Eagleton kneecapping).

Get them (as Lyndon Johnson used to say) to DENY it! haha!!

Would be hilarious for some sick bitch like Whitmer to deny she fantasises about being raped by her father (and embarrass everyone who supports her party, as they privately cannot think of a more likely person to do so!!)

Oh the fun you could have...

Part of the Pattern

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Tommy reports on Muslim grooming gangs—he gets jailed, they get off lightly. Nigel betrayed Tommy. I hope he's now learned his lesson, since he's now getting the Tommy treatment.

Today we also see the Marxist side of Islamo-Marxism: the ending by Obleftivist pin-up Chinese Communist Filth of Hong Kong's liberties.

What can we do? Immigration policy: Not One Muslim! Not One Marxist! Deport Comrade Jihadi Jacinda to Iran or China or North Korea. And everyone who voted for the creature. And Obleftivists! Send them to the spiritual home of their choice! Honestly, taxpayers will pay for it! Gladly. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice how lefties love lockdowns? Who's opposing re-opening? Dem-Scum, beloved of Trump Derangement Syndrome Obleftivists.

Yawon for North Kowea!!


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Can't get over the coast guard threatening them - in British waters; so illogical if you think about it. Filth.


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She's called Patel (or something); hopeless, menopausal. Should be at home making Hubby's curry and stop pretending to be in politics.

Boris should give Nigel à peerage, then make him Home Secretary - sort things out within a month!


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I assume there will be questions, and hope there will be a sacking. What is that airhead wimmin Home Secretary's name?

I suppose the coast guard has become Fascist-Woke—indoctrinated like our police here in New Zealistan, and infested with fat, ugly, unfit man-haters!


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Saw that on - on Nigel's channel - and was shocked! Shows Britain is being betrayed by those meant to be protecting them.

Hard to believe the UK coast guard would threaten them in that fashion. Appalling.

Shows why you don't have women as Home Secretary; hard to believe Margaret Thatcher would have allowed this. Surely this must lead to questions in the House?

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