New Zealand Joins Shithole Countries

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2020-05-24 06:21

When Parliament rushed through the Wuhan Virus Public Health Response Bill last week, the redoubtable Cameron Slater observed that New Zealand had thereby formally become a police state. The following atrocities from the Act make clear that this claim was not hyperbole. Allow time for the enormity of these abominations to sink in. Note the repeated use of the term "without limitation" in the enumeration of the totalitarian powers granted here. Ask yourself how long it will be before unWoke opinions, especially on the subject of the Wuhan virus, are deemed by Woke "enforcement officers," unelected and unaccountable, to promote the spread thereof or hinder efforts to prevent the spread thereof; how long before Woke constables raid the houses of the offending unWoke opiners without a warrant—as they are now empowered to do—and haul them off to indefinite solitary confinement in some specified Gulag—as they are now empowered to do? There are no words to express the treasonous viciousness of this legislation; none to capture the evil of the regime that passed it. Tragically, if the words did exist, very few would use them; part of the success of the Fascist Woke is that they have created a world in which evil is deemed merely "concerning," "troubling," "disappointing" or "problematic."

We are no longer part of the Free World; we are indeed a police state, a dictatorship and a banana republic, tyrannised by a grotesque, fry-quacking, upward-inflecting, infantile/moronnial, Narcissistic gargoyle whose vapidness is matched only by her evil and whose power is now "without limitation." That is not "concerning"; it is cataclysmic:

11 Orders that can be made under this Act

(1) An order made by the Minister or the Director-General (as the case may be) under this section may do 1 or more of the following things:

(a) require persons to refrain from taking any actions that contribute or are likely to contribute to the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19, or require persons to take any actions, or comply with any measures, that contribute or are likely to contribute to preventing the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19, including (without limitation) requiring persons to do any of the following:

(i) stay in any specified place or refrain from going to any specified place:

(ii) refrain from associating with specified persons:

(iii) stay physically distant from any persons in any specified way:

(iv) refrain from travelling to or from any specified area:

(v) refrain from carrying out specified activities (for example, business activities involving close personal contact) or require specified activities to be carried out only in any specified way or in compliance with specified measures:

(vi) be isolated or quarantined in any specified place or in any specified way:

(vii) refrain from participating in gatherings of any specified kind, in any specified place, or in specified circumstances:

(viii) report for medical examination or testing in any specified way or in any specified circumstances:

(b) in relation to any places, premises, crafts, vehicles, animals, or other things, require actions to be taken, require compliance with any measures, or impose prohibitions that contribute or are likely to contribute to preventing the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19, including (without limitation) any of the following:

(i) require things to be closed or only open if specified measures are complied with:

(ii) prohibit things from entering any port or place, or permit the entry of things into any port or place only if specified measures are complied with:

(iii) prohibit gatherings of any specified kind in any specified places or premises, or in any specified circumstances:

(iv) require things to be isolated, quarantined, or disinfected in any specified way or specified circumstances:

(v) require the testing of things in any specified way or specified circumstances.

(2) An order made by the Minister may specify which breaches of an order made by the Minister or the Director-General are infringement offences for the purposes of section 25(3).

18 Authorised persons

(1) The Director-General may authorise a suitably qualified and trained person who is not an employee of the Ministry of Health, or a class of suitably qualified and trained persons who are not employees of the Ministry of Health, to carry out any functions and powers of an enforcement officer under this Act.

20 Powers of entry

(1) An enforcement officer may enter, without a warrant, any land, building, craft, vehicle, place, or thing if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a person is failing to comply with any aspect of a section 11 order.

(2) However, subsection (1) does not apply to a private dwellinghouse or marae.

(3) A constable may enter a private dwellinghouse or marae without warrant only if they have reasonable grounds to believe that people have gathered there in contravention of a section 11 order and entry is necessary for the purpose of giving a direction under section 21.

(4) A constable exercising a power of entry under this section may use reasonable force in order to effect entry into or onto the land, building, craft, vehicle, place, or thing if, following a request, a person present refuses entry or does not allow entry within a reasonable time. ...

21 Power to give directions

An enforcement officer who has reasonable grounds to believe that a person is contravening or likely to contravene a section 11 order may—

(a) direct any person to stop any activity that is contravening or likely to contravene the order:

(b) direct any person, either verbally or in writing, to take any action to prevent or limit the extent of the person’s non-compliance.


Globalist Ardern Fesses Up

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Comrade Jacinda acknowledges she's working for the UN, not the people of New Zealand (who didn't elect her anyway!), at a meeting sponsored by evil Globalist Bill Gates. Go in at about 7' 25":

Low-Energy Judith/Jeb "vs" High-Inflecting Juvenile Jacinda

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This is beyond depressing. A Prime Minister who "speaks" like a scatter-brained adolescent—and invents a word ("jeopradise") in the process (12' 47", repeated twice)—confronted not by "Crusher" Collins but a bumbling low-energy version of Jeb Bush, if such a thing be possible:


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Great post Lindsay.

What I find unfathomable is how no media companies seem to wonder why they have gone broke.

Could it have something to do with their left wing crusade to bring "the truth" only they can see to the masses?

They don't look at - say - Fox News with its huge audience and high profits and decide to imitate them, as any sensible business would do.

So are reduced to sending begging letters to raise funds.

Martin Hanson Replies to "Journalist"

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Letter to the Editors of the papers mentioned below by Martin Hanson:

Covid-19 “Conspiracy theories”

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”—Albert Einstein

A few months ago I, together with thousands of other New Zealanders, received an e-mail from Mark Stevens, Marketing Director of Stuff, requesting financial support. Headed “How you can help support Stuff's journalism”, Stevens said (among other things:

“At Stuff, our mission has always been to provide you with trustworthy, accurate and reliable news and information. We’ve never taken your support for granted. And we need it now, more so than ever, to fulfill our duty to you.”


“Today, open and robust public discourse is under greater threat than ever. Together, with your support, we can continue to play our role in safeguarding a free and open society, and fostering a democracy that’s accountable to all its citizens.”

Keeping these thoughts in mind, consider the August 15 op-ed column “Beware the Covid Conspiracy Theorists”, by Dawn Picken in the Rotorua Daily Post, Bay of Plenty Times, and Whanganui Chronicle. The article was embellished with a staged photo of a man wearing a tin-foil hat.

I’m getting used to the term ‘conspiracy theory’ as a media thought-stopper, but Covid-19 is an issue that is just too important to ignore, so I simply had to hit the keyboard.

As an ex-science teacher I try to look for evidence before coming to a conclusion, and sometimes the evidence doesn’t support an official narrative. Which is why I was irritated by Picken’s sentence “The Psychology [Today] article suggests posing a straightforward question to someone spreading pro-hydroxychloroquine Covid-19 propaganda: ‘Would you trust a doctor giving this drug to your partner?’”

Evidently it didn’t occur to Picken to look into the anti-hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) propaganda, but in the spirit of enquiry, I thought I should. What I found shows that the HCQ situation is at the very least, not as simple as Picken would have us believe, and arguably a lot more murky.

HCQ has for seven decades been used as a safe and effective drug against malaria and certain autoimmune diseases, but on May 22 2020, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet published a paper concluding that HCQ was associated with an increased risk of death with Covid-19.

But wait; there’s more. The Lancet subsequently withdrew the paper because, as the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) noted on June 2, The Lancet study “was described as an observational study purportedly involving more than 96,000 hospitalized Covid-19 patients in 671 hospitals across six continents. What was not disclosed is the fact that the two lead co-authors have significant, relevant financial conflicts of interest that just may have biased the reported findings.”

To be more specific, AHRP noted that

· Dr. Sapan Desai, lead co-author of the study, has refused to disclose data for independent confirmatory review, and has refused to identify the participating hospitals, or even the countries.

· Dr. Mandeep Mehra, lead co-author is a director at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, which is credited with funding the study. Dr. Mehra and The Lancet failed to disclose that Brigham Hospital has a partnership with Gilead and is currently conducting TWO trials testing Remdesivir, the prime competitor of HCQ for the treatment of Covid-19.

When dealing with dissent from the official Covid narrative, a standard media tactic is to lump all those who don’t uncritically accept the official version together in the same group, though individuals may range from those who claim that Covid-19 doesn’t even exist, to those who accept the reality of Covid but have reservations about certain aspects of the information we are being fed.

Comparing all of these to kea, Picken says “But the virus deniers aren’t watchdogs – they’re more like kea, squawking and chewing up the underside of your car while you’re enjoying nature. Sure, they’re smart enough to solve puzzles, but they would rather peel off your rubber door seals and eat your windscreen wipers. The kea say things like ‘I’ve done my research’ which is code for ‘I’ve found websites confirming my bias’”.

Readers can judge for themselves whether my own findings mentioned above bear any comparison to Pickens’ accusation.

Still with Mark Stevens’ words in mind, consider her two penultimate paragraphs:

“Fact: the virus causes more severe disease than seasonal influenza.”

“Fact: doctors and scientists are working to estimate the mortality rate of Covid-19, but it is thought to be substantially higher than that of most strains of the flu (source: World Health Organization).”

Pickens seems to think that the word “fact” endows her statements with unchallengeable authority. She seems not to notice (the irony of it!) that she’s expecting her readers to accept her statements as uncritically as those she labels ‘conspiracy theorists’. Einstein, quoted above, must be turning in his grave.


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in case anyone is betting on a change of government...

The ACT party - party of Douglas and Prebble!!! - were talking the other day about Social Credit economics!

They were discussing simply canceling government debt. Seriously.

Instead of annoying, pesky little things like - say - working and paying back what is owed, they'll just pass a law saying the $60 billion that has been borrowed is henceforth disinvented.

That is akin to sniffing petrol with a friend; then he sticks a cigarette in his mouth and starts searching his pockets for a lighter....

So if things are so odious, so insane, even ACT is talking about becoming the Social Credit party then clearly it's even worse than I thought.

Lindsay - don't you know the ACT grandees? You should contact Douglas, Prebble, Brash, Hide, Franks and ask if they also are now Social Creditor loons haha!

(A spot of bitchy shit stirring is always fun hahaha!!)


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Have been trying to find the specific post I am meaning. Was in December (as I recall); forecast the swift collapse of NZ, that it would snowball, economic collapse.

Got the impression you folk were thinking "oh gosh, has he started drinking again?" Sticking out tongue ...or "oh give it a rest Eli" ....or "this doomsday stuff is a bit OTT; it'll never happen"


Perhaps I was mistaken?

But all jokes aside....

Get your money out of NZ before the dollar collapses, easy to send things to Australia and safety. I know what's coming, I know what happens next.


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If you could point to my rolling my eyes at the idea New Zealistan is fucked I'd be grateful.

Everyone is a bit fractious and menstrual in this lock-down period. Let's focus on the enemy: Jihadi Jacinda and her Islamo-Marxism, including the Chinese Communist Party, who exported the Wuhan Virus, and Obleftivists who support the afore-mentioned.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Philip - I take no pleasure in any of this.

If anyone is interested (or cashed up) may I recommend Saxo Bank in Sydney; great people to deal with; always looking for new customers haha!

(And before anyone gets "provincial" and asks stupid questions.... "No" of course you don't need to fly across the Tasman, go into quarantine for 2 weeks, in order to open an account in person. Telephone and their website is fine)


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It's all in the legislation I cite in the main post:

11 Orders that can be made under this Act

(1) An order made by the Minister or the Director-General (as the case may be) under this section may do 1 or more of the following things:

(a) require persons to refrain from taking any actions that contribute or are likely to contribute to the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19, or require persons to take any actions, or comply with any measures, that contribute or are likely to contribute to preventing the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19, including (without limitation) requiring persons to do any of the following:

(i) stay in any specified place or refrain from going to any specified place:

The Chinese Communist Party virus, which is mostly non-fatal, is being used as a pretext for the imposition of Chinese Communist Party totalitarian government, which is invariably fatal.

I note Comrade Jacinda's sister-in-Wokeness, the equally ghastly Comrade Kamala, is now Biden's VP pick. I was so relieved when that insufferably sanctimonious scold dropped out of the race with just 2% support; now the bitch is back. These Woke-Fascists are as ubiquitous as they are iniquitous.

Elijah, you were/are right.

PhilipD's picture

Elijah, you were/are right. NZ is finished.

NZ: a country of slaves, suckers and cowards. So fucking stupid, half won't see the madness. Even after a dozen lockdowns and a year or two of most of the rest of the world going freely about it's business.


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Just days ago, I saw a headline touting how New Zealand had done so they're talking "quarantine facilities"?
We are living in the darkest timeline, as they say..."third world" indeed. Well, if it's gonna go "third world", then maybe it's time to sacrifice some politicos to the NZ volcano gods?

"Coronavirus: All New Zealand's confirmed COVID-19 cases to be put in quarantine facilities from now on"


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that dreadful Ardern woman is a slave to Communism. Pure evil.

I am afraid to say it's true - NZ has gone mad; complete hoax. Only happening because it's election time....none of it actually real, no actual virus cases, but as Ardern controls everything nobody knows any better.

I told everyone back - months ago - that NZ is finished; Lindsay, Greg, Olivia etc all rolled their eyes. But I am right.

Fortunately I am in cash - and all but ten grand is abroad - and by golly a couple of million people in NZ (including many SOLOists) are going to wish they'd listened to me when they had the chance.

By Christmas - (and it's already mid August) - they're going to wish they'd listened, wish they'd also sold up last November/December as I did - and squirreled the readies away overseas, too......instead of obediently acting like slaves.

But you can't tell New Zealanders anything... *shrug*

Fear and Lockdown in Auckland?

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Any veracity to this? Via Jordan Schachtel at Twitter:

"People are so terrified of what's to come that there is an ongoing run on the banks in New Zealand. This is in addition to total lockdown in Auckland, economy closed, military checkpoints, etc

All over 4 COVID-19 cases."


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Didn't know Australia had sunk so low.
Is this Jacinda character also in China's pocket?


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Andrews has been a commie control freak from waaayyy back. He is the reason I stay well clear of Victoria!

He's an evil man who is experimenting to see if a communist state can be established in the heart of the western world.

Holy F!@#$, Australia

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Saw a video today with the premier of Australia, Daniel Andrews, pushing for masks NOT for health reasons, but to change behaviors.

Started to wonder who this guy really is...first thing that comes up:

"Daniel Andrews thinks ‘China will bail him out’ if Victoria’s economy sinks"

His Wiki page even has a section dedicated to China:


"Upon his election, Andrews fast-tracked Victoria's ties with the PRC. Firstly, he led a group of prominent Victorians to China on his first overseas trip, and promised to send his entire cabinet there during his first term. Eyeing the enormous opportunities with tourism, education and investment,[13] his government signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Chinese government under the Belt and Road Initiative in October 2018, but kept its details secret until he released it five weeks later.[14] The MoU involves cooperation on facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, finance, people-to-people bond[s], and the "Digital Silkroad". Cooperation will be in the form of "dialogue, joint research, pilot programs, knowledge sharing and capacity building". Andrews said that the MoU "does not bind Victoria to be involved in any specific project or initiative" and "the government will consider both the Victorian and national interest before agreeing to be involved in any specific activity".[14] The Age criticised Andrews for meddling in geopolitics, saying that it was the federal government's responsibility to navigate to the benefit of all Australians.[13"

So, then. Australia is in bed with China. Makes more sense, now, why we're seeing what is happening there.
What doesn't make sense is: Why haven't they seen the light re China?

What happened to you, Australia? You used to be cool...

A World of truck drivers Vs. Willers

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The world of "Galt's Gulch" was Rand's ideal of "man as he might and out to be", while the world outside was "man as he is."

Willers was not left behind for lack of genius or ability, but because he was too vested and reliant on the world "as it was."

Most people today are Eddie Willers, too vested in the current world as it is, afraid to let go for what could be, and look to security over liberty. You can't tell them, you have to show them. Most won't realize that the mighty oak tree has been dead and hollowed out until the lightning strikes. Such people will not change until they are taken to the brink, and "the world as it is falls out from beneath them."

Compare him to the truck driver in the Gulch, who, when asked by Dagny if he was also a secret genius, said no, just a truck driver, but that's not all he wanted to be. (I wonder if that's why Rand made him a truck DRIVER, a potential Prime MOVER...not so vested in "the world as it was" and able to move towards what could be...)

The difference between Eddie Willers and the truck driver was not ability, but in their motive power. The truck driver moves, while Eddie sits in the darkness next to the dead train.

The Eddie Willers of the world are going to have to let go soon, if they want to be left in the dark, rusting with the dead motor of "the world as it is".

And thus ....

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... the native hue of resolution is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought. And enterprises of great pitch and moment, with this regard their currents turn awry, and lose the name of action.

Crusher Collins Caved

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Piss-weak responses by Collins and Seymour. They're all part of the problem.


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General Election is five and a half weeks away....

Voters were starting to realise that dreadful Ardern woman is a one trick pony, with a 100% failure rate of every policy.

Not to mention rapists and perverts around the cabinet table.

So - by a truly AMAZING coincidence..... a new outbreak of coronavirus occurs Sticking out tongue

Back in lockdown - opponents unable to continue telling the truth.

Fancy that hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Conscience and Cowardice

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"I fear we are beyond the point of no return, for no other reason than that supposedly decent humans who oppose her agenda of tyranny have been too cowardly to speak up."

As Shakespeare put it in HAMLET, "Thus conscience does make cowards of us all."

(Except, apparently, for the brazen leftists, Antifa/BLM thugs, and health dictators...)

NZ Lockdown...

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Just saw that. Utter BS. Same hear in Pennsylvania, and many other states. Our "Green Phase" was delayed, fascist governor punishing those who defy him, using our transgendered health secretary as a human shield against any criticism of their order to put covid patients in the nursing homes (even while taking his/her mother out of it, first), defying the orders to terminate his emergency declaration (which made him dictator of PA), etc. He'll be the one who prompts the return of tarring and feathering, here.
Utter, utter, BS.

I saw haw bad it is in Australia, with their uber-dranconians running down people on horseback, forced masking, chocking a woman on the street who wouldn't comply, apartment buildings quarantined. I never expected that from Crocodile Dundee country; absolutely disgusted. I hope NZ fares better in that regards. (You Kiwis have a volcano to handle those sorts of Big Brothers, right?)

Here we go! Big Sister Is Watching You!

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A screeching sow-phone message at 10.15 pm, straight out of 1984, just alerted me to Auckland's now being put back to Level 3 of the Communist Party of China Virus lockdown, while the rest of us are "upgraded" to level 2. Apparently this is all because of an upsurge of the CPC Virus in Auckland, repository of hordes of ignorant, unhygienic Labour voters. CPC-loving Jihadi Jacinda simply cannot wait to place us all under house arrest again, with her newly legalised "Enforcement Officers" empowered to invade our properties and trample over our rights at will. Her Marxist Nirvana is here. I fear we are beyond the point of no return, for no other reason than that supposedly decent humans who oppose her agenda of tyranny have been too cowardly to speak up. The only hope is for this evil creature to be voted out next month, assuming Comrade Jacinda allows the vote to proceed—but with so many voters acquiescing to evil—and thus deserving what they get—that's really no hope at all.


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movie is called ”the last tattoo ".


Mr_Lineberry's picture

have been meaning to post more on this topic but this week has been hectic until now.

It appears to be another example of that dreadful Ardern woman being little more than an 8 year old girl once again. She's been told this makes her powerful in warding off monsters under the bed.

Other folk may have pointed this out, as I say I've been snowed under so haven't followed any discussion on this issue...

To me Ardern is using (misusing? abusing?) the parts of the Health act - and the precedent it sets - which allows clap Doctors to quarantine tarts and track down customers.

There was an hilarious movie made in 1994 about this sort of thing during the War, when the Americans were based on the Kapiti coast. A nurse traipsing all over Wellington trying to track down soldiers and others riddled with VD. Must look up its name.

In a war setting, where emergency powers are axiomatic, is one thing. But to abuse legal precedent by instigating similar processes - when the crisis is clearly over and has been for weeks - is appalling.

To give Police powers to (whomever) is also an abuse of our system.

To take the clap Doctor scenario - and the WW2 precedent trying to prevent the spread of (then) incurable, nasty diseases - they required a Policeman to actually knock on the brothel door and demand entry, and a Policeman to detain any tart who was uncooperative. You check the old legislation and regulations and you'll see.

This law is appalling abuse of our entire system, it is a sop to "Karen" (a bedrock of Labour's support base), and the sooner it is repealed the better.


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National voted against. I just received this note from one of the new boy's staffers:

Dear Mr Perigo

On behalf of Todd Muller, Leader of the Opposition, I acknowledge your email of 24 May 2020.

Your views and comments are noted and appreciated.

National voted against this Bill in Parliament.

We will continue to raise concerns with what is now law.

Thank you for taking the time to write to Mr Muller.

Yours sincerely


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for the course, these days. Did any one vote against it or was it the usual bipartisan stitch up?

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