MAGA Hats and Muslimas Downunder

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Submitted by Olivia on Mon, 2020-05-25 23:33

By Olivia Pierson

A New Zealand Muslima named Aliya Danzeisen, who happens to be a former corporate lawyer from the United States, has given voice to a brave warning to NZ about a grave character flaw hidden in the depths of new National Party leader Todd Muller’s soul. There may even be more than one.

Mr. Muller keeps among his private possessions an evil, red MAGA hat, which he intends to display on a prominent shelf in his new parliamentary office.

By Beelzebub, we foolish citizens are so fortunate to have the likes of insightful immigrants such as Ms. Danzeisen - and of course, the NZ Herald and Stuff(ed) news outlets, to inform us of the significant importance of Mr. Muller’s horrific judgement, lest it slip the notice of our simple minds at some point.

While smoothing out a rare rumple in her melon coloured hijab, Ms. Danzeisen was kind enough to remind us all:

“That hat represents the denial of the freedom of beliefs. That hat represents the denial of minority voices. That hat represents the vitriol that has been harming that nation and has been harming the world for the last four years.”

Clearly not grasping the enormity of his egregious intentions, Mr. Muller doubled-down on his diabolical decision to take the MAGA hat to his new office at Parliament. The hat seems to give off an extraordinary power which saw Mr. Muller appear to be alright with not apologising and grovelling before the urgent complaints of offended minorities in a multicultural country. That powerful spell is consistent with the one we already know the hat possesses: being a dog-whistle to racists all over the world.

It is now feared that Mr. Muller may have picked up President Trump’s repugnant habit of not immediately apologising to people who extol extraordinary nonsense as news, a.k.a, fake news, proving that those who own MAGA hats may be highly susceptible to its malevolent powers.

Mr. Muller, who harbours a deeply concerning interest in American politics, said that he collected the MAGA hat along with two Hillary Clinton pins as souvenirs from the 2016 election, the promiscuous slut - Muller, I mean.

But such trite excuses from Mr. Muller did not make it past Ms. Danzeisen’s acute perception skills at sniffing out white supremacists hiding in plain sight amongst us, as her clever counterpoint courageously highlights:

“If he wants to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand it would be nice if he’d choose to display objects that represent the values of New Zealand.”

Ms. Danzeisen gave the whole country a timely reminder that New Zealanders place no value at all in anything to do with America and its gaudy capitalist culture: not cars, washing machines, television shows, movies, rock’n’roll, Levis jeans, the internet, the space-race - and certainly not all that gratuitous freedom and liberty stuff. None of that shit flies here!

We especially ought to forget how devoted America was to our nation’s freedom and protection during the Second World War. Yes Sirree! Those days are long gone and far from being important anymore, as Ms. Danzeisen subtly emphasises for our edification.

The only ornaments that are appropriate for a NZ Prime Minister to brandish in his, her, or its office are pounamu tikis, korus, bone carved fish hooks and “We are One” posters. And, as a relevant aside, that bloody President Trump should definitely not have a bust of Winston Churchill on display inside the Whitehouse - that’s positively un-American! Never mind that Churchill was a disgusting, white, male, rabidly aristocratic, empire-loving colonialist who wished out loud that if he were to be born again (not in the Westboro Baptist sense), he would want to be born an American. For shame!

Along with another impeccably virtuous (and insightful) member of the Muslim community, Ms. Danzeisen asserts that the MAGA hat has no place being displayed in a parliamentary office because it now means something very different than it did in 2016 when Mr. Muller bought it as a souvenir.

The words on the infamous cap “Make America Great Again” have clearly undergone more mutations than the coronavirus, but the real meaning contained in those words is only revealed through clairvoyant Muslimas in hijabs, because they have well over a millennia of experience with the powerful symbolism of oppressive head wear, and Ms. Danzeisen says, “That hat represents the denial of the freedom of beliefs. That hat represents the denial of minority voices.”

I’m so grateful that we ignorant Kiwis can look to the veiled, Islamic women of our nation to give us wisdom and guidance on these monumental matters - especially concerning head wear.

On another related note, I seriously doubt that Ms. Danzeisen has ever had her attention drawn to the beautifully bespoke fashion-house called “Muslima Wear” which operates out of Istanbul - gorgeous, high quality, designer outfits and hijabs for Islamic women all over the world who care to cultivate good taste (and unlike Ms. Danzeisen, who care to apply some make up). I believe this is a spectacularly successful company - and if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you will see the address of their head office is deliciously none other than Trump Towers: Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey.

Ms Danzeisen could learn a great deal about taste from this fashion company in Trump Towers, Turkey - but I’m afraid her judgment might be a bit too far gone - big league. For when she moves to a little country at the bottom of the South Pacific and presumes to dictate to a new party leader which of his own, meaningful mementos he can and cannot take with him into his new office, that kind of gross impertinence can only be put down to a lack of good breeding and a lifetime of practising some very bad manners.


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speaking of non entities - and reasons why a low party vote for National is probably a good thing....

Heard some ghastly female with a truly appalling accent on Morning Report - (I was channel surfing, not a regular listener) - yesterday. At first I thought it was some sort of bag lady reporting on a Tramp's Convention - but no!

Seems this woman who talks like a char-lady (even WORSE accent than Beth Holbrooke) is Nicola Willis, a National MP!!

No doubt she's been indulged her entire life, told the usual twaddle that only brains and hard work matter....sorry darling, untrue.

Looks and what happens when you open your mouth are one thousand times more important than brains or (*snigger*) "inner beauty".


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won't be as bad as all that Philip d - apparently several New Conservative candidates are incredibly rich!! Very impressive!

What this shows is Muller is feeble and will end up caving in to filth - like Ardern did up in Mangere with those uppity trouble makers.

Can't see Muller having commies belted up (Holland in '51) or organising cossacks (Massey). They were great men still feared by left wingers whilst lesser, non entities (can anyone name Massey's successor?), have disappeared.

Muller will be in the lesser category if he manages to win.

Mueller ...

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... is the worst kind of treason by limp-wristery and weasel words imaginable. He's been schooled in HR garbage. A travesty of a human being.

Muller, is hopeless, fucking

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Muller, is hopeless, fucking hopeless. Yep the hat goes. And so should he.

Too dumb to know that the PC slime would have a go at him over it. And didn't possess the backbone or understanding of why he should have told the slime to piss off once they did. Same with all the lack of Maori on the front bench nonsense.

He's another fucking ex-lobbyist (along with his 'numbers man', the slimy brown-nosing Chris Bishop) with ambitions well above his ability.

Here he is in his maiden speech: "I even wrote a book as a 10-year-old that saw me elected vice-president of the United States as a very young man in my twenties, become president upon the very unfortunate death of the then president, and then go on to serve 13 consecutive terms until I think I died of old age."

Doesn't mention any achievements during those 13 terms, and he ain't had any since being an MP. Unless developing a loving relationship with James Shaw counts.

He's a fraud. National is dead. Never thought I'd be voting for a bunch of Christians, but that's the way it's likely to be. Even though some NC candidates will undoubtedly be exposed as utterly wacko in the election lead-up.

Pass the whiskey.


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Wonder what the Muslime word for "Karen" is?

She sounds a silly b*tch, and like all "Karen's" she needs to be chained up outside until she learns to behave! (a 100% success rate, in case you were wondering).

What I can never understand about the National party is why they don't disenfranchise vast numbers of people who despise them when they have the chance to do so. I certainly would, without hesitation!

Craven capitulation!

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I gather Mueller won't now be taking the hat to Parliament out of "respect" for that piece of totalitarian garbage! This is hopeless! She, apparently, may wear her letterbox gear with impunity and he may not even have a Trump cap on the premises. This was his first test and he failed abominably and irretrievably. Timorous Todd!

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