As If Freedom Mattered...

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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Sat, 2020-05-30 03:14

At lunchtime I attended a "Freedom" rally in Christchurch's cathedral square.

An enthusiastic group of patriots were there listening to the speaker. Great stuff.


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first 2 or 3 weeks of freedom rallies in Cathedral Square are as I have described them - well, you can see from the videos - but last week, and again yesterday a turn for the worst.

No longer for me, and no longer for anybody who has half a brain. This has been hijacked (I am not going to engage in name calling) and it will only get worse. Seems there are a number of other regular attendees who are drifting away too only to be replaced by some odious sorts of people. Avoid like the bubonic plague folks.


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Patriots in Christchurch, there is another rally in cathedral square, Saturday, 12:30pm.

There has been an odd request to wear a high viz vest - don't think i shall do; make me look like one of those working class construction workers haha!


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to watch it again, thanks for posting. Watching the replay he spent less time discussing President Trump and more time getting stuck into Winston than I remembered it haha!

So do you know this chappie Lindsay? is he on

Here you go:

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am appalled at the rioting and feel so sorry for the building owners and businessmen who have had these savages destroying what they've worked for.

Did you get the photos? I just could not figure out how to upload them.

I should imagine ...

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... the speaker today was the YouTuber who calls himself Cross the Rubicon. I'll link as soon as I spot it.

Would that freedom-lovers had the same resources and resourcefulness as the freedom-haters such as the trash currently rioting in Dem-Scum states in America. This had nothing to do with George Floyd and everything to do with George Soros and Profa:


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Overriding theme from this rally is the requirement of s large, well organized freedom movement in NZ. It is sorely lacking and this is the reason why things are in such an awful state.

Imagine a "Freedom Club" in every town, city, suburb with dozens of patriots attending monthly meetings, and events being well organized, and coordinated campaigns championing various issues. How wonderful it would be.


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to everyone for my complete incompetence regarding all the photos. Hope Lindsay can get them on here.

The speaker chappie was excellent, a pom but covered a lot of issues - Tommy in the UK, Muslime immigration, Winston betraying the country by entering a coalition with that dreadful Ardern woman, President Trump, anti freedom laws (or at least the proposal of them), the corrupt media, globalism, and various other matters.

As usual whenever the sainted Winston is criticized Rawiri "got all Maori" and stormed off in a huff (so childish). This gave me the chance to zoom in on a cute Filipino chap in the audience and start chatting him up (as you do).

As luck would have it he roared his approval when the speaker mentioned President Trump, so when I whipped out my US passport and said I had actually voted for him, the kid almost melted haha!

I must say this was a rather enjoyable experience, and the crowd of patriots are the sort of folk "worth saving" - unlike the putrid, lefty wanker set in Wellington, where you'd wonder why you would bother saving the country for them!


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there was some commie oaf who tried to break a sign, and assaulted a chap who I think was an organizer, but otherwise fine. This was before the rally had started.

Lindsay I have emailed you about 15 photos I took. Getting g lost here - you are going to have to upload them

I should imagine ...

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... this was a peaceful gathering, unlike the Profa rioters, looters and arsonists in America right now?

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