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Mark Hubbard
My monthly plea: yes I don't agree with Ardern on much, yes I think she is out of her depth (along with majority of her ministers), but she is a 'decent' person, her intentions are not evil, just misguided by Left politics & ingrained statism: so, don't use 'Cindy' BS in my TL.

Olivia Pierson

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No Mark. She's an evil civilisation smashing bitch who knows what she's doing. Hence the great effort put through the nicee picee image. Deceitful women never just "mean well."

Bollocks we must automatically show respect for politicians. (Weird though that Mark appears to find 'Chump' instead of Trump hilarious, but 'Cindy' mean) And bollocks that she is merely misguided.

NZers are far to polite and meek. Me included. (Frankly I'd lose my business if I spoke out, but I don't think that's an excuse any more) And boy are NZers gullible.

This is hardly a revelation.

But not Olivia, she's none of those. Thank god. The woman deserves a wider audience. And some thanks, so here it is.

Thank you Philip...

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Bro Hubbard has a particularly bad case of TDS, yet re Red Cindy, suffers from a case of KJA (kiss Jacinda’s arse). Go figure.

I can only think that her nicey-ness does dupe people into thinking she is super “decent.”
Her actions should tell them otherwise.

The enormous effort she puts into sounding and looking sincere, kind and compassionate should be a bloody red flag to people, she’s not our nurse or mother, she’s our PM!

Puts me in mind of that Blasey Ford woman who lied like a flat fish in front of the whole of America over Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her... remember how much effort she put in to sounding so vulnerable, soft and little girlish in order to be believed? Was utterly sickening. Sweetly trying to brutally crush a man’s reputation and character. Evil!

Jacinda is just like that... “kindly" smashing our way of life to pieces.


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Go ahead and create your register here. I'll blue-sticky it and we can keep adding to it.

Deliver Us from Evil

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I'm delighted to see this thoroughly well-deserved tribute to Lady Olivia here. I'm sure she won't mind if I report that her excellent comments to Bro Hubbard the Woke seem to stem from a private conversation she and I had in which she chided me for using the term "evil" too often. Olivia had fallen for the tired old line that the term uses its efficacy with over-use. My rejoinder was that "evil" should be used as often as applicable; that not to use it when applicable is moral abdication; and that, in demonstrable fact, those who practise this moral abdication, far from reserving their use of the term for special occasions, never use it at all. The repulsive spectacle that is Jihadi Jacinda is a case in point: the creature is beyond repugnant in her determination to make New Zealand totalitarian. She is not remotely innocent in this, and the fact that she is apparently able to seduce people who should know better with her sickly, syrupy bromides only makes her all the more revolting. And she should be called all of these things. Anyone who wants to transform this nation, thousands of whose sons and daughters died for freedom, into Communist China seasoned with the Iran of the ayatollahs is as evil as evil gets. Comrade Jihadi Jacinda is evil through and through.

Observe that, in this Orwellian world where slavery is freedom, ignorance is knowledge, falsehood is truth, subjectivity is objectivity, good is evil and 2 +2 = 5, the predominant purveyors of evil of our moment—i.e., the Woke-Fascists—have no compunction about being what they themselves would call "judgy." All moral judgement is invalid—except theirs. Anyone who disagrees with them about anything is automatically a bigot, a "phobe" of some kind, a White Supremacist—and most assuredly, all-encompassingly "evil." The mere attempt to elicit justification for this judgement is also evil, in and of itself. The actual evil parties here, the Woke-Fascists, are both incapable of and militantly opposed to the use of rational argument. "Rational argument" is the language of White Supremacy and all the rest. Observe how the Sorosian army of Woke-Fascist thugs currently rampaging through the streets of American cities, looting, assaulting and burning as they go—indubitably evil activities—petulantly refuse to answer reporters' questions as to why they're doing what they're doing; "why' is a bourgeois impertinence. "Reasons"??!! What an insensitive, racist, sexist, blah, blah, blah triggerer!! Where's the nearest Safe Space?

It's instructive that the unwitting countenancers of real evil not only quail at the use of that term; they also repair routinely to a cringe-making set of Woke alternatives, whose use, I suppose they imagine, renders them invulnerable to condemnation by those whose ostracism they so supinely fear. Here's a list of such words, by no means exhaustive I'm sure, from which all good people should run a mile, but which good people actually use regularly in their misguided efforts to feed the crocodile: "disappointing"; "concerning"; "disturbing"; "troubling"; "problematic"; "doing a disservice" ... I expect readers will, at least on reflection, be able to come up with others I've forgotten. Of course, there are times when such terms are not inappropriate (Gawd, there's another one); but they are currently the coward's recourse when "evil" is the case.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, said Edmund Burke. One can paraphrase, with the impunity of hindsight: all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men not to call it that.

Mark has always seemed a

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Mark has always seemed a decent chap. Like a dog with a bone over issues he believes in, which I respect. Often threatened to leave SOLO when things didn't go his way though, if I remember correctly. And often threatens to block people on Twitter (I lurk there sometimes) thinking, it would seem, that such a threat would pull people into line, which is amusing. Somewhat prissy and lecturing, but a good 'un...


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Most ironic thing about this is Hubbard was a misanthropic sort of chap; probably still is.

Always angry, never a nice word to say about anyone or anything. Needless to say, with such people it is always everybody else's fault hahà!

So the sole person Hubbard's ever had a nice word for is a communist hell-bent on destroying New Zealand.... the irony.

As an aside... Have you noticed how these fellows are always "little men"? sort of little man you meet at a shareholder AGM....(You know the sort of thing: the little chap who has 1000 shares, or even 2000, and goes along to an AGM; that's big stuff for him)


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Excellent stuff Olivia!! We should give no quarter to filth like Ardern.

The problem with the right in NZ they are always wandering around the battlefield looking for somebody to surrender to!

The worst of all were the libertarians - refusing to accept things that were clearly proven, in order to conform and comply with bullying diktats on the liberty loop by Richard Goode and that oafish fat slob Andrew (something).

Once they had cowardly complied with the 'black is actually white - you racist!" diktats they sought to pass themselves off as "objectivists"!
It was sad, pathetic, and God knows why Lindsay wasted half his life with such filth.

Fortunately there are some folk out there with a backbone, a spine. And some new chums coming through who are excellent.

What I want to do is create a register - expose the cowards and liars for what they are - and ensure that as new folk join the freedom movement they aren't conned by anyone. You could check the " Freedom Register " to see who most definitely IS pc.

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