Wankers Of The World, Unite!

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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Wed, 2020-06-10 00:15

Comrades, the time has come to deal with the insidious evil in our society.

I am of course referring to "institutionalized sexism"

There is a 'minority' in America who comprise 49.6% of the population, yet comprise 94% of those shot by police.

The only possible explanation for this is sexism; institutionalized sexism. A pernicious evil which has gone on for too long.

The way to solve this once and for all is not to stop committing crimes, oh no, it is to burn down the bakery and drycleaners on Main Street.

That'll show those sexists we are on to them - so there! (you racist!)


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is something Glenn has put together. If you have a friend or family member unsure about what is behind this cultural marxism and rioting, this is worth sending to them....


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Am sitting here a bit surprised - none of Wilson's own cabinet would agree with you haha!(joke)

I do feel sorry for Wilson historically as he is the most defamed UK politician in history - even men like Mosely or Chamberlain haven't had to put up with the constant (and widely believed) preposterous accusations leveled at Harold Wilson for 60 years.

Everything from being a KGB agent, to accepting suitcases full of fivers across his desk in Number 10, to rooting his secretary, to shady property deals, to fathering his secretary's children, to selling honours, to selling regulations, to selling defence secrets, and numerous other things - all of which are utterly ludicrous.

What strikes me about these accusations is they fail to notice Wilson - the man - was incredibly boring, with a boring wife, boring private life. To attribute "James Bond" characteristics to him is laughable.

It should be noted that in 60 years not a single accusation has been substantiated - or any evidence offered beyond infantile gossip.

It should be further noted that neither Ted Heath, nor the Tory party, ever instigated or mentioned any of these accusations.

Thanks for the nostalgia, Eli

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Harold Wilson was one of the heroes of my leftie youth. I was enraptured when he defeated Heath and came back as PM. After that, he became senile and I ceased to be a leftie. Hahahaha! How things change! Let's be honest though, whatever our disagreements with them both: they were both Titans in their intelligence and oratory. Oh to have that back on both left and right, versus the moronnial fryquacking of Jihadi Jacinda and Soyman Brudjuz. At least Boris can string sentences together.

50 Years Ago Today....

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Sir Edward Heath was elected Prime Minister and took the country into the 'Common Market' (as it was then known).

The Heath government is the gold standard in what not to do when attempting to govern a nation. They had everything going for them - a Prime Minister who was focused, committed to an agenda; they had a set of policies designed to promote economic growth; they had a team of experienced politicians in the Cabinet. The long term also looked good with export revenues from joining the Common Market and later North Sea oil on the horizon. They also had opponents who were largely discredited, and seen as an untrustworthy, corrupt bunch of crooks.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the Heath government, due to having everything going for it, should be celebrating its 50th anniversary in government today; instead it all fell apart in three and a half years. Instead of still being in power they threw it all away.

Like Thatcher a decade later, Heath was committed to tax cuts, halting the propping up of lame ducks in industry, trade union reform, and promoting Britain as a place to invest. Unfortunately they foolishly drafted their Industrial Relations Act in such a way as to create loopholes which made it unworkable; Heath also refused to listen when this was pointed out to him, and so had to suffer the humiliation of the Courts rendering the Act redundant.

When the full extent of lame ducks in industry became apparent, and as large numbers of basically bankrupt companies collapsed, and unemployment temporarily rose he lost his nerve. Instead of pushing ahead with making Britain a good long term investment for new industries coming through, especially with the ability to export to Europe tariff free - whilst living with 2 or 3 years of high unemployment until the new businesses matched the rate of old ones going bust - he wobbled. He instituted what was known as 'the U Turn' in 1972: protectionism, handouts, massive pay increases to anybody who asked for it, a prices and incomes policy, and things never much recovered politically.

The worst part about that is it contributed to a left wing socialist government between 1974 and 79, which in turn breathed life into discredited ideology; in short by there being a Labour government in the 70s the door to another one was left open which Jeremy Corbyn exploited decades later. Had Heath had more resolve (and he only lost the Feb 74 election by about 500 votes out of 30 million cast), well, as I say, his government would still be in office and the concept of socialism in Britain would be a long forgotten memory.

What is remarkable about this is that David Lange did a similar thing in early 1988 - went all wobbly, wouldn't accept high unemployment for 2 or 3 years before a booming economy arrived - and, like Britain, we have never really recovered as a nation either economically, or politically, as various left wing lunatics have governed NZ ever since.

Here is the BBC election night coverage from 1970 - worth watching for you politics junkies....

Spread this far and Wide....

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Paul Joseph Watson

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gets it down pat. Not one of his better videos, but covers a lot of ground...


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standing up for Britain...


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again the brilliant Dave Morrison sums everything up. Click and enjoy (7 minutes). PLEEEEASE hit subscribe and click the bell thingy


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Tale of two "classes".

Notice how the Seattle police chief - negro, female, been around the block a few times - sees things so differently from the mayor (white, upper middle class, who sees CHAZ residents as familiar: children of all her friends).

The mayor sees these kids, correctly, as being from her own elitist class and views it as all a lark, the latest harmless fad, sort of like how 8 years ago these kids liked Justin Beiber music.

The police chief believes in law and order, of everyone being treated equally before the law.

The mayor thinks the children of all her elitist friends should get a free pass.....because of their class. She thinks laws should only apply to black people to keep them in line...oh! hang on...


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Group of ignorant, spoilt brats has taken over six blocks in Seattle, Washington and declared their own country.

First thing they did was.... Build a Wall

Second thing they did was.... Establish border guards

Third thing they did was.... Create a police force

These kids have been raised in upper middle class families, and like all members of the urban upper middle class have never...

1. Not 'conformed' with the mores of that insidious class of bores.

2. Read a book

3. Listened to an opera

4. Seen a play

5. Thought

6. Gone without

7. Been a victim

8. Helped another person

9. Thought of anybody but themselves

10. Not been greedy, selfish and materialistic

11. Been honest

12. Or sincere

13. Or caring

14. Struggled for anything

15. You get the general idea.

So is this a lot of bored, decadent, effete, poofy soyboys undertaking the latest fad to give meaning to a vacant, medicated existence?

Or a genuine revolution plotted in the houses of Seattle's elite - to reject the wealth and comfort of their lives and replace it with bowls of rice and a life toiling in the fields, setting an example of complete sacrifice as an example to others?

Or.....did some communists, who DO mean business, who HAVE read books and studied history, couldn't believe their luck finding a group of the dumbest of dumb mother f***ers.

Are said communists using these kids for one purpose - to provoke Donald Trump into sending troops, a bloodbath ensues, and then they have their martyrs and narrative?

(Just like at Kent State in 1970)

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