Cancel Woke-Fascism: Watch 'Gone with the Wind' Today!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-06-12 08:29

The attempt by sub-human Taleban Woke-Fascists to rewrite history and destroy Western Civilisation and its distinctive ramparts, reason and freedom, has already backfired. Their latest target: the gorgeous classic Gone with the Wind. I believe these particular Woke-Taleban fascists, HBO, will put the movie back up eventually, but with an insufferably sanctimonious, prissy sermon about "racism," of which they, as it happens, are the worst real practitioners in this equation. Reassuringly, actual humans have got in first:

The recent decision to pull the American classic “Gone with the Wind” from HBO Max has had the Streisand effect, a phenomenon where attempting to suppress something ends up calling more attention to it and thus having the opposite effect of the intended desire.

“HBO Max parent AT&T Inc.’s move came amid growing concerns about racial injustice following the killing of George Floyd, a black man, while being arrested by a white Minneapolis police officer,” The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. “Considered a classic of American cinema and winner of eight competitive Academy Awards, including best picture, the 1939 film starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh and Hattie McDaniel tells the story of southern belle Scarlett O’Hara and her love affair with Rhett Butler. Much of the four-hour film is set on the O’Hara plantation, Tara, and in Atlanta during and after the Civil War.”

A review of Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Movies & TV” from Sunday did not show “Gone with the Wind” appearing in the top-100 ranking of bestsellers in the category.

However, by Wednesday, “Gone with the Wind” exploded in Amazon’s rankings to numerous top spots, including the following spots in the top-100 overall for the category:


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Minds think alike Lindsay - watched the Trump video about an hour ago, log in here, and you were watching too! Haha!

Amused at the President's dig about the beard; subtle bitchiness. I imagine in 2050 I shall be expressing my disapproval at things my son does with subtle bitchiness too hahaha!! (Avoids arguments but the "message" gets across).

Think he is right though, once this election year is over the country will boom. I have huge confidence in America and its future.


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Is so laughable - and what makes the professional gay crowd so angry - is none of them have experienced any discrimination. They live in a world where that has long since passed into history and it really annoys them.

They don't know the first thing about discrimination or homophobia.

In my experience those chaps who've been on the receiving end - lost jobs, or evicted from flats, or whatever - are the least likely to want any of this twaddle.

Oh Groan!

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The grotesque Woke-Fascists have struck again, this time in the name of "non-binary" gender "fluidity" and the victim mentality among those queer folk (just a few, thankfully, myself emphatically not included—but those morbidly miserable few are insufferably, sanctimoniously screechy) who think the only thing that matters in the universe is their queerness and they have to shove it down the throats of everyone else. Was ever there such an assembly of PC bromides, banalities, bollocks and bullshit as the following, from the Woke-Fascist Human Wrongs Commissariat via the Woke-Fascist Green Party just now?

Greens call for Government office to address Rainbow issues following Human Rights Commission report

The Human Rights Commission’s PRISM report on the issues impacting people based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) provides an excellent programme of work for future governments to follow, say the Greens.

“LGBTQI+ people are a significant part of our community who face a long and ongoing history of discrimination, which continues to cause harm,” said Green Party Rainbow Issues Spokesperson Jan Logie.

The report raises several obstacles which still impede LGBTQI+ people from living full and equal lives, including:

· Difficulty correcting their birth certificates to reflect their gender, creating safety issues

· Unnecessary surgery on infants and children who are intersex or have diverse sex characteristics

· Barriers to accessing gender-affirming healthcare

· Unsafe school and work environments

“This work is especially critical given there’s no specific office or channel in government responsible for looking out for the LGBTQI+ community. I reinstate my call for there to be a Government office specifically focused on Rainbow issues.

“We can’t continue to fail our Rainbow communities. We have to make more progress to ensure they are safe and able to live as who they are.

“The report underscores the harmful impact of colonisation in Aotearoa, including the suppression and erasure of sexual and gender fluidity in te ao Māori.

“It highlights our responsibility under international law to uphold and uplift the equality of all people – something we have sadly failed to do for our Rainbow whānau and others marginalised communities.

“I thank the Human Rights Commission and everyone who was involved in bringing this report together for making such an important contribution to our understanding of human rights in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“I hope we can all engage with this report and see a way forward to creating an Aotearoa where everyone can live free of discrimination.”


Media contact: Alex Ashton 021862454

Alex Ashton, Press Secretary
Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand


7R Bowen House, 70/84 Lambton Quay, Wellington 6011

(027) 648 4543 |
Authorised by James Shaw and Marama Davidson, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

It's tempting to lay out heartfelt actual arguments, invoking those branches of philosophy called metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and politics against this pernicious, Orwellian evil, but the Woke-Fascists are defiantly unreachable on that level, like their fellow-sub-humans the killers, rioters and looters currently representing them on the streets of America. A Rainbow Commissar as well as all the other Thought Police?! I'd urge everyone to e-mail saying simply: "Fuck the fuck off, Fascist!"


Sense of Life! Orange the Magnificent, Orange the Anti-Woke ...

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... outs himself as a libertarian (at least on the subject of beards) for Fathers Day:


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True Greg and delighted at your post. About time someone pointed this out about the demoscum party (I tried once but got booted off solo passion for doing so haha!)

The evil obarmarx unleashed on America is incalculable. Truly sickening.


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usual Dave Morrison hits the nail on the head.... brilliant!
(8mins 43 secs)

Thanks Liv

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Lindsay sounding sharp as a tack there. Recent mass idiocy and evil, though not supernatural, is real and it is simply the irrational. An inability to think. I can make excuses for the youth among them only. The Left love tearing down greatness even if that results in ruin for the Left eventually. Their envy of the better-equipped-by-nature supersedes any shred of sense one or two of them may occasionally hold. As for academics, and older Leftists and/or statists--there is no excuse.

added: The idiots dabbing paint on knocked-over statues are ignorant about their own politics. They wilfully refuse to connect the dots—another definition of evil. A quick net search would expose the racist history of the Democrats –their team.

Among the Top Five Most Racist Presidents are Johnson, Clinton, Roosevelt, Wilson and Obama. Interestingly this writer states “A little-known fact about President Obama is that he is a believer in the Constitutionally abhorrent “disparate impact” legal theory, which basically ignores the root causes of racial disparities and instead seeks to remedy perceived wrongs after the fact. One example of this are the policies that led to the financial collapse in 2008.”

Obama doubled the food stamps after Bush had doubled the spending, knowing it disadvantaged minorities. This "disparate impact" is a purposeful failure common among politicians. They encourage failure to keep braindead voters hooked.


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Marvelous! I think you covered the right ground and put a few idiots in their place, but you forgot to plug

Must admit to being mystified at the fuss over Oliver Cromwell: he murdered vast numbers of Irish Catholics. I think that's a great achievement haha!

Let's hope they have you back soon; you should have that ignorant Wood ham woman's show. Silly cow.

Oh how I remember the glorious days of Radio Liberty. Sitting in my office in Christchurch (which is now the bus terminal) and listen on my transistor radio.... oh how a freedom revolution seemed sooooooo possible, just around the corner.

Here’s Linz with Chris Lynch...

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Linz was on FIRE! Evil Wokedom got scorched - even that devil Soros! Smiling

Unfortunately there is not a direct link but if you go to On Demand here:
In dropdown options choose Christchurch, choose Tuesday 16th June, click on 9.30 am, interview starts at the 06.50 time stamp.

The top quality of Lindsay's opinion and broadcasting skill easily belongs on The Outsiders of Sky News Australia, but we know this already.
Not even any of The Outsiders can do premium English the way Linz can.
He’s a delight to the ear and brain.

White Lives Don't Matter

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Woke-Fascist savages rampant in Melbourne, Australia. And no outcry:

Woke Support Group

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The Woke-Fascist BBC, believe it or not, produced this skit some years ago. Couldn't happen now:


Mr_Lineberry's picture

interviews Nigel; click and enjoy...

All good!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Just did the interview. Went well.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

To think this is an example of what left wingers always do - over egging the pudding.

They will quickly lose "hearts and minds" and have given Boris and Nigel a club to beat them with. Killjoys, un- English, puritanical - things the British public hates.

Similar to the wankerdom in Dunedin with Robbie Burns statue. The left are so up themselves they never know when to stop, to pick the right battles to fight.

If I was someone like, say, Michael Woodhouse MP, I would be printing and distributing 20,000 leaflets defending the statue - urging Dunedin people to back their heritage - and painting David Clark as a supporter of statue destruction.

.....but what do I know?

Chris R

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I believe the entire series of repeats of old classics of which Fawlty Towers was a part has been pulled. Stand by for the entire disappearance of UKTV, along with Fox and Sky Australia, from NZ screens.

The Interview that Never Was

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Notwithstanding Chris's and my agreement on Friday night that he would host me on his show on Monday (today) morning, and my confirming my phone number with him, the phone didn't ring and the interview didn't happen. I have asked Chris why, and have, as at 5.45 pm Monday, received no reply.

I am gratified to learn that

Chris R's picture

I am gratified to learn that John Cleese came out aggressively as to the BBC's removal of the "don't mention the war" episode of Fawlty Towers. As with the rest of that series it was magnificent in its execution and contained genuine humour, insight and delivery. I understand the BBC may have reversed their oily censorship by  now. 


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Chris Lynch seems a right

PhilipD's picture

Chris Lynch seems a right good bloke. His show varied from good to very good when I had the chance to listen. Wavers when the woke and cancel culture fuckwits come out; loses his confidence and uses more of the 'might, could be, perhaps, maybe' language than usual. Especially since the March shootings. Could all be my imagination of course, but likely he (and we) will benefit from your appearance, Lindsay. Stiffen the spine! Any chance of getting the audio up here?


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Glenn has an interview with Nigel which would be worth listening to and posting.

Go to YouTube, search "Glenn Beck Nigel farage" and it will appear. Covers a lot of topics hot off the press.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Is marvelous news. Hosting or as a guest?

Blacklist Lifted on Linz

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I shall be on air Monday morning with Chris Lynch, 3ZB. Stand by for details of time.


Mr_Lineberry's picture

Here roaring with laughter; talk about an 'own goal' haha!

Perhaps this could be a way for various washed up Hollywood has-beens like George Clooney (5 flops in a row) and Brad Pitt (7 flops in a row) to resurrect their careers.

They could get HBO and Netflix to declare their last few movies to be "racist" and about to be banned (as nobody has actually seen any of these films they could probably get away with it); the resulting publicity could bring in box office numbers neither has seen in a decade!

What I would love somebody to explain is how an historical drama specifically about slavery and its abolition - and which saw a black woman awarded an Oscar, is racist?!?

It would be akin to some idiot describing "Schindler's List" as antisemitic.

(Words fail me).

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