Blackcaps go down fighting!

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Wed, 2005-12-07 11:03

You can always trust an Aussie to spoil a good party.

Australia, 322 - New Zealand, 320

Lou Vincent in fine form scores 71 off only 49 balls.

Chris Cairns chimes in with a typically staunch 60.

Aussie skipper, Ricky Ponting, nearly blows his cool when his team gets no-balled for only having three inside the circle.

Pace-man, Brett Lee, loses the plot when he fires one at 150 kmh into McCullum's helmut, resulting in an embarrassing five leg byes.

And they still won.

Here's the scoreboard:

NZ - Aus 2nd ODI Scoreboard

Lou Vincent - Black Knight with flashing blade

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One can never prove whether

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One can never prove whether it was intentional or not, and accidents do happen. So, I am willing to give Lee the benefit of doubt. (I used to be a seam bowler -- so I am a little biased towards fast bowlers!)

Cheer up! The Aussies can be beaten:)


Your spelling of Dan's name

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Your spelling of Dan's name is spot on, Sanjay. NZ's cricket fortunes have been up and down this year, capped off by that horrible 150 run defeat by Aussie last Saturday. Last night's game was just fantastic & heartbreaking that it went Aussie's way.

Yes, Lee did have a bad night. Smacking McCullum on the helmut and going for five extras must have made him sick to his stomach. It may not have been intentional (but read this), but was certainly due to immense pressure brought about by our wonderful performance.

I have not had the

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I have not had the opportunity to watch any of the NZ games in recent years. I was a big fan of Martin Crowe, but I know nobody except Daniel Vettori (sp?) from the current team. But reading about this game itself was thrilling.

The best thing about it was this:
Lee: 10 overs, 1/85

He needs a few more of those before he would start using his brains.


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