The Liberal Glossary

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Submitted by Victor Pross on Thu, 2006-06-08 01:06

Liberals have taken the English language and made it their own. Here's a handy glossary of commonly used Leftist terms, and what they really mean:

SOCIAL JUSTICE: spreading the misery of socialism equally throughout.

ENLIGHTENED: a person who refuses to accept that socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS: celebrities who brag about their environmentally friendly hybrid cars while tooling around the world in gas-guzzling private jets.

FREEDOM FIGHTERS: terrorists whose private goul is to destroy Western civilization.

TERRORISTS: anyone who wants to harm 'freedom fighters.'

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: liberal-sanctioned racism and sexism.

HIGHER EDUCATION: four more years years spent napping on desks while listening to leftist brainwashing.

HIDDEN AGENDA: conservative ideas that are more popular than liberal ones.

BUSH LIED: a catch-all that means: 'I have no idea how to debate this issue intelligently and can't deal with fundamental principles.


[please free to add to the list]

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Holy cow. What hasn't he

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Holy cow. What hasn't he stolen?

- Mike

"Observe that we are tolerant, but only of honesty, not of evasion." - Ayn Rand

Plagiarism: See 'Victor'

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Yes, and apparently Victor caught it by chance from the author, who published it in April in the Toronto Sun.

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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**Setting Brushfires In People's Minds**

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Say. . .

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Is there an entry in the Prossary under PLAGIARISM?

[caught this post by chance in the "popular content" column on the left side of the SOLO page]

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