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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2020-06-28 08:09

The Church of England goes even more woefully Woke. It never cared much about actual Christian doctrine. One of the things Karl Marx got right was this: "The Anglican Church would more readily forgive an attack on 38 of its 39 Articles than on one 39th of its income."

The Anglican church should reconsider the way statues and other representations of Jesus portray him as white in the light of the Black Lives Matter protests, the archbishop of Canterbury has said.

Justin Welby also said that the church must look very carefully to see if they should all be there.

In an interview on Friday, the head of the Church of England said the west in general needed to question the prevailing mindset that depicted Christ as a white man in traditional Christian imagery.

Personally I care as much about the colour of Jesus's skin as I agree with his teachings—which is to say, not at all. His "turn the other cheek" and eternal damnation preachings are as monstrous as they are contradictory. But the religion he founded, like it or not, is integral to the history of the greatest civilisation there's ever been, and I'm damned if I'll remain mute while loathsome, Woke neo-barbarians—The Filth—try to tear it down.

Even more revolting than Archbishop Welby's effete virtue-signalling are the Guardian's ultra-Woke solicitations at the end of their "reportage":

As the world speaks out ...
… against police violence and racism, the Guardian stands in solidarity with the struggle for truth, humanity and justice. For decades, we have reported on the brutality that has destroyed the lives of black and minority ethnic citizens around the world. Justice starts with uncovering the truth. That is what we try to do.

It’s not just police violence. The racial inequalities of the coronavirus are clear, as it disproportionately devastates minority communities – from severity of infection and scale of the loss of life, to the catastrophic economic consequences for individuals and businesses.

We are not perfect. But as an open, independent news organisation we are able to adapt and confront prejudice – our own and others’. Our independence means we can challenge the powerful without fear and give a voice to the oppressed and marginalised. Our journalism is free from commercial and political bias, never influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This makes us different.

You’ve read 17 articles in the last nine months. And you’re not alone; millions are flocking to the Guardian for quality news every day. We believe everyone deserves access to information that is fact-checked, and analysis that has authority and integrity. That’s why, unlike many others, we made a choice: to keep Guardian reporting open for all, regardless of where you live or what you can afford to pay.

We’re determined to provide journalism that helps each of us better understand the world, and take actions that challenge, unite, and inspire change – in times of crisis and beyond. Our work would not be possible without our readers, who now support our work from 180 countries around the world.

But news organisations are facing an existential threat. With advertising revenues plummeting, the Guardian risks losing a major source of its funding. More than ever before, we’re reliant on financial support from readers to fill the gap. Your support keeps us independent, open, and means we can maintain our high quality reporting – investigating, disentangling and interrogating.

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More sickeningly sanctimonious and hypocritical vomitry hath no sub-human than this!


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You're that opposed to Christianity and Jesus you need to strike a blow, stand up for that - instead of just talking about it.

Down with keyboard atheism!

Down with timidity!

So get up from the desk - right now - and break the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th commandments.

Whenever I issue such a challenge, as i do quite often, the atheists and anti-religionists suddenly develop (usually in an instant) a newfound belief in Christian principles, followed by weasel words and excuses for having none of their own.

Of course such feeble cowardice won't apply to you chaps, so yes - onwards towards striking a blow for what you (don't?) believe in!

Break the immoral Christian 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th commandments, show that you won't live under tyranny!

Utterly ridiculous

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The world has gone mad.

CoE and Wokedom

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if one searches on Bishop Gavin Ashenden's blog site (and You Tube; you will see that the woke CoE (of which I was a member) has had issues before the present ones. One concerning Ely cathedral and Apostasy. Ashenden was the Queen's Chaplain but has seceded from the Church on grounds that it has seriously lost its way. The current Archbishop of Canterbury is a disgrace. The CoE needs to rise above secular political causes and go back to the truths of human life and suffering in life which Jung so well articulated. The current secular-religious mania reflects, in Jungian terms, the subconscious's quest for the transcendent as it is not in the material world of neo marxism. I also think that the Church's new senior clergy are the product of the 1968 generation. Jordan Peterson's lectures on eh Bible is a good place to start as is Lloyd Geering.

The CoE is merely another institution that has succumbed to the march through the institutions. The Archbishop of Canterbury's craven Apostasy speaks to absolute intellectual poverty in the Church in a Dionysian attempt to remain relevant.

Rather than dumb down would it not have been better to have lifted people up?

The Guardian is proposing a petition to have figure and statutes of St Michael defeating Satan as being racist. Readers of Milton's paradise lost will wonder how, and then be totally dismayed how allegory could be so ignorantly misconstrued. Milton has distilled for us what the hell of ideology and materialism (Mamon's building of Pandaemonium) looks like. The fallen statues and tagging in the UK and the US and the burning of buildings in Minneapolis are its incarnations.

Founded on profits from cottonpickers

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The Guardian is for luvvies and assholes. It’s running a series I see at the moment about British companies with links to slavery. And it’s talking about the 1800s in its article on the Greenes.

Poor Guardian has been shaken after its slave–owning founder was publicised.

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