Biden is Our Only Hope

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Fri, 2020-07-17 03:04

Another Yawon Pin-Up

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Kim Gardner, another Soros-funded attorney, member of the Ugly Wimmin's League, as ugly as she is evil, who is now prosecuting this couple for defending their home against The Filth. Mind you, turns out there's poetic justice here: the McCloskeys, like other inhabitants of Ghated communities we can think of, support Only Black Lives Matter.

Bwook the Cwook ....

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... has acknowledged on more than one occasion that ARI gets Koch funding.

I agree with Mark Hunter that the following is significant:

Mr. Brook seems unable to sit still, as if suffering from choreomania while strapped in his chair. You might want to download the sound file by itself so you can listen without the visual distraction of a human Mexican jumping bean.

Except that the sound of Bwook is as unedifying as the sight. And in any event, his aural and visual ghastliness is no excuse for his evil. As much a spawn of Satan as is Soros.

If Leonard has indeed donated to Trump he should say so, loudly and proudly.


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Fair enough. I've seen no proof, either. I think a Koch connection is confirmed, don't know if that's the reason why it's rumored. That would be weird, since the Koch Bros were more libertarian/conservative. But, then, there's this:

Still, it's odd just how much Brook downplays Soros's influence.


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The Peikoff donation revelation was made by Magnus Kempe, on Facebook.

I wouldn’t seriously suggest that Soros is backing ARI, it just seems like it.

Peikoff donation

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Thank you, Mark, great find.
Now, all I need is to see the Brook/ARI/Soros connection that I've been hearing about.

But back to Brook vs. Peikoff, there's this from Brook:

"Those of you who are apologists for Donald Trump, please never use the word 'Objectivism' to associate it with yourself. Because you cannot be Objectivists. You are not Objectivists, if you apologize for this guy."

So, then, does this make Brook "Pontifex" of ARI now? Has "Pope Lenny" been deposed? Would he say this to Peikoff's face?

(Of course, the irony being that Peikoff once said the same thing as Brook:)

"If you hate the Left so much that you feel more comfortable with the Right, you are unwittingly helping to push the U.S. toward disaster, i.e., theocracy, not in 50 years, but, frighteningly, much sooner."

"Given the choice between a rotten, enfeebled, despairing killer, and a rotten, ever stronger, and ambitious killer, it is immoral to vote for the latter, and equally immoral to refrain from voting at all because “both are bad.” … In my judgment, anyone who votes Republican or abstains from voting in this election has no understanding of the practical role of philosophy in man’s actual life—which means that he does not understand the philosophy of Objectivism, except perhaps as a rationalistic system detached from the world."

Thanks, Grant

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And to everyone else this by Grant is worth reading again:

Yaron Brook Discovers the Fifth-Column

Brook has a lot of explaining to do.

Peikoff donated to Trump

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Yes, it is true:
(#B of the three)

which you can find using

But as pointed out in the article:  If Mr. Peikoff feels strongly about this election, why doesn’t he have Mr. Brook ousted from ARI, as he had John McCaskey?

Aloha Mark

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Great job, as usual. Indeed. According to Obleftivism Inc., Pedo Joe is are only hope against the Trumpenfuehrer.

Peikoff did donate to the Trump campaign. Interesting times.

Peikoff donated to Trump?

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Is it true that Peikoff, contra Brook (and his past self) donated to Trump's campaign?

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