A Tale Of Two Victims

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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2020-07-21 20:25

This business with Andrew Falloon has blown over quickly.

Creepy, shocking, but because nobody had ever heard of him it was a 14 hour wonder. By lunchtime yesterday it barely made the top 10 trending stories on either Stuff or NZ Herald websites, and has disappeared completely as I write this.

The Labour-voting press gallery is flogging a dead horse. Nobody cares.

Judith has fired a shot across the bows of the Labour party by mentioning an incident involving a certain Cabinet Minister - then quickly saying "oh I don't want to get involved".
Of course not Judith haha!

But compare the media and left wing reactions -

1. Ted Kennedy kills someone. ("Just a girl having fun - nothing to see here")

2. Bill Clinton's rape victims. ("S**ts, b**ches, trailer trash")

3. Joe's pedo hands. ("Girls having fun stop the smears")

4. Dover Samuels. ("Just girls having fun; a smear")

5. Darren Hughes. ("Just a boy having fun, a smear")

Now let's compare that with the "OMG!! this will scar these victims for life" hysteria on both TV networks current affairs shows last night.

Undoubtedly there will be further hysteria of that nature tonight. Kanoa Lloyd is rehearsing as we speak to get her voice to break at just the right moment....

So when it comes to light that a Cabinet Minister is a rapist (even I have heard the story), what will the media reaction be?

1. Jacinda's claims to be a "champion of women" is a crock. This guy needs to be in prison. What sort of people tolerate rapists in order to advance their careers?


2. Oh it was just a girl having fun. Nothing to see here.


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Fairness I should point out newstalk and TV3 are still running it on their websites, but TV1 is not (along with the herald and stuff)


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Usual - I am right.

As I write this neither the NZ Herald nor Stuff websites have the Lees-Galloway story. Compare that with hysteria on Tuesday over a non entity like Falloon.

They have their orders from Jacinda and are obeying.

TV3 this morning were also taking jacinda at her word (*snigger*) and not asking obvious questions - which a National leader would be asked.

It's so transparent as to be embarrassing.


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King hit by Judith - Lees Galloway is gone!

Ardern is currently holding a news conference about it - telling lies, naturally. Claims not to have known about it. Only person who didn't know, in that case! haha!

Victim was paid off by the "Leaders Fund" slush fund, hence being a bit cagey about her identity, and other details.

Sit back and watch a compliant media not attack her on the ridiculous claim she knew nothing.

Compare that with 2 days of "what did Judith know?" and weeks of "what did Michael Woodhouse know?" - and refusing to accept explanations.

Sit back and watch the media brush this off as a storm in a teacup - compared with the headlines about falloon.

Watch the media never go near the payoff and slush fund - despite them all knowing about it.

Corrupt double standard


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And guess who "enables" this to happen by not running the Cabinet Minister story and exposing these people for what they are?

Perhaps some websites are not such a Big F__ Deal, after all....

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