You Won't Crush Evil with Tabloid Tawdriness, Crusher!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-07-22 07:39

It's disgusting that Crusher's opening salvo against the evil Wokery of Jacinda Ardern has consisted of ... more evil Wokery. So Labour had "dirt" on a National MP, involving a texted image to a young female. As best we can tell, no laws were broken, no rights were breached. Crusher fired the MP in a bid to look "decisive." Then she let Jacinda know she had something similar on one of her, Jacinda's, ministers. Again, no laws broken, no rights breached. Jacinda, rather than saying what she should have said: "Fuck off, it was a consensual relationship, and no one else's business!" fired the minister in her own bid to win in the "decisiveness" stakes. Worse, that minister abjectly apologised and condemned his own behaviour as, in the favoured terminology of Woke-Fascists, "inappropriate."

The tawdry tabloid Filth, formerly known as "the media," are naturally jerking off frenetically while lauding Jacinda's transformation of New Zealand into a totalitarian state.

This is all sick. The Woke-Fascists are now hoist on their own petard. We are back to Puritanism (actually, the Puritans weren't this bad). Being sexually attracted to another human being, let alone acting on that attraction, is again, centuries later, a hanging/burning offence. If the peccadilloes of all our politicians are now about to be similarly exposed and condemned in this Me-Too "cancel culture," then there will be a lot of cancelling going on and Parliament will be empty well before the general election.

May we all grow up, get lives, and get over ourselves?

Crusher, get back to crushing ... on matters that matter!

Yes Greg

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You are right - some of us are the real thing; all too few.

I have never had any respect for my contemporaries, none, never. Dismissed everyone else as an ignorant peasant by age 7 or 8, and with (literally) one or two exceptions have looked down my nose with contempt at everyone else since then.

This was seen as appallingly arrogant for a very long time (especially when I was about 12 haha!), but if you look at those people today, and their children, and the way they live their lives, and the bizarre things they genuinely believe to be true, and the inevitable consequence of all this.....well, I was prescient, wasn't I?

Almost everything happening today in NZ I had predicted by about 1988 (at least in a macro way), and have yet to see a single prediction made back then not come true.

If my run of foretelling continues it's great news for we capitalists, with vast profits to be made out of chaos, but God help the average NZer.

Serves everyone right, too! (I have no sympathy for them)


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".. trying to out-Woke Jacinda in the tawdry tabloid PC frigidity stakes is not only counter-productive but is as disgusting as Jihadi Jacinda's Woke-Fascism itself"

Crusher has to distinguish herself from that poor team of Kaye and the last guy.

Almost everyone

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"Everyone has long since guzzled .."

About 95% of the voters at least.


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Like the usual "one issue" nutters who want to help themselves to other people's money.

Think I will stick with 2 ticks for Judith. Best of an appallingly bad lot.

Far more interested in the US election.


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What do you make of this?


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the next 8 weeks will we hear speeches about -

1. Property rights, and the need to include it in the NZ Bill of Rights act?


2. The need to entrench the NZ Bill of Rights act - to preserve personal liberties?


3. How evil it is to be teaching communism to school children?


4. How evil it is for the government to decide what people will earn; what they can eat and drink; when they can fish; or drive a car; or take medicine; or enter a shop; or 1001 other matters which turn adults into 4 year olds?


5. The evil of a welfare system which destroys the human sprit?


6. The need to adopt economic policies - regardless of what they are - which would see 5% economic growth per year indefinitely?


7. The need for Parliament to only pass 7 bills per year, thereby requiring enormous thought as to whether a proposal actually is required? (ie: choose carefully)


(I think you get the general idea...)

So as we have 8 weeks of trash ahead of us - photo ops and raising useless ignorant poor people to saintly status whilst demonizing farmers and businessmen - let's not get too carried away.

Everyone has long since guzzled the kool aid, everyone is part of the same hypocrisy, and they just don't care.


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course I am talking about you! haha!

This may sound odd, but 1999 was the last General Election I followed; particularly enjoyed your broadcasts and the enthusiasm it generated.

If 1999 was about rationality, or making people richer, or NZ richer long term, then you would have won - people would have said "yes, unarguable stuff Lindsay" and voted for you.

As for snakes, well, yes, hmmmmm....conned many of us.

The last couple of days I have been reading Judith Collins book; thinner than I expected, and several things have been glossed over. Well worth reading though.

Erm ...

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If elections were about proper issues, and rationality, and voting accordingly, you would have won in 1999 and be nearing the end of your 7th term as PM

Is that directed at me?

Didn't you just justify Crusher's resort to tawdryness by saying it frees her up to talk about issues she wants to talk about?

I believe I urged her to do just that, while pointing out that trying to out-Woke Jacinda in the tawdry tabloid PC frigidity stakes is not only counter-productive but is as disgusting as Jihadi Jacinda's Woke-Fascism itself.

I'm sure we all realised in 1999, Eli, that getting elected first time off the block was not a realistic expectation. But we sure as hell raised consciousness. What I didn't realise at the time was that the biggest snakes were within my own ranks. They have leered up since for all to see. The Auckland Yawon Bwook Appweciation Society!! All thwee of them!!


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Think yesterday's events were necessary as a political strategy - we're not living in fairyland.

The labour voting media would have flogged the dead horse of Falloon well into August creating the impression there is something rotten about the National party vis-à-vis a pure labour party.

Crusher knows how the media operates, what would have happened next - whereby this time next month the National party (merely by existing) would have been seen as immoral.

An example would be the ludicrous 35 years of "Muldoon" being synonymous with "immoral" - where saying you'd married your sister gets less of a horrified reaction than saying you admired Sir Robert.

(Little matters such as "Think Big" being a bargain compared with building infrastructure today, and being right about Mugabe, and South Africa, are simply ignored)

Now Judith has taken the advantage - walloped a PM unused to rough and tumble - and can talk about issues she wants to talk about.

If elections were about proper issues, and rationality, and voting accordingly, you would have won in 1999 and be nearing the end of your 7th term as PM

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