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From YT: “Thirty minute recap of what we’ve discussed together on this channel during the last few years and a preparation for future discussions.“

First ten to fifteen minutes on Objectivist metaphysics, last ten to fifteen minutes a recap of the discussions.

Caro Bruno

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I am reading it. All I am seeing are floating abstractions, arbitrary assumptions, Intrinsicism and Rationalism that would make Binswanker blush! Not to mention that it's an extremely amateurish product. I shall carry on. I hope the point will become clear eventually. Fortunately at the same time I have many other projects, including the re-reading of Atlas Shrugged. Jesus, what an achievement!!

The question is:

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What is true? Not, what conforms to which tradition?

This is the one respect in which I remain an unreconstructed Objectivist. WHAT IS TRUE?! Not according to whom, but what is ACTUALLY the case?!

This has been rendered unrecognisable by OrgOism/Obleftivism.

Even Bertrand Russell does a better job of it than the Anti-Rand Institute:

The metaphysics of the Catholic Tradition..

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.. you will notice, Linzio, are in line with Aristotelian / Tomist metaphysics.

For a non-obleftivist Objectivist it should prove a very good read.

Note the book does not prove or argue the metaphysical principles, it takes them for granted and puts them up against the theory of evolution (specifically so called macro-evolution).

You will find many different metaphysical principles which the theory violates.

It is thus not necessary to be a Catholic to reject the theory based on its contradictions, but merely to recognize the principles as true and recognize their being contradicted.

You fill find, of course, some principles you disagree with, but many others are taken for granted for anyone whose philosophy is Aristotelian at its base.

I Have Ordered This Book

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Will get here Sept 18 I am told. I note the blurb says:

In his encyclical Humani Generis, Pope Pius XII stressed the importance of preserving the traditional Catholic approach to philosophy. In his work The Metaphysics of Evolution, Fr. Chad Ripperger demonstrates that the theory of evolution is incompatible with the metaphysics of the Catholic tradition.

I should imagine that that is the case. But what does it prove about the truth of either?

Evolutionary theory annihilated in light of reason

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The Catholic Church is both the true depository of the Faith, and the vanguard of reason; for in the true Christian religion Faith and Reason go hand in hand.

To clear your mind of doubts regarding Darwin's evolutionary theory, you should read the following:

The Metaphysics of Evolution: Evolutionary Theory in Light of First Principles - by Fr. Chad Ripperger (FSSP)


A short, but extremely intense book (not for philosophy newbies), it views the evolutionary theory in light of the principles of reason. What results is a devastating blow against the Darwinian myth.


Linzio, in "the God one" I will surely be relying on this book for reference.

Great to see ...

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... you back on screen caro Bruno. Keep 'em coming. Can't wait for the God one! Evil

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