Woke-Fascists = KKK (Kancel Kultur Klan)

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-08-26 09:43

Woke-Fascists = KKK (Kancel Kultur Klan)

Ever since 1865, racist Democrats have, while concealing their identity under hoods, perpetrated lynchings and burnings in the violent pursuit of their loathsome objectives. They are the Ku Klux Klan. They are White Supremacists. In 2020, they have a twin. Racist Democrats, concealing their identity under hoods—and behind masks and goggles and the anonymity of their computers—perpetrate lynchings on social media as well as literal killings, beatings, burnings, looting and rioting in the streets. They have been surpassing themselves recently in Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York and Kenosha. These are Black Supremacists (even though most of them are spoiled white moronnials). They call themselves Black Lives Matter, when what they mean is Only Black Lives Matter And All Other Lives Should Be Eliminated. They call themselves ANTIFA, when what they mean is PROFA: they resemble Mussolini's Blackshirts not just in appearance but in their atrocities. They call themselves "Woke." I call them Woke-Fascists. They are terrorists and totalitarians, and insofar as they renounce the distinctively human faculty of reason in favour of their own brute pseudo-emotions, they are sub-human. To call them "animals" would be unfair to animals.

Career politician Joe Biden, who's never had a useful day in his plagiarising life, spent most of that life supporting the original KKK. He opposed desegregation, worshiped Klansman Robert Byrd (as did the Clintons), and was instrumental in passing Clinton's punitive 1994 mandatory sentencing legislation that incarcerated mainly blacks for ludicrously long periods for drug offences. (An example is Alice Johnson, sentenced to life imprisonment in the 90s but whose sentence was commuted by President Trump in 2018.) Joe Biden is a White Supremacist who, his former mind having been hijacked by Woke-Fascists such as Occasional Cortex and Illegal Ilhan, has morphed into a Black Supremacist, even though his old White Supremacism still occasionally breaks through—he recently told a black interviewer, not a Supremacist, who was considering voting for Trump, "If you don't support me over Trump you ain't black."

Biden is a Woke-Fascist with Alzheimer's. Kamala Harris is a Woke-Fascist with her faculties intact and a pathological impulse to viciousness. Were Biden to become President, the Presidency would in fact be bestowed upon Harris—and Pelosi, Schumer, Cortex, Illegal and all the rest of that repugnant, reptilian line-up. The ensuing tsunami of Woke-Fascism, as if it were not already calamitous enough, would mean quite literally the end of civilised life as we know it.

Some humans are fighting back against the KKK. Here's an assortment from this week's Republican National Convention, along with British actor Laurence Fox calling for the de-funding of the BBC in light of its proposal, since modified, to delete Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from this year's Summer Proms.

First, young Nick Sandmann, the "Covington Kid" character-assassinated by the Woke-Fascist propaganda arm of the Democrats, the mainstream media, cancelled for wearing a MAGA hat and smilingly staring down a savage:

Next, Daniel Cameron, Kentucky's black Attorney-General, who understands, unlike the Black Supremacists and other Woke-Fascists, that one should indeed be judged on the content of one's character rather than the colour of one's skin:

Then, Maximo Alvarez, whose family fled Democrat pin-up Fidel Castro and who knows first-hand the evil of dictatorship and the inestimable value of the freedom that Biden/Harris and the Woke-Fascists would destroy for ever:

And finally, Laurence, martyred for his anti-KKK stance, his career cancelled because he said he was fed up with everything being made to be about race, gender and sexual orientation:

I shall keep these anti-KKK posts coming, since Woke-Fascism is a much worse virus than the Chinese Communist Party Virus and is actively being spread in New Zealand by Comrade Ardern with no resistance at all from the useless so-called "Crusher" Collins who has clearly allowed the testicles for which I praised her to be crushed by some revolting PR consultancy firm, itself no doubt steeped in Woke-Fascism.


Trump Unleashed

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The very next day after the RNC Orange campaigned in New Hampshire, Live Free or Die territory. Nothing flat abput this. Prissy Chrissy Wallace would have hated it:

The Fireworks

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The magic moment is 30" in:

Hilary logic...

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Ioved the speech by Nick Sandmann - he's so yummy, isn't he? Couldn't stop drooling! Haha!

Kontra the KKK Pt 4

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In KKKKs 1-3 I advanced the case that Woke-Fascist Only Black Lives Matter and Woke-Fascist PROFA are the twin siblings of the Ku Klux Klan, siblings whom we might justly call the Kancel Kultur Klan. All three groups consist predominantly of Democrat racists, all believe in the inherent supremacy of one race over another and all routinely repair to violence, arson and murder in pursuit of their vile objectives. After the RNC finale last night, Only Black Lives Matter did exactly that. It didn't kill anyone, but that wasn't for want of trying, as Rand Paul attested:


Tucker Carlson interviewed both Rand and his wife later in the day. He preceded the interview with a stellar editorial:


Alas, the "something that is going on" and the identity of those paying for the flying in of these sub-humans to Washington DC and other Democrat-run basket cases are known to both Rand Paul and Tucker, and they are too scared to name names. It's mainly George Soros and his Orwellianly-misnamed Open Societies Foundation. 

After his interview with the Pauls, Tucker brought on Brandon Straka, another near-victim of the Woke-Fascist OBLM KKK mob. Brandon is the gay man who founded #Walkaway, a movement that has gone viral, for gay Democrats who had become fed up with the Democrats'  Woke-Fascism:


The picture should be clear to anyone with eyes to see, a functioning brain, a beating heart and human sensibilities. It just remains for me to reiterate that Only Black Lives Matter (most of whom are entitled, sociopathic white moronnials) are the self-same Woke-Fascist scum brazenly touted and promoted by the New Zealand School of Music in its current Ethnic Cleansing Programme, euphemised as follows in their own words in a recent newsletter:

Black Lives Matter

The New Zealand School of Music—Te Kōkī affirms its support for the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement, and its commitment to addressing systemic racism, injustice, and violence. We've been having discussions as a School as to how we can best open our ears to the conversations taking place at the moment, and are thinking about ways we can take action against any institutional racism within our walls. As these discussions continue, our programmes have come up with some immediate actions they are taking to bring about change. We welcome other suggestions from current and former students, faculty, and staff as to how we create more equitable, more inclusive, and more culturally-relevant learning environments for our students. ...

The Music Studies programme commits to reviewing our curriculum and research practices to de-center whiteness and prioritize anti-racist approaches in music education and music studies more broadly. This will include examining the content, approaches, and perspectives taught in all of our courses, and more action is to come.

As far as I know, no one apart from myself with this very small megaphone here, has as yet spoken out publicly against this state-subsidised Woke-Fascism on the part of the taxpayer-funded NZ School of Music. The Taxpayers' Union and the Free Speech Coalition have been steadfastly silent. Our unelected government, of course, is composed mostly of KKK Woke-Fascists, and I suppose humans are afraid of being cancelled by it or totalitarian Labour and Green voters on Faecesbook and Twit-Witter, Woke-Fascists one and all. Alas, unless the Silent Majority begins to roar, it will for ever be the Silenced Majority, as someone said at the RNC ... and the new KKK will have prevailed where the old one couldn't.

Turning point?

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Was last night's finale a turning point for the direction of the U.S.A.? Feels like it was a turning point...

It was incredible...

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Chris Wallace’s comment was ridiculous. Nothing flat about that speech or the whole evening.
The opera was a great touch - it felt like an American renaissance.
Pity the talking heads yapped over it.

Instructive ...

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... that the weasel Prissy Chrissy Wallace, water-carrier for Dem-Scum on Fox, whined about Orange's speech being too long and "flat." There was way too much substance in there for this brainless lightweight. Of course, had Orange pitched it up a bit, Prissy Chrissy would have complained that it was an angry rant.

Chris Wallace—card-carrying member of the KKK.

Oh, and note how the party-pooping Dem-Scum, the Coalition of the Miserable, are bitching about the wonderful fireworks, and the absence of masks and social distancing.

And opera as well!!

Evil Obleftivists

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Remember, Biden is supported by mercenary Soros fan Yawon Bwook, head of the Anti-Rand Institute. Pure evil. Defund the Anti-Rand Institute!!

Kontra the KKK, Pt 3

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The RNC convention wraps up. A parade of decency, depth, common sense and glorious Americana, offering a stark contrast to the mindless mantras and diabolical evil—"pathetically grotesque shit," as Lady Olivia rightly calls it— of the DNC convention the week before, eulogising identity victimhood, entitlement, Socialism, America-hatred, and the Woke-Fascist KKK—the Kancel Kultur Klan—including Soros-funded Only Black Lives Matter and PROFA.

Since the murderous, looting antics of the KKK have been ignored by the media and the NZ School of Music who support them, it has been left to citizen journalists to record and report the truth. Here is one of them, Julio Rosas, interviewed by Tucker Carlson, with Julio's videos playing as they speak:

Utterly heartbreaking was the testament of Ann Dorn, widow of the (black) police veteran slaughtered by Only Black Lives Matter scum on Faecesbook livestream. "How did we get to this point," she asks, "where so many young people are callous and indifferent to human life. This is not a video game!"

Of course, we got to this point because our professors, steeped in pomo-nihilism, churned out moronnials devoid of soul, conscience or a conceptual faculty. Little narcissistic monsters skilled at texting, but devoid of scruple, demanding instant gratification of their every infantile whim. Here is their intellectual and spiritual mentor and exemplar:

Rudy Guiliani, whose heart has been broken by seeing his city turned into a shithole under KKK Democrat racists Bolshevik Blasio and Commie Cuomo, pleaded with his fellow-Americans, "Do not let the Democrats do to the rest of America what they've done to New York."

Finally, the antidote. Orange the Magnificent's impeccably-delivered, 70-minute (meaning no attention-disabled moronnial will get to hear a tiny fraction of it, alas) acceptance speech today, steeped in gravitas, singled out the KKK for dishonourable mention, pointing out that America's exceptional status is not built upon "speech codes, cancel culture and soul-crushing conformity."

I'd suggest picking it up from 2:38:48 where Ivanka says "Washington has not changed Donald Trump; Donald Trump has changed Washington."


The whole thing...

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has just been formidable!
An orgy of patriotism and decency. Such a far cry from the pathetically grotesque shit we saw last week - most of which was unwatchable.

Kontra the KKK, Pt 2

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Here are some more heroes of the resistance to the new Woke-Fascist KKK, the Kancel Kultur Klan. Evidently Orange Man Bad didn't get the memo that he is a bigot and every kind of fashionable "phobe"; all of the following are members of "minorities" whom he supposedly despises:

Women—youngest woman ever elected to congress, Elise Stefanik. Heroically helped lead the successful charge against the Dem-Scum's utterly baseless and corrupt impeachment proceedings:

Black—Sporting hero Jack Brewer. Had childhood experience with the original KKK comprising racist Democrats. Left the Dems in protest against the current Kancel Kultur Klan. Knows that ALL lives matter.

Disabled—Madison Cawthorn. Running for Congress. "While the radical left wants to dismantle, defund and destroy, Republicans under President Trump's leadership want to rebuild, restore and renew."

Gay—Rick Grenell. Appointed by Trump as Ambassador to Germany, then did a stint as an intelligence advisor in which capacity he unearthed and exposed some of the hitherto unknown tawdry details of Obamagate, Obamarx's treasonous, clandestine attempt to take down his successor:

And finally, a first-hand account of what awaits America under the KKK of Biden/Harris and New Zealand under the KKK of Jacinda Podesta. Chinese freedom fighter Cheng Guangchen who escaped from house arrest in Communist China, whose regime was the knowing exporter of the Chinese Communist Party Virus. "The Chinese Communist Party is the enemy of humanity." So are its champions Obamarx/Biden/Harris and Comrades Jacinda Podesta and Andrew Lenin:


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