The Ayn Rand Institute Does Not Speak for Ayn Rand

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Mon, 2020-08-31 20:49

Excellent article by Susan Hanson over at American Thinker:
The Ayn Rand Institute Does Not Speak for Ayn Rand

One small correction: In the immigration debate – a very friendly debate – between Yaron Brook and Leonard Peikoff, Peikoff eventually capitulated – totally – to Brook on the issue. The author’s “[They] had a debate about their disagreement about immigration” period, is incomplete.

Naturally I was disappointed that she made no reference to

On the Yaron Brook Show of 30 August 2020 he spoke of how depressing things were and that (52:34):

“... there’s this article about how I don’t speak for Ayn Rand and I, I, you know, I, I, I, you know, [burbling]— misinterpreting what I say, taking me completely out of context, um, and taking Ayn Rand out of context, all of that just adds up to making it difficult to get motivated to continue.”

Poor put upon Yaron.

ADDED: By the way, around 1:15:50 of that show Mr. Brook criticizes Kyle Rittenhouse and calls the Antifa mob he went up against in Kenosha, Wisconsin a “demonstration.”  That was the word he used, not looting and mayhem.

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Thank, Mark.

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Both excellent catches. But even Brook’s second favorite news source wrote a detailed article showing Rittenhouse engaged in self-defense. Apparently Brook has only been watching CNN lately.

Objectivist Label no guarantee of rationality

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I've seen one too many self-identified "Objectivists" throw their support behind Biden (and one is too many, IMO.)
If they can't see the Left for what they are, at this point, they never will.
(And don't get me started on "left-leaning libertarians"...)


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To me like "wanker-ism" ..grown men pretending they're in the 6th form and having a debate.

*shakes head*


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What would AR have said about these so-called demonstrations? Oh, boy... one can imagine.

Yes, Yes!

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Yawon, please be motivated to DIScontinue. You are an esthetic and philosophical grotesquery, with your hideous scweeching and having sold your soul to Woke-Fascist Islamo-Marxism, and turned Objectivism into Obleftivism. PLEASE PLEASE JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go join the Biden campaign.

Oh, wait ...

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