Totalitarian Woke-Fascist Islamo-Marxism in Full Throttle

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-09-01 06:04

As we approach a general election, with the opportunity it affords to excise such tumours as Comrade Jacinda Podesta and Comrade Little-Lenin and their Woke-Fascist agenda, it's apocalyptically important that voters be aware of that agenda and the identities of the other Woke-Fascists they are enlisting to enact it. Believe me, the list does not end with the objects listed here; suffice it to say that we should learn the lesson of Scotland and expose these tin-pot totalitarians as the power-lusting low-lives they are. This is excellent, from the Right Minds website:

An Essay On The Nepotism Of New Zealand's Political Far-Left

I have procrastinated over the information in this article for some time, mostly because I have been very busy with work, my children and a few other legal matters of interest. It was only a few days ago when one of my closest friends sent me a link to a video that I finally felt compelled to write. The video was by Count Dankula in which he detailed the soon to be passed Hate Speech legislation in the Scottish Parliament. Despite the jovial and colourful delivery (warning: there is coarse language in the link) of Dank’s video, I could not help but feel chilled to the bone. My friend in the private chat had, afterall, underscored the youtube link with the comment “we’re next.”

All Call To Silence

Fast-forward over a year since the Christchurch massacre, and New Zealand’s own hate speech legislation is being drafted by the morally diminutive Andrew Little MP, who is (somewhat ironically) the Minister of Justice. It was rumoured that the new laws were going to be ushered in under the veil of COVID-19; however, Little advised that there is no such draft and that hate speech legislation remains “the subject of discussions between partners”. It would be nice to know who these “partners” actually are. If the Scottish1, Canadian and U.K “partners” involved in the drafting of their hate speech legislation are anything to go by, then it will be a bunch of the usual far-left, hand-wringing misfits, all too willing to air their manufactured grievances to obeisant authorities of the same ilk. It is anticipated that the NZ legislation will now be scheduled for after the election: important to note, as this should be a worthy consideration of who to vote for if you value free speech.

The reality is that the giving and taking of offence is commonplace in the realm of ideas. For every idea or proposition that I ideologically support, there will be the equivalent in opposition, which I will dutifully entertain if I am to learn anything—even if it offends. That’s how a robust political and philosophical life should be. When we examine legislation that impinges on our freedom of speech, we can easily note the tactics used by dictatorial and authoritarian regimes of the past (Stalinists, Nazis, Maoists, et al.) that sought to impose punitive damages on individuals who espoused views in conflict with their own. When speech is legislated into subjective variances of “hate”, free-thinkers can then be subjected to libel, suffer damages or loss of liberty, and effectively be closed down. This gives the authorities the pretence of “freedom of speech” when, in fact, it is really about control.

The current bar for legislated speech is still fit for purpose: don’t lie about someone publicly, and don’t incite violence—that’s pretty much it. Imagine living in a world where one is punished not for what one did, but what one said? Imagine thinking something that in every sense is objectively true, but not being able to speak it because one has to bend the knee to officialdom or some other manufactured movement. It’s certainly chilling.

Framing The Narrative

Minister of Justice, Andrew Little, mentioned “partners” in his quest for hate speech legislation, and undoubtedly he will seek to stack the deck with other mini-authoritarians and ideologues of the far-left who marry up with his life-long, left-wing unionist pursuits. “Stacking the deck” of opinions and framing the narrative is how the far-left works. In the following exposé I will endeavour to demonstrate how the far-left use their symbiotic relationship with mainstream media, NGOs, academia, and the political establishment, to frame the narrative and advance their agenda. ...