Cause and Effect

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-09-02 07:26

The root of murderous, terrorist KKK Woke-Fascist Only Black Lives Matter and PROFA is Academia. Privileged, taxpayer-funded, smug, snarky, postmodern, righteously evil Academia, such as, in New Zealand, the taxpayer-funded School of Music.
The root of all evil is philosophical, especially when it's anti-philosophical, as Academia has been for decades—most notably its Philosophy Departments, which teach that there is no reality and all perception is subjective. Actually, they don't mean that—they simply use such propositions as the guise under which to proclaim their own depraved re-writing of reality, to which re-writing they assign 100% reality! All white people have racism in their DNA, etc. Disagree and you'll be cancelled by the Woke-Fascist Kancel Kultur Klan!

The currently fashionable—and apparently mandatory—Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality sewage are cases in point. Today, Tucker interviewed an expert on these contemporary faces of evil:


And here we see the existential effects of this philosophical depravity: mindless, moronnial moral deformities boasting about their pleasure in seeing a "fucking Nazi" killed, when they have no clue as to what actual Nazism is or that they are the real Nazis in the current equation. Academia's Child-Molesters of the Mind have done their job extraordinarily well:



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Does it again - hilarious satire of the loons

Anybody in southern California?

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There is a rally in the Valley this Sunday; if you support the President and are anywhere near the area pleeeease try to take part.

The one last week was a huge success - if you were standing still it took TWO HOURS for all the vehicles to go by! And this in Adam Shifty's district!

Bill Whittle

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This is great to watch - Bill gets furious!

Really loses his temper and goes ape-s*** at poor old Scott, which makes for a great video haha! Sticking out tongue

I must remind everyone, once again, that although these videos are not "staged", not scripted, Scott is playing a role of devil's advocate; doesn't personally agree with what he's asking Bill.... (so pleeeeease don't get mad at Scotty)

So yes, grab your popcorn and watch the fun....

Glenn Beck

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Critical of the left wing tactics.

This video is worth watching to see Glenn getting very angry (a rare occurrence by the way).

This filth will stop at nothing to impose their will....


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Hunter Biden - (the idiot son of the aristocracy!) - is not only a crook, but a traitor selling America's secrets to an enemy.

These people are soooooo evil.

You really need to watch this, click the button. Oh and then send to 10 friends, get this as widely disseminated as possible.


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does it again. Brilliant summing up. Click and watch (7mins)


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Chap Tucker interviewed was illuminating!

Why doesn't the President issue an executive order? And make it cover suppliers to the federal govt too! ( now there's an idea)

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