Yoooooge Victory Over Woke-Fascism!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2020-09-03 04:32

"Britons never never never shall be slaves!"

The Brits beat Hitler. They opted out of the despotic European Union. They voted a resounding No! to Communist Corbyn and his Woke-Fascist Labour Party. Now they've won a victory over the Woke-Fascist Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, in what appears to be the beginning of a much-needed reformation of the once-ultra-reputable broadcaster.


BBC announces Proms U-turn:

3 September 2020

The BBC today revealed Land of Hope and Glory and Rule, Britannia! will both be sung by a group at the Last Night of the Proms in ten days' time in a remarkable U-turn following a huge backlash from the British public. More than 100,000 people signed MailOnline's petition urging the BBC to overturn the hugely controversial decision to have no singing during the songs at the Royal Albert Hall in West London on September 12. The broadcaster had announced on Monday last week that the anthems would feature as 'new orchestral versions' in this year's concert, following concerns raised over their perceived historical links with colonialism and slavery. The shock change of mind marks the first major decision taken by Tim Davie who took over just yesterday as the BBC's new £450,000-a-year director-general and is clearly looking to stamp his mark on it as soon as possible. Among the opponents of the initial move last week was Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with a spokesman saying today that he 'welcomes the decision'. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden added: 'Pleased to see common sense has prevailed on the BBC Proms.' Conservative MP Rob Butler added this afternoon: 'Very pleased indeed that words to Rule, Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory will after all be sung at Last Night of the Proms. Should never have been in doubt.' And a spokesman for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said today: 'It is the right decision - we said a few weeks ago the pomp and pageantry is a staple of the British summer. Enjoying patriotic songs does not and should not be a barrier to examining our past and drawing lessons from it.'

In another victory over Woke-Fascism, despotic, hectoring, sanctimonious scold, Queen Nancy, has been exposed as the abject entitled hypocrite she is, sneaking into a hair salon closed since March as part of the lockdown she insists on, not wearing a mask as she orders the Plebs to do. Then she had the effrontery to blame the salon for a "set-up." Now the Woke Witch is the object of universal derision except among her fellow-Woke-Fascists, who, in their usual tolerant way, are threatening to kill the salon owner. Tucker interviewed the owner today:


Axing of License Fee

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It looks as though the enforced funding of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation is about to end. Years ago on my Politically Incorrect Show we campaigned against what I called the NaZis On Air tax here in New Zealand, and were successful. However, funding then just came out of general tax revenue, and nothing changed. The Marxist Woke-Fascists simply carried on as before. National Radio is still National Socialist Radio, only worse than ever. If it were what it was when I worked there I could live with the idea of a taxpayer-funded national broadcaster that was scrupulously neutral and upheld the highest standards of speech and presentation. Now it's just a pomo-sewer. Boris must try to ensure there's genuine reform. Ordinarily as a libertarian I'd say just leave it to the private sector, but the private sector too has become hideously Woke and is cheering on the advance of totalitarianism. If anything it's worse than the public sector. Talk about self-immolation!

Very glad...

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that the patriots in Britain turned this around.
Magnificent anthem!!


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It would not have mattered one way or the other. If they even let a single person come into the hall, that person would sing the lyrics.

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