Orange Man Bad Cancels Critical Race Theory; Woke-Fascism Advances in NZ and Victoria

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2020-09-06 04:57

This is what Comrade Jacinda Podesta wants for New Zealand. The stage is set for scenes like this, with the rushed passing of the Chinese Communist Party Virus Response Bill, which allows not just police but specially-appointed (by Jacinda) "Enforcement Officers" to batter down your door and deprive you of your liberty if they think you're non-compliant. The CCP Virus has been a godsend to Ardern and her fellow-totalitarians. Weep for Melbourne, and weep for New Zealand!

In much more edifying news, hard on the heels of Tucker Carlson's interview with Chris Rufo the other day, Orange the Magnificent has ordered an end to the taxpayer-funded excrement that is Critical Race Theory in federal institutions. This is the same racist, supremacist, bigoted, ethnic cleansing Woke-Fascism that is being enforced in our own public sector, including, as I have pointed out repeatedly, the NZ School of Music, with its stated purpose being to "de-center [note American spelling] whiteness." I can't wait to see the snowflakes get triggered by this! Humans, of course, are celebrating. "The end of How To Be Anti-White 101," one has tweeted. Orange himself has tweeted, "This is a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue. Please report any sightings so we can quickly extinguish!"

The move comes after Discovery Institute researcher Christopher Rufo told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that "critical race theory" had become the default ideology of the federal government.

Rufo pointed to several of his own findings, including that Sandia National Laboratories -- which designs nuclear weapons -- held a mandatory retreat titled, "White Men’s Caucus on Eliminating Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Organizations.”

A training document obtained by Rufo listed a series of "examples of white male culture." Those included "golf," "quick decisions," "self-confident," "risk taking," "brave," and other attributes that the document notes were "generated by participants."

In July, the federally-created National Museum for African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) faced a wave of backlash for publishing a graphic that linked things like the nuclear family and "decision-making" to whiteness. The museum later removed the graphic.

Rufo claims to have found instances of similar trainings across a long list of federal agencies, including the FBI.


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Not surprise me! He loves NZ

Trump Watches SOLO??!!

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The cancellation of Critical Race Theory is YOOOOOOGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Just heard the news!

This is amazing! The President must have been watching Tucker's show (or our site haha!) and acted. I am over the moon about this.

Fascist Goons

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Now Avi himself has been arrested:

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