Tweaked and Expanded—Politically Incorrect: World's 20 Slimmest Volumes

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2020-09-07 09:04

1) Commonalities between Islam and Libertarianism, by Mohammed M. Mohammed: How Stoning Is Really Steeped in "Live and Let Live"

2)  Commonalities between Objectivism and Obleftivism: How the Embrace of Woke-Islamo-Fascism Is Steeped in Reason, by Yawon Bwook and Linda Sarsour

3) The Woke Book of Humour: How Woke-Fascism's Kancel Kultur Klan Is Really a Laugh a Minute, by Kamala Harris

4) A Woman's Guide to Rationality, by Occasional Cortex and Illegal Ilhan

5) A Woman's Guide to Rationality Pt II, by Ayanna Pressley

6) Only Black Lives Matter's and PROFA's Highest IQs, by sundry screeching (white) street monsters

7) How De-Centering Whiteness Benefits Music, by the NZ School of Music

7a) How Ethnic Cleansing Is Not Racist, by the NZ School of Music

8 ) A Lawyer's Guide to Fearless Advocacy, by the Free Speech Coalition

9) Judith Collins—A Profile in Courage

10) How to Prevail with Principle, by Judith Collins and Winston Peters

11) Our Fight for Free Speech, by Jacinda Ardern and Andrew Little

12) Objective Journalism, by Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Patrick Gower

13) Obleftivism and Speech Standards, by Yawon Bwook and Amy Peikoff. Foreword by Jessica Tarlov

14) Academia as a Bulwark of Free Speech, by sundry academics

15) How Moronnialism Contributes to the Gene Pool, by sundry moronnials

16) A Vegan Guide to Amino Acids, by Emay C. Ated

17) Zen Activism: Meditations on Tranquillity and Harmony by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA

18) Cellphone Etiquette, by M. O. Ronnial

19) The Young Person's Guide to Good Manners, by sundry young persons

20) Feminist Aesthetics, by Ugliaz F. Uck

Etc. Feel free to add!


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"Jet Fuel Can Melt Steel Beams" by George W. Bush


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Elon Musk Guide To Making Money On The Share market" Eye


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"Rational discussions based on logic I have had with opponents" by Professor Brian Morris.

He, She, Terself, Emself: Why

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He, She, Terself, Emself: Why the Gender-Neutral Pronoun Battle Must Be Won by Terra Dickoff


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OMG! Lindsay - this is even funnier!!!!!

Took me a moment or two to "get" numbers 7(a), 16, 18, 20 but Ra (bless him) explained it,....ha! Very funny!!

As I was saying yesterday, it's great we, the good guys , can laugh and have fun.


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a great loss to the gene pool... Eye


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One of Olivia's seems to have dropped out.

This is why I had hesitancy, unsure how far to "push it"; where the leg-pulling limit is *sigh*


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Oh this is excellent!! You chaps are hilarious!!

Considerably funnier than my own book series (wasn't sure how far to "push it" Eye haha!). We need more fun, we can laugh at things unlike the sourpuss left wingers.

Articulating Ayn Wand's

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Articulating Ayn Wand's Weason for Dummies, by Yawon Bwook

Not a Free Speech Issue, by Peter Cresswell

Freedom of Movement: The Bowels of the Human Spirit, by Harry Binswanger

Citadel of Freedom: Utopia For the New World Order, by Chairman Dan Andrews

The Power of Intersectionally Enhanced Communication, by Jacinda Ardern and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex

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