Trigger Warning for Snowflakes: Ten More of the World's Slimmest Volumes

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2020-09-15 06:20

1) My Credentials, by Dr. Greta Thunberg

2) Proof that Climate Change Is Person-Made, by E. C. Onatsi

3) Grappling Group-Think, by The [anti]-NZ Herald

4) Separating Reportage from [exceptionally asinine] Opinion, by The DumbPost

5) Our Commitment to Objectivity, by National [Socialist] Radio

6) Eschewing Hypocrisy: Obeying My Own Edicts, by Princess Pelosi, aka Nancy Antoinette. (Audio-book unavailable because of intrusive hair-dryer noise)

7) A Guide to Peaceful Rioting, Looting, Burning and Killing, by Only Black Lives Matter and PROFA. Foreword by the New Zealand School of Music

8 ) How Cop-Killing Empowers Musicians, by the New Zealand School of Music. Foreword by Only Black Lives Matter and PROFA. Back-story:

Black Lives Matter

The New Zealand School of Music—Te Kōkī affirms its support for the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement, and its commitment to addressing systemic racism, injustice, and violence. We've been having discussions as a School as to how we can best open our ears to the conversations taking place at the moment, and are thinking about ways we can take action against any institutional racism within our walls. As these discussions continue, our programmes have come up with some immediate actions they are taking to bring about change.

The Music Studies programme commits to reviewing our curriculum and research practices to de-center whiteness and prioritize anti-racist approaches in music education and music studies more broadly. This will include examining the content, approaches, and perspectives taught in all of our courses, and more action is to come.

9) Rap Without "Motherfucker" 101, by the New Zealand School of Music

10) How Lockdowns Are Not Leninist, by Lyin' Hidin' Biden, Nancy Antoinette and Jacinda Podesta.

Here's a new one....

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11. "How to win a general election" by Judith Collins.

I knew it! I just KNEW which cafe in Mosgiel Collins was intending to visit before hearing the details - TV3 news just confirmed it.

I know Mosgiel very well, was there earlier in the year, and as I suspected she intended to visit.....the wanker cafe! Haha!

The one she should have gone to - full to the brim with tory voters - is the Aurora cafe, literally 15 metres down the street. Their customers are elderly ladies, and mothers with prams.

I used to go there because they do half price on "yesterday's" cream buns and scones - ("Eli you're such a cheap c**t") as Rawiri used to say Tongue..... and a very pleasant atmosphere.

The other cafe, however, is full of wankers with strange haircuts, odd clothing, beards, saturated in woke f**kwits.

What's the bet some national party dullards, of the Chris Bishop variety, told Judith to stay well clear of Aurora cafe because the customers would be old and not hip??("sweety darling")

Soooooo pathetic. And it blew up in her face!

No way would John Key have made that mistake; he'd know exactly which side his bread was buttered on; he'd be in Aurora going from table to table charming the dear old ducks, signing autographs and posing for photographs!

This is proof of everything wrong with the national party today. How they actually despise their strongest supporters - whilst complaining about their low ratings!

You can't have it both ways Shock


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Brilliant Lindsay!

Best way to treat the filth is to satirize and humiliate them

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