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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-09-16 08:07

Before Trump was elected, there was a coup attempt against him, most notably by low-lifes committed to endless wars. After he was elected, the coup attempt was ramped up. Key players: Obama, Biden, Comey, Clapper (CIA), Yates (FBI), the Generals, et al—the love-birds Strzok and Page included, all committed to endless wars ... and Woke-Fascism. I am old enough to remember what happened to JFK when he defied the Generals and the CIA and ordered the disengagement from Vietnam as Trump has ordered from Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he would smash the CIA into a thousand pieces. Instead it was his head that got smashed into a thousand pieces. I gravely fear that history is about to repeat itself. Trump is by far the bravest and most anti-Establishment man in living memory to occupy the White House. The Deep State, identified by President Eisenhower as he left office as the "Military-Industrial Complex," and we could now call the Military-Industrial-Academia-Media Complex, will simply not tolerate this, and will stop at nothing to end it.

Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes.

As if 2020 were not insane enough already, we now have Democrats and their ruling class masters openly talking about staging a coup. You might have missed it, what with the riots, lockdowns and other daily mayhem we’re forced to endure in this, the most wretched year of my lifetime. But it’s happening.

It started with the military brass quietly indicating that the troops should not follow a presidential order. They were bolstered by many former generals—including President Trump’s own first Secretary of Defense—who stated openly what the brass would only hint at. Then, as nationwide riots really got rolling in early June, the sitting Secretary of Defense himself all but publicly told the president not to invoke the Insurrection Act. His implicit message was: “Mr. President, don’t tell us to do that, because we won’t, and you know what happens after that.”

All this enthused Joe Biden, who threw subtlety to the winds. The former United States Senator (for 26 years) and Vice President (for eight) has not once, not twice, but thrice confidently asserted that the military will “escort [Trump] from the White House with great dispatch” should the president refuse to leave. Another former Vice President, Al Gore, publicly agreed.



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Wait - there's more!

Just when you thought the historical similarities couldn't get any more real....

So Sir Joh Bjekle-Petersen is put on trial for perjury and an - (completely unconstitutional and quickly dismissed as ludicrous by the jury) - all encompassing charge of "corruption".

A businessman, a Mr Sng, said he knew Sir Joh and they'd met 14 times.

However, as usual with left wingers, what wasn't mentioned was the context.

Picture the scenario - a function was taking place, Sir Joh the Premier sweeps in with his entourage, he "says a few words", spends half an hour going around the room shaking hands, posing for photos, and saying " good to see you again". Then leaves; off to his next engagement.

Happens every day with senior politicians.

Now "you", the person at the function, may think you've met Sir Joh, the Premier of Queensland, but he has forgotten you 15 mins later.

So when Mr Sng told the Fitzgerald inquiry he'd met Sir Joh - and rattled off a dozen examples - it was in this sort of setting. A politician going around shaking hands and saying " good to see you again".


I kid you not

This - THIS - was what they came up with Shocked

So when Fitzgerald asked Sir Joh if he knew Mr Sng he only mentioned a meeting with Mr Sng and some other businessmen about building a hotel resort. And a second meeting to accept a political donation.

By not mentioning the times they met when "working the room" - it was deemed "perjury" (an even weaker case than against either Roger Stone or Carter Page).

But wait! There is even more....

The left tried to nobble the jury.

One jury member was a Trade Union leader who had been walloped by Sir Joh in 1985 during a bitter industrial dispute. Another juror was the wife of a .....labor MP

I kid you not.

Smacks of Roger Stone's jury, doesn't it? In the end this sickening farce didn't succeed as it resulted in a hung jury, but you get the idea.

It was a joke, done - I have always thought - to draw attention away from Sir Joh's autobiography, and discredit him.

But boy...the similarities to recent events!


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on from my post below about the astonishing historical parallels between the Trump Presidency and the Fraser government in Australia, there is also the left wing tactics at play.

In 1987 in Queensland there started what was known as the "Fitzgerald Inquiry" into corruption in the state - political, police, business, etc - and it dragged on for two years before issuing its report. (Fitzgerald somehow or other got the Government to agree to pay him $2000 per day for his services......so a six week investigation ended up taking two years Eye ....fancy that!)

Anyway, the last person called to give evidence was Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the former Premier. To put things into context, Fitzgerald went through twenty years of Sir Joh's finances, cabinet papers, discussions, meetings, documents - twenty years - and came up with nothing. A couple of things Fitzgerald did mention were in the context of "not a good look" (and I happen to agree); for instance plucking a mid ranking Policeman out of obscurity and appointing him deputy Police Commissioner. At best it's "not the way things are generally done". But hardly a crime.

The Fitzgerald Inquiry is an obvious historical parallel with Mulleur's "Rush Hour Collusion" farce. They came up with nothing on Trump/Sir Joh because there was nothing to come up with.

Then, as I mentioned below, Sir Joh published his autobiography where he devotes an entire chapter to (what he calls) "Loans Affair Intrigue". He gives an account of investigations into corruption by the Labor government of Gough Whitlam, back in 1975, and the enormous amount of information which was uncovered - money being siphoned off into secret bank accounts, for example. Bang to rights stuff. And on page 142 he says he still possessed all the evidence for anybody who wanted to read it ....or follow up on it.

Did the s*it hit the fan! within about 5 minutes of Sir Joh's autobiography hitting bookstores - with an entire chapter proving what crooks his political opponents are/were - suddenly Mr Fitzgerald and the Attorney-General decided Sir Joh had committed perjury when giving evidence, charges were laid, and a trial took place in the spring of 1992. How convenient. And an obvious historical parallel would be the prosecution of Roger Stone, and Carter Page - ludicrous trumped up charges designed to cost them huge amounts of money and DISCREDIT THEM (the whole point!).

So to recapitulate -

1. Sir John Kerr the Governor General is presumably aware the Whitlam government is saturated in corruption - (just as Obama was aware of the Clinton's corruption)

2. He asks Malcolm Fraser for a bizarre undertaking not to investigate any member of the Whitlam government - (just as Comey, Sessions, and others, con Trump into dropping "Lock her up")

3. Fake investigations are undertaken - (Fitzgerald; Mulleur)

4. The investigations come up with nothing ....because of the underlying innocence of their real targets.

5. When Sir Joh spills the beans, that 15 years later he still has all the evidence which can send Whitlam and his ex Ministers and apparatchiks to prison for life, a trumped up fake prosecution is started to discredit him - (like Roger Stone and Carter Page et al)

Oh and the Fraser government, like the Trump administration, was viewed by the left wingers as 'illegitimate' (*yawn*) with Fraser remaining a hate figure for the left in Australia. How little anything changes!


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Without doubt it is perjury. Sickening. But the rhetoric has changed 180 degrees. 3 years of hoaxes and now we have proof after yesterday's release of documents.


You were around in '75 Lindsay - aren't the historical similarities amazing?

What Comey Said ...

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... has to constitute lying under oath. He must be hoping against hope no one will come forward to say his amnesia is in fact intentional deceit.


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Anyone else noticed the dramatic change in rhetoric at the Coney hearing today?

Feinstein and other demoscum no longer suggesting anything they've said for four years was true!


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November 11th, 1975 there was the constitutional crisis in Australia.

(For the benefit of our overseas, and younger, readers - the Australian government of Gough Whitlam was unable to pass its budget through the Senate. One thing led to another and the governor general dismissed Whitlam and installed Malcolm Fraser, the opposition leader, in his place. Whitlam spent the rest if his life being a big cry baby sook about it.)

Upon installing Fraser as Prime Minister of Australia the governor general sought several undertakings (passing the budget through the Senate that day, for instance). One of those undertakings has always intrigued me (although history glosses over it) - that under no circumstances would a Fraser government investigate the conduct of any member of the Whitlam government. To me it has always seemed that Sir John Kerr, the governor general, "knew something" and tried to cover it up; Fraser, literally 1 minute away from his life's ambition, presumably was happy to agree to anything -("ummmm...Sir John, let's get onto the swearing me in bit...") - without considering the consequences.

So a number of crooks within the Whitlam government got off scot free despite being saturated in corruption of breathtaking proportions.

Some examples include -

1. A member of the cabinet was a gangster. (Seriously, Al Grassby was secretly a "made man" in the Mafia)

2. There was the enormously dodgy "loans affair"

3. Businesses were being extorted in return for their workers not striking

4. Everyone in Whitlam's government enriched themselves awarding contracts to build the western Sydney sewerage system....in return for kickbacks

Really corrupt stuff which should have seen half the government in prison. And rightly so!

But it never happened because Kerr put a stop to it right at the beginning of Fraser's government.

Sorry to go on so long with the history lesson haha!

My point is this - don't the revelations today proving it was Clinton and Obama engaging in things, proving everything from perjury to outright corruption, with both an FBI director (Comey) and Attorney general (Sessions) telling Trump to forget about it, sound familiar? Trump drops his "lock her up", but it was actually a con trick similar to what Kerr got Fraser to agree to! Don't investigate, nothing to see here, when actually there was an awfully long list of people who would be heading to prison.

Remarkable historical similarities!!

It is also interesting to note that 30 years ago Sir Joh Bjelke-petersen, former colourful Premier of Queensland and emphatic enemy of Whitlam, wrote in his autobiography certain details of dodgy stuff surrounding the " loans affair " and other matters. He hinted he had proof to substantiate his claims, and 15 minutes later was facing several ludicrous trumped up charges in Court - done solely to discredit him! Also sounds a lot like the misdirection we've seen over the last 3 years.

Meanwhile in Minnesotistan

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100% proof of the "ballot harvesting" we've been hearing about—perpetrated by none other than Illeghal Omar:

The Kentucky A-G

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Lindsay, that was a clear and unambiguous statement from the KY A-G, and leaves no excuse for the riots and arson that followed the Grand Jury decision.

I hope and believe you're wrong about William Barr. He strikes me as motivated and willing to flush out the worst of the criminals within the Deep State that have so egregiously been undermining and sabotaging Donald Trump's presidency. Time will tell I guess.


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True Jon - add to that a constitutional conservative on the Supreme Court and the game is up for the filth and Demoscum party.

They need civil war

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It has nothing to do with any police misbehavior, there was none.

They will be going away for long prison terms for just what they have done since 2016. Add the Epstein connections and child trafficking and these Democrats are fighting for their lives, now, and putting all their mental slaves out into the streets for one last try at civil war and chaos.


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Few things about this show the rioters, the mob, really are the dumbest Americans who have ever lived.

1. Opening fire on anybody who is carrying is foolish

2. Opening fire on three people who are carrying - and policemen to boot! - is just....brain damaged.

3. Why is nobody (apart from Bill Whittle and other conservative commentators) encouraging young women not to have boyfriends who are criminals?

4. The grand jury heard evidence from neighbours which exonerate the policemen.

5. And substantiated the policemen's version of events

The fuss over this matter is just pathetic and without merit.

Glorious, Rare Sanity and Decency

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The cops had a no-knock warrant. But they knocked anyway. Three times. They announced themselves. "Police!" Finally they entered and got shot at. One of them got shot. They fired back. Brionna Taylor, girlfriend of the cop-shooter, was killed in the crossfire.

Kentucky Attorney-General, exemplary human, announces Grand Jury findings, proclaims "mob justice is not justice." Mindless, Woke-Fascist sub-human mob rampages anyway, just as Soros and other anti-Western Civilisation billionaires had already paid them to:


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Now (!) gotten around to watching Tucker for today - yes! really getting stuck into him, which is encouraging. Mark Steyn seemed a bit subdued, not his usual funny self.

(Isn't Dan Cameron cute? Sticking out tongue haha!)

Tucker Goes into Overdrive against Soros!

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I mentioned the other day that Sean and Laura are the most supine obeyers of the "Don't mention Soros" memo, but that Tucker occasionally disobeys it. He must have been spurred into action by the debacle with Newt Gingrich, because this week he's been full on with two big segments so far. I haven't yet located them on YouTube; it seems Twitter actually censored Tucker's own tweet about one of them:

Indomitable Dan

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I'm sure if it's cancer Dan will beat it. He's certainly one of the very best of the good guys.

Glenn Beck

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Just did this on Blaze TV and is well worth watching.

I watched it live on the Blaze, so not sure if this version has been edited at all - (they were amazingly quick to get it on YouTube! haha!) - but at 48 mins it sounds about right.

As usual Glenn's team have done immaculate research.


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Of us watch Fox regularly and will have seen Dan Bongino on his slot on Hannity, (and his battles with Geraldo haha!)

I regret to inform you that Dan has discovered a growth on his neck; possibility it's cancer.

This is why he wasn't on last night, but Sean called Dan and they spoke for 2 hours! (instead of Sean preparing for his show!). Everyone at Fox is sad for Dan.

I am sure everyone here, the solopassion regulars, will also want to express our best wishes for a full recovery.


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Interview between conservative broadcaster Dan Bongino and the God-Emperor.

Frustrating at times; President lives in a bubble; avoids answering a couple of questions - unaware how serious postelection violence, and social media blocking information, really is! Ugh!

Face of evil:

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Ezra Levant great video on sowos:

Fox's Thralldom to Soros II

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It was curious to me that Victoria Toensing and Joe di Genova had not been on Fox for ages. Now Victoria tells us it's part and parcel of Fox's thralldom to the most evil man on the planet.

I repeat: Hannity and Ingraham are the worst offenders, while Tucker just occasionally disobeys the memo. Also in on it, disappointingly, Mark Levin and Steve Hilton, who studiously avoid the topic.

It's getting easier by the day to identify who in NZ has sucked up to/been sucked up by Soros's tentacles, especially given Soros's admiration of that travesty of a philosopher, Karl Popper.

Follow the Money...

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The Neo Marxist MSM, the NYT, as Dr Steve Turley calls it, is useful for the dollar figure of $220M. Add to that all the public and corporate donations plus the involvement of a Foreign Country (https://www.dailysignal.com/20... and https://www.dailysignal.com/20...) the amount in its wallet is truly an astonishing amount. The interview with a founder of BLM makes clear its Marxists training and training in street activism and organisation.

The US Jewish paper Tablet earlier in the year had an article on Mr Soros. It pointed out that he was a devotee of Karl Popper's The Open Society and its Enemies; however, he seems to still be in a time warp of 1938, and in my view has misinterpreted US nationalism and the US politially. The early founders of the EU, the EEC, were concerned about nationalism and the potential for fascism.

One would have to question whether some of the funders are truly interested in race issues but using BLM as a means for poltical instability to weaken or permit the over throw the US government and political system. This then makes the NYT article cited above somewhat niave piece of "idealism."

The question of over throw of the US poltical system then raises, as A-G Barr has done, the issue of sedition. This word has an 18thC taint- John Wilkes and all that- but the US statute is clear and talks of force. It does seem to me that the death of Assocaite Justice Ginsberg and the nomination procesds will be another opening for social discord and protest. Andrew McCarthy's lucid piece on the US Sedition provisions is worth reading: https://www.nationalreview.com....

Scum-Soros: In Case There's Any Doubt

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The dutifully Woke-Fascist New York Times itself carried the story—sympathetically of course—of Soros's investment in Only Black Lives Matter and other components of Woke-Fascism, aka The Filth, in July of this year. Here's the link:


And here's the text:

George Soros’s Foundation Pours $220 Million Into Racial Equality Push

Mr. Soros’s group will invest $150 million in grants for Black-led racial justice groups, and another $70 million toward local grants for criminal justice reform and civic engagement opportunities. The billionaire George Soros has focused previous philanthropic efforts on racial justice groups in the United States, as well as on historically marginalized groups. 

By Astead W. HerndonJuly 13, 2020

The Open Society Foundations, the philanthropic group founded by the business magnate George Soros, announced on Monday that it was investing $220 million in efforts to achieve racial equality in America, a huge financial undertaking that will support several Black-led racial justice groups for years to come.

The initiative, which comes amid national protests for racial equality and calls for police reform ignited by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, will immediately reshape the landscape of Black political and civil rights organizations, and signals the extent to which race and identity have become the explicit focal point of American politics in recent years, with no sign of receding. Mr. Soros, who has at times faced smears and anti-Semitism over his role as a liberal megadonor, is also positioning his foundation near the forefront of the protest movement. Of the $220 million, the foundation will invest $150 million in five-year grants for selected groups, including progressive and emerging organizations like the Black Voters Matter Fund and Repairers of the Breach, a group founded by the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II of the Poor People’s Campaign. The money will also support more established Black civil rights organizations like the Equal Justice Initiative, which was founded by the civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson and depicted in the 2019 movie “Just Mercy.” The Open Society Foundations will invest an additional $70 million in local grants supporting changes to policing and criminal justice. This money will also be used to pay for opportunities for civic engagement and to organize internships and political training for young people. Patrick Gaspard, the president of the Open Society Foundations, said in an interview that the group believed the investment was about harnessing the momentum toward racial justice, but also giving organizations room to think long-term. Now, he said, is “the moment we’ve been investing in for the last 25 years. There is this call for justice in Black and brown communities, an explosion of not just sympathy but solidarity across the board,” Mr. Gaspard said. “So it’s time to double down. And we understood we can place a bet on these activists — Black and white — who see this as a moment of not just incrementalism, but whole-scale reform.”

“The demands being made now will not be met overnight, and we know the gaze of media and elected officials will turn in other directions,” he added. “But we need these moments to be sustained. If we’re going to say ‘Black lives matter,’ we need to say ‘Black organizations and structures matter.’

”Even before Monday’s announcement, progressive groups, Democratic candidates and racial justice organizations had been flooded with small-dollar donations, breaking giving records and allowing former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. as well as House and Senate candidates to post eye-popping fund-raising numbers. It is the convergence of an election year in which Democrats are desperate to defeat President Trump with an extraordinary protest movement that has pushed many to action, changing public opinion among white Americans and ideological moderates in the process. But in making the grants last for five years, Open Society’s leaders said, the organization is freeing groups to think beyond the current moment. Heather McGhee, who is on the foundation’s domestic board and has been on recent calls informing groups of their new grants, said the five-year commitments let leaders feel “they could breathe and they can focus on the strategy and the work.”

The calls have been emotional, she said, as groups that have long felt marginalized by mainstream philanthropy find out their work will be sustained and supported.

“It frees up time and ensures that once the corporations stop putting up statements and small-dollar donations stop, they can keep fighting this fight,” Ms. McGhee said.

“If you take the blinders of racism off, of course you should be investing in Black leadership — and these organizations shouldn’t be worrying about money.”

This not the first effort by Mr. Soros or his foundation to target racial inequality, though it is the most expansive. In 1994, Mr. Soros started Open Society’s domestic work with a focus on criminal justice reform. He has also aimed philanthropic efforts at historically marginalized groups abroad, a nod to his own experience as a Jewish person who survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. In recent years, Mr. Soros has become a favorite target of some conservatives and right-wing groups, which have sometimes used anti-Semitic tropes to try to recast his giving as an effort to seek world influence. Between the local grants and the millions for Black-led organizations, however, Mr. Soros and his foundation have helped answer the question of whether the social justice groups that have dominated the current moment are here to stay. Alexander Soros, who serves alongside his father as the deputy chair of Open Society, said in a statement that the new investment was a response to a time “for urgent and bold action.”

“These investments will empower proven leaders in the Black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarceration and eliminate the barriers to opportunity that have been the source of inequity for too long,” he said.

To reiterate what I have pointed out many times before, Soros was not a Jewish victim of Nazism: he dobbed his fellow-Jews in to the Nazis, and when interviewed about it in the 1990s said he had no qualms whatsoever about having done so: "If if I didn't do it someone else would have."

Soros's minions, the (mainly white) petulant, infantile, entitled, instant-gratification, snot-nosed conscience-free psychopaths that they are, are now boasting that if Orange Man Bad tries to appoint a Supreme Court Justice to replace Ginsberg they will "burn the entire fucking thing down":


Almost immediately after news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, some verified Twitter users threatened arson and apparent violence in order to block Republicans from replacing her before the elections.

"If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f-----g thing down," author Reza Aslan tweeted. He later responded to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's vow to hold a vote on President Trump's nominee. "Over our dead bodies, literally," he tweeted.

Author Aaron Gouveia similarly blasted McConnell's statement, saying: "F--k no. Burn it all down."

A Canadian political science professor called for arson, prompting accusations he made a terroristic threat. "Burn Congress down before letting Trump try to appoint anyone to SCOTUS," Waterloo professor Emmett MacFarlane tweeted.

In response, Canadian attorney Ezra Levant worried about the consequences for MacFarlane's students.

"Macfarlane is a professor at @UWaterloo, promoting violence against his political enemies," he said. "If you were a young woman in his class who was a Trump supporter, would you risk being a target of his violent rage if he found out about you? Should you transfer to a different class?" ...

Soros not only looks like the most evil man on the planet: he is!

Yes, Excellent by Glenn

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Note that the sanctimonious smirking fry-quacker on the Fox clip who says Soros should not be part of this conversation is Marie Barf, former employee of the Obamarx State Department!

The Filth!

Tucker ...

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... didn't actively "criticise" Soros: he merely echoed, as opposed to deflecting from, something a guest said.

Barr, I fear, is in on it. He is Sessions 2.0. Trump has been deceived yet again. They have all slow-walked and stone-walled this thing, which is now five years old, to the point that the full truth won't be known before the election. If Trump loses, the full truth will never be known. If he wins, he won't be allowed to: Hillary has already told Biden not to concede under any circumstances. Then it will all be tied up in court, and the unspeakable Pelosi will become President. Somehow I doubt we'll learn the truth about Obamagate under her tyranny.

Instructive to note that all this unprecedented evil is being perpetrated with the support of the vile but deeply unimportant Yawn Bwook and his Co-Wokers at the Anti-Rand Institute!


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We are - Glenn discussing it yesterday.

Glenn Beck

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Had a piece on this too. Pretty shocking!

In fairness you may have seen (and picked up on?) Tucker criticizing Soros yesterday?

It simply defies belief he hasn't been indicted on RICO charges 500 times over by now. Barr needs to act.

Fox's Thralldom to Soros

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I have been saying for some time to all three (?) people willing (?) to listen that Fox has succumbed to George Soros, the most evil man on the planet. It has been obvious for a while that whenever a guest would bring his name up, the host would not follow up the way a half-decent interviewer would, and indeed would actively change the subject. Prime offenders are Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Soros is a main funder of the Profa/Only Black Lives Matter rioters and killers. (His tentacles clearly extend to New Zealand in the form of Peace Movement Aotearoa that tries to shut Don Brash down whenever he's invited to speak; the NZ School of Music, which is explicitly promoting a Woke-Fascist Only Black Lives Matter agenda of ethnic cleansing, destruction of the nuclear family and overthrow of capitalism; and sundry controlled opposition of (un)surprising identity. Jacinda Podesta is diligently promoting a Sorosian agenda.) Soros's capture of Fox was never so obvious, however, as the other day when Newt Gingrich pointed out the obvious: that America will never make progress against the rioters, arsonists, killers and looters unless it addresses the fact that it's Soros-sponsored prosecutors who are allowing these sub-animals to roam free and wreak their havoc while prosecuting law-abiding, decent humans attempting to defend themselves from The Filth. It's all laid out here, with excellent commentary:

Good summary of what is happening

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That is indeed what is happening, in a nutshell. This coup is led by the same outfit that took out JFK and that Eisenhower warned us about. They have expanded membership and successfully infiltrated more organizations since that time.

Regarding the obvious swamp creatures in the first term, I think it comes down to keeping enemies close and allowing them to believe they snuck one or two of theirs in - let them think you don't know about those, that can be exploited. Trump hired them and he also removed them. Presumably they were spoiled with lots of misinformation to bring back to their team. And they were doubtless useful while they were there, for example when you know you have a leaker you can "leak" specially designed misinformation, such as information related to where physically POTUS will really be on Thursday the 17th, so that yet another assassination attempt is made futile.

If they succeed in taking Trump out, God forbid, it will have no effect on the end outcome. The main effect would be to force the fast-tracking of our side's contingency plans. There would be additional destruction and death but the outcome would be about the same and it would be achieved faster. Nothing can stop what is coming.

See [the letter KYou]anon.pub/


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Imagine, Lindsay, you and Olivia are probably surprised to learn Republicans are training an army of volunteers to ballot harvest in "unusual places" - strong demoscum cities haha! Sticking out tongue

Probably surprised to learn that literally today - as you were watching Tucker and Sean - Republicans were holding training sessions in around 30 big (demoscum) cities.....all ready to go when the balloting starts in a couple of weeks


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You should post this; I was just watching a lecture (Q&A session) with Lord Ashdown, the former UK liberal leader, recorded in July 2018 where he warns against this on the grounds Trump is too popular amongst Republicans.

The way he puts it (from his point of view) is that if Trump is removed he becomes a martyr amongst a huge number of heavily armed people whose sense of fair play is insulted.

I think this coup business won't succeed because it's public, out in the open; widely discussed
Certain tactics won't work because Sean and Tucker have been priming everyone for weeks beforehand to watch out for them.

I also think the Republican landslide will be too great.

What the filth and the deep state don't realize is....nobody outside their social circle supports them. This is all beltway/Manhattan/ Bay area stuff but really nobody else.

Their sense of their own importance doesn't factor in...resistance; non compliance. (A bit like how Grant and jacinda find governing such a problem because lunacy discussed in the university commonroom echo chamber worked perfectly)

A case in point..... Mail in voting.

What hasn't occurred to the Demoscum as plans to steal votes were drawn up, is "resistance" -

1. That when they knock on the door to ballot harvest is the ordinary democrat will.....vote for Trump and reject socialism.

2. That blacks or wogs will think for themselves .....and vote accordingly.

(ie: their foolish assumption has been "obedience")

3. That some faggy soyboy who looks like a goblin knocking on the door in blue collar neighborhoods pretty much guarantees the minimum wage worker who answers the door will vote for Trump.

4. They don't have a Plan B - a plan for the social inferiors they despise not being obedient and compliant.

5. They haven't factored in "two can play that game".... That Republicans will also be ballot harvesting.

6. That Republicans knocking on doors of Republicans - amongst whom Trump has a 92% approval rating - is a guaranteed vote from the entire household.

7. Republicans in demoscum cities - LA, Houston, Chicago, KC, St Louis, Philly, Denver, etc etc - are (as we speak) training armies of volunteers in ballot harvesting

8. This was never factored into the equation. ("Republicans on the streets of LA ballot harvesting?!? Huh???")

Problem is ...

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Trump himself appoints these generals. Mattis, Kelly et al. They will take him down exactly as they have said they would. Remember the vile Tillerson saying "The President speaks for himself"?? But Trump appointed him!! Who got to Trump?? Why are Tucker, Sean and Laura not asking this??!! Are Soros's tentacles as extensive as that?? Why is Soros not being burned in effigy? The most evil man on the planet, closely followed by Pete Booty-Edge, Yawon Bwook, Bolshevik de Blasio et al.

And as Michael Anton points out...

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here is the groundwork being laid by members of the military such as: John Nagl, a retired Army officer and veteran of both Iraq wars, is Head of School at The Haverford School outside Philadelphia. Paul Yingling, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, served three tours in Iraq, another in Bosnia, and a fifth in Operation Desert Storm.

Just as they did with the “Russia Hoax” in 2016.




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Can a Dictatorship happen in America...

As Rand said:

Don't delude yourself by minimizing the danger. You see what is going on in Europe and what it's doing to our own country and to your own private life. What other proof do you need? Don't say smugly that "it can't happen here." Stop and look back for a moment.

The first Totalitarian dictatorship happened in Russia. People said: well, Russia was a dark, backward, primitive nation where anything could happen — but it could not happen in any civilized country.

The next Totalitarian dictatorship happened in Italy — one of the oldest civilized countries of Europe and the mother of European culture. People said: well, the Italians hadn't had much experience in democratic self-government, but it couldn't happen anywhere else.

The next Totalitarian dictatorship happened in Germany — the country of philosophers and scientists, with a long record of the highest cultural achievements. People said: well, Germany was accustomed to autocracy, and besides there's the Prussian character, and the last war, etc. — but it could not happen in any country with a strong democratic tradition.

Could it happen in France? People would have laughed at you had you asked such a question a year ago. Well, it has happened in France — France, the mother of freedom and of democracy, France, the most independent-minded nation on earth. Well?

What price your smug self-confidence? In the face of millions of foreign money and foreign agents pouring into our country, in the face of one step after another by which our country is [moving] closer to Totalitarianism — you do nothing except say: ‘It can't happen here.’

Do you hear the Totalitarians answering you — ‘Oh, yeah?’

They tried it once at the beginning of Trump’s presidency. It was foiled by his genius alone, yet still no arrests of the folks responsible.

OF COURSE they’ll try it again if Trump wins in 2020 - even in a landslide! Because they are that EVIL!

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