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Submitted by Mr_Lineberry on Tue, 2020-09-22 02:29

A marvelous day!

Like other American citizens living abroad, today is the day when I could cast my vote - do my bit to save the Republic from commies and filth. This is what it's all about folks!

Four years of dirty tricks, four years of fake news, four years of everything from "Rush Hour Collusion" to two scoops of ice cream to (you name it). It has been pathetic and simply entrenched Donald Trump's support along with angering many who may otherwise have supported a Demoscum nominee this year.

This should send waves of pride through the hearts of Trump supporters; patriots; good people; respectable people - and to those who are infantile group-thinkers criticising Donald Trump to get cocktail party guests thinking how enormously witty you are, all I can say is 'eat your heart out' Sticking out tongue

Onwards to victory!



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A Maureen Pugh MP storey....

As I say, hope she manages to hang on....delightful lady.

Anyway, bumped into her in Westport last year; she recognized me, was pleased to see a friendly face, and we had lunch at the local cafe.

She told me her troubles (not to be repeated here) about being an MP, and other matters.

Anyway she asked....jeepers!..."so is it true what Rawiri was telling me? You lived in Christchurch for 4 years and 600 guys passed through your flat?"


These outrageous lies people tell about me!!! Shocked

I am going to pause here....everyone knows the best kind of guys to marry are great swordsmen! ie: me!!.....because we don't cheat! We've done it all - a dozen times - (oh and we fucked your brother, father, boyfriend, best mate, too, just for the fun of it) - why would we bother with yet another slag like the other 17???

Anyway, yes - live and let live!


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am over the moon at the result for ACT at the general election, and do have enormous confidence in the future of the freedom movement in NZ.

Genuinely disappointed at the loss of Jonathan Young from New Plymouth; sorry to see him go; but he is literally the only one. Other than him I don't have any particular sympathy for the national socialist party losers.

Everyone from Brett Hudson to Tim McIndoe to Bakshi to Bidois to Yule to Hayes have proven themselves to be cowardly, treacherous, complacent fools who robotically parrot talking points written by staffers... rather than speaking for constituents.Their cowardly "better be a team player to get ahead" strategy was all for nothing in the end. And it serves them right!

If any of them had spoken for what was right, made a fuss, championed causes, actually represented their supporters, they probably would have survived.

One amusing aspect of the electoral system has Maureen Pugh on the knife edge of losing/winning...for the third election in a row! haha! Sticking out tongue She is the 9th person on National's list and, like 2017 and 2014, may well be in on election night but outski on final results. I hope she makes it; like Jonathan Young she's one of my favorite Tory MPs. I am also pleased Woodhouse got back; another good man. Because I expected National to hold electorate seats (they didn't) was very worried for Mike Woodhouse's chances.

Other than those three the rest can get f**ked!


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Marvelous result!!

The national party MPs and senior officials despise their strongest supporters whom they view as racist, rednecks....solely in order to be seen as "one of the boys" by the socialist establishment.

Serves them all right they have lost and lost badly. No sympathy for them.

There's also the up themselves fuckwit ponces in the young nats taking the view their supporters have " nowhere else to go" and have been told "fuck you, Charlie" - people who thought they'd sail into Parliament as of right...on the backs of those they hate.

Everyone should cheer this.

Good on ACT and Seymour for vacuuming up votes by telling the truth....whilst national people didn't want to upset their socialist friends.

High Turn-Out ...

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... might indicate a populist revolt against Comrade Jihadi Jacinda Podesta, but I won't hold my breath. Am having to watch TV. Sound off, of course. And even then it's Sky Australia. So I have just become acquainted with Premier Dan Andrews. What an odious creature!


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Marvelous result!

Rawiri just got back from voting and he has FINALLY seen the light and abandoned his lifelong support for Winston.

"Got the smell of death about him..." was the way he put it.

And to my astonishment - (wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't taken a photo) - gave his party vote to ACT, to Seymour!! Shocked

All jokes aside.... if Winston's strongest supporter has ditched him, then he is completely rooted; stand by for the 40 year nightmare to soon be over and thank goodness for that.


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There is a line of people outside the polling station across the street - at 9:30 in the morning! - literally 70 people lined up around the corner, in addition to those inside!

Funny how the least little thing interests people...


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the election is almost over. Thankfully another one is at an end.

I know this will sound odd, but there are only a couple I have followed to any extent: 1984 (I helped set up chairs and other stuff for Muldoon's public meeting in Invercargill), and 2008 where I was involved with the Libz campaign in Auckland.

I was interested in the opinion poll yesterday - Labour down, Greens up; everyone else the same. We shall see.

Would be a delight if there are 10 ACT members tomorrow; folk speaking our language. Truth tellers.

There is one ACT fellow; met him (again?) at their chch rally.... I am sure, convinced, I have rooted him! Sticking out tongue

Obviously with over 1200 names in my "little black book" it's hard to recall - young men will keep throwing themselves at me - but, August 2005; Palmy North; chap from Taranaki. Found me so irresistible (doesn't everybody?) kept coming back for more and more and more haha!.....sure it was this ACT candidate, soon to be MP (wish I could recall his name)


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Sad, pathetic little man....


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Have just joined parler.com - the conservative, free speech, site similar to Twitsewer.

All the great folk are there and soloists should sign up. My profile is https://parler.com/profile/Lin...

Glenn Beck

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Proving what purely evil people the filth are...

And now...

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...something from our "Dumb F**k" file.


Oh boy Shocked

I have been married since day one of the law change and between us Ra and I have 5 children; all via surrogacy in the US. Although we don't get too nitpicky, 3 are my biological children, 2 are Rawiris'.

In my opinion our children - along with the boy those fellows have - are the lucky ones. A boy's club full of commonsense, honesty, and rationality.

There are two things women know nothing about -

1. Women have no idea how to cook
2. Women have no idea how to raise children.

History has proven this to be manifestly true for thousands of years. The reason most children are screwed up is being parented by some deranged woman who doesn't know what she is doing.

Not only that, but when children get to their late teens their mothers are undergoing menopause - even more deranged! It's the sole cause of youth suicide, by the way, hence nobody ever says it (it's not PC).

One of the great things about medical science in the modern era is not only surrogacy - so everyone can have a family - but you can choose the gender (a very simple procedure). All our children are boys... to avoid all manner of future horrors.


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Elijah’s beat me to it

Caption contest

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Tucker's hilarious demolition of Biden....

De Profundis

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Today I was informed the only person who has ever done anything for me, is dead.

I met "HL" in 1995; I was an unworldly country bumpkin just arrived in Christchurch from rural Southland, he was a businessman "between fortunes" (so to speak); he had made and lost at least 3 by that stage.

He was looking for a protege, I was eager to make my way in the world; it was a perfect union. He taught me an enormous amount of things - how to run a business, how to fleece idiots, how to get them thanking you for doing so, how to make money, how to raise loans. How to buy assets. How to skim profits so nobody notices.

He also was shocked by and despised my private life.

(It was "HL" who first started the story that 600 guys passed through my flat - my bed - in a mere 4 years whilst living over in Montreal street Eye haha!)

So I prospered under his tutelage.

Things came to a head in October 1997 when a certain disaster occurred. Called "HL" at 2 o'clock in the morning explaining the situation and begging for help....and he took care of it. Didn't hesitate. Turned up with a couple of heavies. Things were cleaned up; certain matters disposed of; couple of people never heard of again.

For that I am eternally grateful.

And now he has died. Expired. No longer with us.

Saw him on Tuesday when handing over an envelope with this month's dividend in it (okay, so maybe his help back in '97 wasn't entirely "altruistic") and he seemed fine. We chatted, he mentioned that he hoped to visit NSW when this silly travel ban ended soon.

"HL" and I were never friends; please don't get the wrong idea.

He thought I was an arrogant, smart arsed spiv - a dirty little slut who would cornhole anybody with a cock given half a chance. He regularly urged Rawiri to divorce me (!) over the last 8 years or so.

Recognized my ability to make money but - let's be honest here - Howard didn't like me very much, and his children told me this morning I am not welcome at the funeral. But with HL business was business.

He is dead I just feel so incredibly sad.


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Have spent this afternoon going through a couple of old diaries and came across this from last December.
Predictions for the UK general election last year; rather impressive isn't it?

As I have said a million times - I am not usually wrong about these things, elections.

I hope it is clear, but the time says "8:03am" - around 2 hours before polls closed. The date is of course NZ time.

The bit scribbled out is because I realised it didn't add up to the correct number of seats overall.



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for a political party 9 days from a general election....

The ACT party videos on YouTube.com are not able to be shared! Shocked - videos on guns, property rights, and housing; clicked "share" but won't let me copy and paste (here).

If anyone is involved with the ACT campaign - get your guy to change the settings! So we can, you know, maybe help get the word out?!?

My reason for wanting to do so was to show ACT ticks lots of boxes on issues - so hold your nose about the infantile anti Trump stuff - focus on what's really important.


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Just noticed I forgot to post this below....


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and there were the referenda - thin edge of the wedge towards decadence and murder - to which I have replied "Up yours matey!"

I once had a heated debate over legalising marijuana and said to this other fellow "When you inject a syringe of heroin into the arm of your son - I shall vote to legalise drugs". Okay, perhaps it was a glib one-liner, but I think the hypocrisy of the pro drugs people is so annoying; they want their children to be lighting up (to prove how "hip" and "sophisticated" they are) whilst being shocked at those whose lives have been destroyed by addiction. Hopefully other parents will slap this nonsense down by voting "NO!" as well.

As for murdering Granny..... picture the scene: Granny lives in a $3 million house; she is widowed (as her businessman husband worked his fingers to the bone whilst she bought dresses and "lunched"). You earn decent money, but owe more money than the 3rd World. Your two friends from high school, now Doctors, are in the same boat. A scheme is hatched; Granny is murdered - her death warrant signed off by the (ahem) "safeguard" of having TWO physicians. They inject her with poison, and not being complete muppets make sure she's cremated smartly. You inherit her house. Sell it quicker than you can say "Jack Robinson". Pay off your own mortgage and debts, with a healthy amount left over. You pay each of your two Doctor friends 5% - $150,000 a piece.

(See what I am getting at here folks?)

Some of us know the empty pocketed Auckland middle class far too well not to put it past them - venality doesn't begin to describe millennials residing in white suburbia.....(why take the risk?)



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All these elections; actually becoming a bit of a bore to be honest.

Just nipped across the street to where there is a polling station to do my bit in the fight against socialism in NZ. Probably an exercise in futility as everyone has long since drunk the kool aid and have moved on to mainlining it! Voted Tory for several elections but Judith is...well, a woman - and there's no way I would vote for one of the ladies (christ - that's ALL we'd need!).

So - $10 whore that I am Sticking out tongue - this time it's.... "You-Know-Who"


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What a pain the the neck the last 3 days have been!

I was duped, conned, tricked by my spouse into showing two high school sports teams around town. I agreed thinking it would be a lot of cute 17/18 year old boys I could flirt with (as you do) - and he said they were real country yokel types. From the West Coast, and rural Waikato.

I should have known; should have smelt a rat.

The first team were (to my horror)....girls - who drove me up the wall, as females do. Giggling. Irrational conversations. Asking stupid questions.

(Oh ha-bloody-ha! Rawiri - thanks for that)

But they seemed to appreciate me showing them around the art gallery, museum, various quake damaged sites, to fill in time before their sporting contests.

One amusing incident did occur when we left the art gallery. I used to live in a flat right across the street, back in the 1990s, and one girl asked "is it true you used to live over there?", I replied that I had, yes.

She then asked "is it true what Ra said - that you had 600 guys pass through there in only four years?" to hoots of laughter from the others (who apparently had been dying to ask too). For once I was stuck for an answer; mumbled they were far too young to know of such things - and hastily moved on (Oh boy!)

Yesterday things got worse.

The boys team turned up and to my horror were from a Catholic boys school. They all had Irish surnames! If there is one thing I find horrific it is Irish Catholics (even if they are aged 17 and cute). Rawiri had really fitted me up knowing how I would react. Very funny.

So yes showed these fellows around town yesterday; they were polite - ("so is it true what Ra was telling us about your old flat...?") - friendly, enjoyed seeings lots of new things, but yes, well...hmmmmm.....

I couldn't stop thinking about "genetic defects" and how many generations said defects had been sloshing around their families in order to produce these fellows. I shudder at the thought. I also shudder at the notion that in the Catholic world such things are considered "normal".

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is to demonstrate that I am not exaggerating. What I have said about Irish Catholics is true because of the other thing I have been doing....

Reading Jim Bolger's insane new book.

He is mad, quite mad (genetic defects again!) and he basically advocates left wing socialism as the answer to NZ's problems. Started reading it on Tuesday night and he goes on and on with utterly bizarre proposals to turn the clock back.

He also launches a chilling attack on western civilization and white people, values and culture. Basically saying it should be abandoned in favour of primitive savagery.

In NZ he advocates the adoption of that insidious cancer, with a 100% failure rate, Maori language and culture. That European culture and language in this country should be phased out - and the sooner the better.

It leaves one breathless. Stunned. Unable to speak.


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the "Vote Compass" survey thingy on the Channel One News website - got 81% New Conservative, 79% ACT and nobody else came close to me. Interesting.


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Have always said Lindsay should do this sort of thing - chat with the audience, the solopassion regular folk.

Bill has done another stratosphere lounge after a break. He discusses his new series about American heroes. Well worth watching...

I am not the only American Patriot in my family....

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(A true story)

1893 New York City.

Antonio, a 17 year old recent immigrant to America from Sicily was working for the New York Department of Street Cleaning (forerunner of the Sanitation department) for 10 cents per hour. It was hard work, often dangerous work; monotonous; 12 hours per day. But at least he was in America, at least he had escaped his village of Sciara, Sicily where there was no real future for someone like him, nothing to look forward to except being a peasant. He also viewed 10 cents per hour and his weekly paypacket as a great deal of money (in contrast to the handwringing from left wingers and socialists as to how he was apparently being 'exploited'). 

In the evenings he would learn English, discover things about America and American culture, all in an attempt to fit in, to become American - or else what was the point of being here? He apparently mastered the English language surprisingly quickly, not only his understanding of it but, although he always spoke with a pronounced accent, was fairly fluent in English within a couple of years.

One day in 1896 Antonio was given a task by his foreman and it was all cocked up; what actually happened has been lost to history, but the end result was he was let go by his employer, the Department of Street Cleaning, because he was illiterate.

Antonio was rather annoyed at this development but decided not to let it get him down; he was determined to be a success in America, so decided to take urgent action. He had a friend who worked for an Insurance company downtown so approached this fellow to see if he could offer any advice. He could - they had a vacancy for a maintenance man at their office in Indianapolis; one thing led to another and Antonio got the job and moved to the midwest. Something which struck Antonio about midwestern America at the turn of the 20th century was the enormous potential that existed; the place was rapidly developing, huge numbers of people were moving there; opportunities abounded. He kept his eyes and ears open.

One of the things he'd been doing at night and in his spare time (and how on earth this came about has been lost to history), was making soap. He either developed, or got hold of, a recipe and had this sideline. Would make soap and sell it at markets or to people in his neighborhood who wanted it.

In 1902 a local store owner offered Antonio a large order to supply soap, and e was off and running.

Over the years his business career in the soap business prospered. He also married, raised a family, became a pillar of the community, invested in real estate, invested in stocks, donated to charities. Quite the immigrant success story. The roaring twenties saw Antonio's wealth increase exponentially and after a civic reception to commemorate 25 years in business he was approached by a major corporation and made an offer for his soap company. After 25 years, with various other opportunities and activities he wanted to pursue, and now well into middle age, he agreed.

He turned up to their Chicago headquarters with his attorney on the appointed day to complete the sale. The contract was placed in front of him by the company President and a slightly embarrassed Antonio handed it to his lawyer to read and explain to him. The company President asked what the problem was and Antonio admitted he couldn't read or write, but that his lawyer would do it for him - there was no actual problem with the sale.

A short time later the lawyer explained what it meant; all fairly straightforward; Antonio placed his cross on the agreement and pocketed the cheque.

The company President broke out the orange juice (this was Prohibition America, don't forget) to celebrate the transaction and said "it's too bad, imagine what you'd be if you could read and write Antonio" to which he replied "Oh I know that sir - if I could read and write I would be cleaning up horse shit on the streets of New York for 10 cents per hour"


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Of Kim's ads - really cuts to the chase...


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Is not just me saving the republic.

Have a look at the campaign ads of this woman in Baltimore....


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also voted for the State legislature and US House election - but didn't bother with the other stuff.

I remember 4 years ago feeling the most outrageous humbug voting in the marijuana referendum in California (against legalisation), along with other riveting stuff like taxing plastic bags, and water restrictions, and a city council member in (who cares?). So yes, skipped that and just stuck to President, State Assembly, US House (I do think Ted Lieu is the worst congressman in history. Illiterate fool).


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a shot of the entire page - with my passport....


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is the "After" photograph - printed out...


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way it works, at least in California, is you go to the election officials website, make your selection online, then print it out, sign a declaration, and post or fax back to them.

Here is the "Before" photograph, my selection on their website...

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