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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-09-23 06:55

... but not really. The gorgeous specimen below is Frank Tufano, one of YouTube's most successful proponents of the thoroughly unWoke Carnivore Diet. The Carnivore Diet, consisting exclusively of animal foods, would be outlawed by the likes of Occasional Cortex and the World Health Organisation, who would make Veganism (and its attendant psychotic humorlessness) mandatory. I can personally attest that drastically reducing the ingestion of plant foods, especially refined plant foods, is KASS for weight loss and overall health. My point here, however, is that the hilarity of Frank's piss-take of upward-inflecting, fry-quacking soy-boys would be entirely wasted on said soy-boys, since loss of humour is as notorious among Vegans as loss of libido. Note that Frank is a much prettier version of Jacinda Podesta, and he has much better tits (even as he captures her "speech" perfectly). That is, he has tits. Note also that 45% of American gays are going to vote for Orange the Magnificent, as well they might since Orange Man Bad is leading the campaign to decriminalise homosexuality all around the world. Given that many people lie to pollsters out of fear of being doxxed or cancelled by Woke-Fascists, 45% probably translates into 75%.


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Just stick to the four main food groups -

1. Pies
2. Fish and chips
3. Roast dinners
4. Hamburgers

Doesn't seem to have done me any harm Sticking out tongue

Who would want to?

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You mean lettuce and spinach and silverbeet? Chocca with inflammatory oxalates. And disgusting as well! Yes, I agree that root vegetables taste good ... drenched in butter. Not as good as a juicy steak though! Evil Evil


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You can eat vegetables and still lose weight, Lindsay, provided they are green and grow above the ground. Root vegetables - potato, parsnip, yam, kumara, artichoke and the like - are carbohydrate stores, and it is ingestion of carbohydrates that cause weight gain, or (more accurately) prevent a person from utilising their fat stores. Trouble is, a lot of root vegetables taste so damned good!


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Haven't bothered with NZ news for weeks, and haven't been following the election at all....

Is it true ACT are on 7%?!? Shocked - (can't turn my back for 5 minutes, can I haha!)


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True - and the opposition isn't much better, alas. There really is no hope for the future

Amazingly ...

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.... such "people" are in charge of our government. Supported by Obleftivists!! The great shame is that bananas, organic or otherwise, would be entirely wasted on them!


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Oh very funny!

Sitting here roaring with laughter!!'s totally natural because there's an organic sticker on the bananas.. Sticking out tongue haha!!

Such people are complete muppets

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