The “Bleach" Lie About Trump was Pure Fake News

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Submitted by Olivia on Thu, 2020-09-24 04:37

By Olivia Pierson​

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
Winston Churchill

I heard Richard Prebble on the Leighton Smith podcast today parrot the fake news lie about President Trump telling people to inject/swallow bleach as a cure for Covid-19.

Prebble said:

“It was only when Trump suggested that people start swallowing bleach that his popularity fell.”

It tripped off Prebble's tongue as if he thought he was on very solid ground in knowing what the hell he was talking about. He doesn’t, on this topic at least. He’s just being a dummy.

So, for all the other dummies out there who think this is true because the fake news media says it is, I’ll explain to you why it was just another hysterical lie made up by Trump’s enemies.

That particular Coronavirus Taskforce press briefing, the origin of where this false accusation against Trump came from, is available for anyone to view for themselves on YouTube.

Bill Bryan, Director of Science and Technology at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was doing research for the Taskforce on the biology of the virus and took the podium to present their recent findings that on surfaces, doorhandles, bench tops etc, the virus was rapidly killed just by exposure to humidity and higher temperatures. But if you “injected” (Bryan's term) UV rays or sunlight "into that” (experiments on virus particles, I assume) the half-life of the virus goes from 6 hours to 2 minutes. He used the term “inject” quite a few times to mean “introduce,” as I don’t see how you can actually inject UV rays or sunlight through a hypodermic needle.

Bryan then explains that his team works with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, to have a droplet of the virus suspended in the air in something like a Home Depot bucket but 4 times the size - to do the aerosol testing (saliva and respiratory fluids) which before then had not been done.

Bryan goes on to say they were testing disinfectants and their ability to kill the virus in seconds - especially bleach and isopropyl alcohol. All of this testing was to prevent exposure and transmission of the virus.

Bryan finishes up and Trump comes to the podium and says while thinking aloud:

“I’ll ask Bill a question that maybe some of you are thinking of, if you’re into this world - because it’s very interesting… Supposing we hit the body with either ultraviolet or just very powerful light.”

Trump then looks over to Bryan and asks:

“And I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it?”
(Which means they had discussed this before this highly public moment.)

Trump, intimating their earlier conversation, says:

“Then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do, either through the skin or some other way,”

- again Trumps looks over to Bryan and asks:

“And I think you said you’re going to test that too? It sounds interesting.”

Then Trump continues this spitballing style with Bryan in the room with the press pool and says:

“And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute [the virus] and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because it [the virus] gets on the lungs and does a tremendous number on the lungs. It would be interesting to check that, you’re going to have to use medical doctors… but it sounds interesting to me.”

That was it.

So Trump asks the Director of Science and Tech a question about potential new ways to kill the virus (not only on surfaces) and it was spun the next day into different variations of:

"Trump told Americans to inject or swallow bleach, lysol and other household disinfectants!"

Pure fake news. No such thing was said. Anyone can check the whole thing out for themselves in the context of the ideas being thrown around the room.

What Trump actually said was so unobjectionable that even the press pool, who mostly hate his guts and do nothing but try to play professional “gotcha” everyday - barely batted an eyelid about it for the next 35 minutes of intense questioning.

In fact, the press pool were strongly engaged in trying to show how stupid he was for encouraging people to spend a bit of time outside in the sunshine.

This pathetic question came from an unpleasantly nasal journalist who sounds as though his nuts have never dropped, and it illustrates the gotcha-game in play perfectly:

“Mr. President, after the presentation we just saw about the heat and the humidity, is it dangerous for you to make people think they’re safe by going outside in the heat considering so many people are dying in Florida and considering this virus has had an outbreak in Singapore, places that are hot and humid?”

Trump gets pretty tetchy and sarcastically retorts in his amusing way:

“Here we go. The new headline is 'Trump asks people to go outside - that’s dangerous!' Here we go... same old group. Are you ready? I hope people go outside and enjoy the sun and if it has an impact, that’s great.”

Trump then looks over to his medical science team, and as if taking the piss in a black-comedic public parody says:

“I would like you to speak to the medical doctors to see if there is any way to apply light and heat to a cure - maybe you can maybe you can’t, I don’t know. I’m not a doctor. I’m just a person who has a good.. you know what...”

... and he points to his head.

At no time did he remotely “encourage people to drink, swallow or ingest bleach,” and at no time did he encourage people to "inject disinfectant into their bodies."

However, the next day was not the headline Trump had sarcastically predicted it might be.

​The headline from Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter account was:

Mr. President, drinking bleach and injecting Lysol won't make it disappear.

Joe Biden tweeted out:

I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t drink bleach!

Joe didn’t need to say that, but we know dementia patients are prone to mindless ejaculations.

The whole world media then went mad, because they’re instructed to, as they’ve done so many times before when they are told that Trump has said or done something egregiously objectionable. They nod and obey.

Remember how abandoning the Kurds in Syria was going to create a mass genocide?
Remember how the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani was going to immediately ignite WWIII?
Remember when the killing of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was going to severely upset the Muslims? (Whereas the assassination of Usama Bin Laden, by Obama, would somehow not illicit a response.)
Remember how moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was going to “cause an absolute explosion” and ruin peace in the Middle East for all time?

This “Trump said drink bleach" bullshit was only ever a dirty little Democrat tactic, a filthy lie, concocted and sprayed out of every single news orifice known to man in order to make Trump look foolish.

And here in this country at the bottom of the world, we have “thoughtful” folks, like Prebble - well educated, well travelled, well informed and yet repeating this kind of on the fly, cheap bullshit on a podcast as if it’s the gospel truth.

The really odd thing is that we still use chlorine to disinfect our town water supplies, which means most of us actually do ingest disinfectant every single day of our lives and we give it to our babies and children - and nobody gives a stuff.


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is the ACT rally this afternoon.....

Outright lies from Trump's opponents

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It is astounding how many Kiwis are ignorant of the goings-on in Trump's America, partly because (as someone else has pointed out) NZ gets the bulk of its news feed from the US 'legacy media'. And partly because the Dems, and fifth columnists such as Romney, persist in propogating outright lies even after they have been thoroughly debunked - the classic one being the "very fine people" misquote from 2017.


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Attended the ACT campaign rally in Christchurch this afternoon.

Before I continue I want to put a couple of things into context. My spouse, Rawiri, is a lifelong supporter of Winston. Such folk cannot be reasoned with haha!

Ra, like thousands of other younger Maori guys, does not believe - genuinely does not accept as being true - things Winston said or did (which are completely discredited "by history") in the decade prior to Rawiri's.... birth - let alone in the last 3 years! haha!

It goes without saying that Lindsay could mention 101 things from interviewing Winston back in the day, which utterly discredit him. However Rawiri - and vast numbers of other young Maori guys - don't care. I mean, we all know what Maoris are like - you can't tell them anything - but they're even worse when it comes to Winston! haha!

My point is.... we, Ra and I, simply don't discuss NZ politics because what would be served by that?

So (and it's important you folk understand this) although I don't go sneaking around - (and in any event Rawiri and I are married, that means I'm his "old man" and he does what I tell him Wink haha!) - I didn't mention I was attending the ACT rally because I didn't want any trouble.

Imagine if Ra had attended; storming off in a highly embarrassing huff if/when Winston was criticized; too awful to contemplate (Ugh!!)

Anyway, back to the rally.....

There were a couple of hundred people there - beautiful white people; businessmen, professional men, housewives. Warms the cockles.

Seymour was very impressive.

I can't deny it.

He spoke for an hour and I found myself nodding my head on numerous occasions.

Ironically the part of his address which made the greatest impact was his "subtle but actually brutal" attacks on the National party -

" 71 years and 5 governments National haven't reversed a single labour policy..."

A literally truthful statement which strikes a chord with someone who has voted for the National party on several consecutive occasions and has spent his life thinking Muldoon was just marvelous.

What did strike me is how gay the ACT people are....Tongue

If you've ever - and I am presuming you haven't (including Lindsay) - been to a gay sauna on a Saturday night around 1am, you get these guys who are so hopeless, so closeted, they are incapable take them by the hand, lead them into a room and take them to heaven and back. The nerdy misfit gay guys.

This is what Seymour and his entourage reminded me of!

The younger ACT youth guys, along with some staffers, and others...soooooo faggy! Soooooooo gay!

It was patently obvious to me, anyway, and consequently hilarious!

One thing which does strike me....there is trouble brewing; like Bruce Beetham and Peter Dunne before him, Seymour may not be particularly suited to an actual caucus - other MPs. Performs well when it is just him, but I seriously doubt he will have much time for colleagues.

As an aside.... The "One News" camera man was pretty cute; we got chatting ( as you do) and he said he'd put shots of me on the channel one news tonight.

Your last line makes a good

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Your last line makes a good point. I wrote last year in a piece that neo Marxists and neo-liberals share certain qualities.

First, they are Headgehog thinkers- one big idea to explain all and everything;

Secondly an unshakeable belief in impersonal material forces scil the market;

Thirdly, pursuant to 1 and 2, the value of a person is soley material and of one thing- as I was told by one Wellington Swamp one- is how much the value (read money) you make, that is your value as a professional becasue the market has ascribes that. That is a reductionist precept such as reducing everthing to skin colour. Both fail to understand that the world and people are complex, varied and dispirit;

Fourthly, both seem to eschew empirical data that conflcits with the big theory; both tend not to like ideas and free speech that contradicts their preconceptions both are anti intellectual while, as Evan Sayet says in Eden's Kindergarten on liberals (US sense), it seems to me both espouse intellectualist jargon.

Fifthly, both have points of failure for failing to take into account human nature.

Sixth, the infantile Neo Marxists and Neo-Liberals seek perfection of an "Eden" in their respective faiths.

Seventh, both are fine with suffering. I take a mundane example from experience. Thus a feminist lawyer can say to you if you are hungry that one should have counselling (not a job); the Neo liberal lawyer can say that "asking to be paid because you are hungry is not a reason to be paid."

As Sayet says of the left, and it applies to both in my view, each play with mere rhetoric to avoid the individual. Law like the media and academia are according to Sayet are the Rhetorical Professions and have become (I would say in part except for MSM) detached from reality; and

Finally, both share high levels of egotism and narcissism


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Of fake news, if you want to have a good laugh - here is the NZ Journalist Code of Ethics.

We should offer a cash prize for how quickly - (half a minute?) - it takes you to find 10 breaches of (a) in today's paper alone! Tongue haha!

(This really is a sick, sick joke)….....

(a) They shall report and interpret the news with scrupulous honesty by striving to disclose all essential facts and by not suppressing relevant, available facts or distorting by wrong or improper emphasis.

(b) They shall not place unnecessary emphasis on gender, race, sexual preference, religious belief, marital status or physical or mental disability.

(c) In all circumstances they shall respect all confidences received in the course of their occupation.

(d) They shall not allow personal interests to influence them in their professional duties.

(e) They shall not allow their professional duties to be influenced by any consideration, gift or advantage offered and, where appropriate, shall disclose any such offer.

(f) They shall not allow advertising or commercial considerations to influence them in their professional duties.

(g) They shall use fair and honest means to obtain news, pictures, films, tapes and documents.

(Grade They shall identify themselves and their employers before obtaining any interview for publication or broadcast.

(i) They shall respect private grief and personal privacy and shall have the right to resist compulsion to intrude on them.

(Crazy They shall do their utmost to correct any published or broadcast information found to be harmfully inaccurate.

Guilty of self defence

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My point on the rule of law and narritive is exampled here:

Our MSM..

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That this "fake news" can get repeated has to be laid at the feet of our MSM news sites.

The New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN are the main feeders into NZ of news on the POTUS. These US sites have since 2016 have long ago let any semblance of neutral reporting go. The are activist and align with the neo marxist "crtical theory narrative.

Earlier this year (June) one senior journalist, Bari Weiss, resigned over bullying and the lack of freedom of opinion in relation to Senator Tom Cotton's op ed on the riots and looting.

The NYT has promoted the ahistorial 1619 project as history when it avowedly is not and has been rejected by many academic historians.

Our MSM is happy to repeat anti Trump tropes but when they are proved to be false are never corrected. Our MSM by copying and pasting articles lack judgment and disclose a lack of knowledge of (a) US History and (b) US Civics- the US is a federal system and the POTUS has limited to no authority over what states do. The New York covid 19 deaths don't fall on POTUS but on the Governor. But we see in US MSM news statements that Trump is killing people.

What is aalrming in the US is the undermining of the rule of law and due process. A process evident from the Obama administation. The Beronna Taylor verdict of the Grand Jury in Louisville yesterday has lead to BLM protests. BLM's bona fides must be questioned (funding by Mr Soros to the tune of $220M, according to the NYT, and with conections to certain socialsit and communist countries and the aim of over throwing the US) . The Kentucky A-G Mr Cameron warned that Hollywood elites and MSM were not in possession of the full facts and should not fan the flames but they have. Cases fall to be decided on their own facts and the Grand Jury deliberated on them. Should a critical theory narrative prevail? Due process is better than Mob justice and extra judial lynchings and killings. Charging mudrer in this case is very difficult if not impossible. But BLM and MSM have no real comprehension of the law BLM wants the rule of law over turned. It does not suit the narrative of 'burn it down.'

Professor Turley has written:

Thus the Clorox nonsense like most of what POTUS is alleged to have said lies at the feet of our and the US MSM. when Sydney Powell (Flynn's lawyer) and Heather McDonald have said is that Trump is what stands between the rule of law and anarchy and the fate of the republic. There is no fair reporting of or on Mr Trump by MSM. Asking informed NZ people I know to be fair and assess him as Victor Davis Hansen does (whose book I have not seen in any NZ book shop so far but Woodward's and Mary Trump's books are availalble). One ACT party (but a swamper) person told me Trump is vile which is odd as Trump is Reagan centre right politically. While their could be someone better (there always can) , for the present he is the 'Achilles' of the times.

It is not well understood how close to the precipice of revolution the US is and in which BLM and ANTIFA are playing the role of useful disrupters and idiots. International politics are at play here as well. If revoluition ensures after it those bodies will be supressed. Douglas Murray has well expounded the present postion.

MSM substituted factual reporting and truth for the critical theory construct of narrative. Clorox would be better to flush out Isaiah Berlin's apt metaphor of the 'Hedge Hog" of the mono mania hate doctrine of critical theory and Neo Marxism.


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They do give that impression, happy to hang out the "Open For Business" sign.

So many people in that party seem awfully "odd"; misfits and lunatics with strange priorities (like murdering "Granny" to get your hands on her loot).

I know many solo passion regulars intend to vote ACT, that's your business, your right, but just remember that these are not exactly "normal" people.


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Seymour, Prebble, Hide et al are part of a Globalist Sorosian cabal. Along with Winston, I might add. No point my asking them anything.


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Should contact him and ask.... "Do you expect to be sacked Mr Prebble?" as you famously did once before Tongue

Seymour must know an awful lot of ACT people support Trump (freedom-lovers!!); hope he tells Prebble his services are no longer required.


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It's not just "a bit silly" and neither is Prebble being "just a dummy." He's being EVIL!!

Prebble and ACT are Soros/Popper!! Wake the fuck up!!!!!


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Is a bit silly of Prebble to say that.

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