Back to the Garden!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2020-09-27 06:34

For the most part, the women in public life today are evil to their rotten core. So evil they not only give credence to the Adam and Eve legend, they make the serpent seem angelic. Angela (!!) Merkel, Crooked Hillary, Kamala Harris, Occasional Cortex, Teresa May, Illhegal Omar, Nancy Antoinette, Jacinda Podesta, Linda Sarsour ... these and other female entities are driving humanity towards 1984, where Big Sister Is Watching You, with a diabolical determination that can evoke only the most supreme disbelief and disgust among humans. It's not that most men are any better; rather, it's just that in their incomprehensibly pussy-struck state, they'll passively, gutlessly go along with anything.
Today, not in the Garden of Eden but the Rose Garden, we were reminded of innocence, and decency, and beautiful humanity of both genders. Orange the Magnificent confirmed that Amy Coney Barrett is his nominee for the Supreme Court. 

Already the Woke-Fascists of the Left have lost their collective non-minds. What will they do? Last time, with Kavanaugh, they dragged out Professor Prissy Brazen Fraud to lie for six hours straight in her vile fry-quacking atrocity of an anti-voice about a sexual assault that never took place. That's what they do, on the Woke-Fascist Left. But even in these post-modern times when it is universal dogma that there is no objective truth—and if there were, we'd have no way of knowing it—the Dem-Scum couldn't make it stick—mere assertion in the total absence of evidence did not suffice—and Kavanaugh was confirmed. 

So again, what will they do? 

We'll find out soon enough. It will be very ugly. Even uglier than Linda Sarsour.

Now if it were me....

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Channel 3 news is making a great fuss about the job of "deputy" Prime Minister. A bizarre competition has arisen: will it be - (the soon to be unemployed) - James Shaw, or David Seymour?

If I were Seymour - I would be saying:

"the only government I will be a part of is the one I am leading; Judith can be MY deputy so I can teach her how to govern" Sticking out tongue

Really put these bitches in their place! haha!


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saddest thing about this general election is the left wingers want to take us back. They have a (completely untrue) belief they've been peddling for 30 years - backed up by young people who weren't alive - that there was some long lost golden age which was destroyed by Sir Roger Douglas.

Already we have had Winston and James Shaw discuss the idea of selecting which sort of stuff we should import and which we should make domestically; Grant Robertson is trying to outdo Muldoon in the debt stakes, and it is deeply concerning for anybody with half a brain, or who was actually around in the bad old days.

Picture the scene.....It is the school holidays; a Mother takes her child to Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand. Whilst there they see various historical exhibitions of domestically manufactured products - Pye television sets, children drinking school milk, Philco valve radios, wringer washing machines, Morris minor cars, stubbies, sunshine jellies, Leed lemonade, Shacklock ovens, Cold Duck wine.

The child asks its Mother "Mummy look at all these strange things from the past", only to be told "No dear - this is the FUTURE" Shocked


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May not be lost.

The channel 3 news poll on sunday didn't "sound" right - it took too long to undertake, overlooked several demographics.

(Jacinda immediately saying she wouldn't "govern alone" - there would still be a coalition - tells me labour also thinks it didn't sound right, didn't match their own polling)

The channel 1 poll yesterday did "sound" about right - national tracking up, labour tracking down, ACT above the threshold.

It was undertaken after the appallingly bad economic figures and projections were announced and - to put it bluntly - there's 10% of middle NZ white people out there who have been seduced by jacinda being "nice".

But they aren't completely stupid and the GDP and " 15 years of deficits " are reminding them why neither they (nor their parents before them) vote labour haha! Sticking out tongue

My own prediction has always been labour 43% - ahead of Helen; about what Lange did in '84.

I also predict national on about 37%, Winston 3% (outski), Maoris 1%, new conservative 2%, "others" 2%.

Here is where it gets ......"interesting" Eye

It's hard to see the greens getting back. They are only just making it in all polls, but on the day they always poll less than expected because so many of their 'supporters' are drop out teenagers....(rather than, ummmm, people interested in ecology)

So I think it is still even money as to who ends up as the government. I am seldom wrong about these things.

Imagine the following scenario.....

Labour 43%
National 37%
Act 7%
Greens .....4.8% Sticking out tongue

then it's "f**k you jacinda" time hahaha!!!

It is going to get poetic

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This very-soon-to-be-Supreme Court Justice, with two children adopted from Haiti, will have a direct role in seeing to the exposure of the Clintons, the worldwide elite, and all that they have done to the children of Haiti and the world.

Remember when candidate Trump said at the Al Smith Charity Dinner that Killery believes it takes a village, and they certainly know it in Haiti, where she has taken several of them? Remember that? You will be reminded of it over and over soon when we watch the tribunals next year on GITMO TV.


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Pretty disgusting isn't it?

Hard to believe they want to destroy NZ so blatantly and without conscience, simply because pretty girls (ie: everyone else) used to bully and humiliate jacinda when she was growing up.

They all married rich dairy farmers, she was reduced to actually hiring an actor to play the role of her boyfriend.

It is rather odd to find somebody whose heart is so filled with hate; she's really that insane? that thin skinned? that unable to move beyond the year 1990?!? Shocked

Considering what "we" know is coming, and its consequences, and the effect on the living standards of the brain damaged middle class intending to vote for her - serves them all right!

Jacinda Podesta

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I call her that because Crooked Hillary's bag-boy, Podesta, who reeks of evil almost as much as Soros, called Jacinda his totalitarian movement's poster-child when he visited here just before the Mosque massacre. The massacre triggered gun confiscation, and now, "hate" speech laws that will criminalise criticism of Islam (and, I should imagine, the Chinese Communist Party). The massacre was unconscionable, but did not mitigate the fact that Islam is also unconscionable—only we will no longer be permitted to say so.

If Jihadi Jacinda Podesta is elected—which would be for the first time—then the ANZAC deaths that we used to commemorate but are no longer allowed to will have been in vain after all. We are confronting pure evil not in the guise of a scowling Big Brother but a fake-smiling Big Sister with a communications degree from the University of Wokeness, Waikato. An even greater evil are the dumb self-immolating sheeple who will vote for this creature because she's so "nice." Greater imbecility hath no "human" than this.

Jacinda Podesta is, of course, virtuously opposed to Orange Man Bad, whom she called an "asshole." She knows Trump stands in the way of her Woke-Fascist agenda. I did wonder, though, seeing her cameo appearance here at 4' 44", why she doesn't have her own driver?!

Speaking of women in politics....

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Dear Jacinda,

Will the proposed "hate speech" laws covering religion apply to anti semitism? (didn't think so)

Will the regular and virulent anti semitic rhetoric by Labour MPs, officials, and apparatchiks result in prosecution of these crimes? (didn't think so)

Will you also play dumb - like you did over Lees Galloway - when regular and virulent anti semitic rhetoric by Labour MPs, officials, and apparatchiks is drawn to your attention? (thought so)

Once it has been brought to your attention will you immediately dial 111 to report this blatant law breaking? (didn't think so)

When it has been brought to your attention on, say, 10 occasions - showing a clear pattern of behaviour - will you dial 111 to report this blatant law breaking?

If not, why not?

Why is it perfectly acceptable when your staff and colleagues break the law?

Will you downplay the use of anti semitic language as being a crime?

Will anti Islamic language be treated differently to anti semitic language? if so, why?


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Richard - you raise some good points. Although I don't think 72 is particularly "old" haha!

It would be a bit unusual, but there is nothing to prevent a Yes/No vote next Tuesday on Coney Barrett; my preferred option.

I think she's a great lady who ticks the right boxes. On another website I challenged some Demoscum supporters to give me 10 reasons why she is unqualified.

Still waiting for them to think of one reason haha!

I also pointed out to them that if she is not "un"-qualified then, logically, she is qualified and therefore should be confirmed..... (although logic of that sort is a bit beyond them)

The franchise & taxation

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Almost agree with you Elijah - perhaps limit the vote to those people who are net taxpayers. If a woman is a net taxpayer, let her vote.

On the subject of tax - I smiled today while driving past a placard for the New Conservative Party - they propose making the first $20k of income tax-free. Echoes of the Libz policy to make the first $50k tax-free, which as I recall was grounded in some research several years back that suggested anyone in NZ earning under $50k was a net welfare recipient.

Speculation and some interesting SCOTUS history

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Looking ahead, likely SCOTUS retirees in the near future would appear to be Stephen Breyer, aged 82, on the left "liberal" side; and Clarence Thomas, aged 72, a conservative. If Breyer's health fails in the next four years, Trump (assuming his re-election) could appoint a fourth Supreme Court Justice. If Thomas retires or falls ill, there could even be a fifth appointment by President Trump.

However he'd be doing well to beat FDR, who appointed NINE justices to SCOTUS. According to Wikipedia, the interval between nomination and confirmation for these nine were: 5 days, 10 days, 12 days, 15 days, 12 days, 0 days (confirmed the same day!), 15 days, 25 days, 28 days. So getting ACB confirmed in the 37 days before Nov 3 is certainly not without precedent.

FDR also has a record unlikely to ever be eclipsed - he nominated THREE judges for SCOTUS on the same day (June 12, 1941). Seven of his nine nominations were confirmed by a voice vote ("those in favour say 'aye'...") in the Senate. Of course, Congress was heavily Democratic at the time.


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First I thought Lindsay had posted about this song! Haha! Sticking out tongue

But seriously, I have almost nothing to do with the womenfolk - they're all silly b**ches - and find it astounding so many have done so well in politics.

All the more reason to return the franchise to what it was prior to the 1832 Reform act.

Never had these problems in the days of rotten boroughs; there was a very good reason why "Old Sarum" elected 2 Members of Parliament but didn't have any ....well...any actual....ummmmm....residents or voters. Was a good system!

A good weekend for Orange Man

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A momentous weekend - not only the nomination of ACB for SCOTUS, but naming Antifa and the KKK as terrorist organisations. With the KKK (thankfully) no longer a significant player - it's more the butt of ridicule these days - the latter declaration was symbolic, and about a hundred years overdue. But assuming President Trump is re-elected, on November 4 the federal government should come down heavily on the rioters and do some serious investigation into the role of Soros in all of it. And hopefully cancel his U.S. passport.

As an aside - Joe Biden's latest gaffe, claiming he was elected to the Senate 180 years ago, means the alternative to Four More Years is President Kamala Harris. All the more reason why Orange Man must utterly destroy Biden in the televised debates.

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