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Yaron Brook, Peter Schwartz, Onkar Ghate, Ben Bayer, Robert Mayhew, Elan Journo:  Shysters

That leaves Harry Binswanger, to be either added to this article later or made the subject of a separate article. I’ve heard that Gregory Salmieri has weighed in somewhere but I haven’t located it yet.

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A plague on both their houses

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Craig Biddle is editor and cofounder of The Objective Standard magazine. It was once closely associated with ARI. In 2010 Biddle fell out of favor with ARI when he defended John McCaskey against Leonard Peikoff. In 2018 Biddle and ARI patched up their differences and agreed that Biddle’s TOS and ARI (then directed by Yaron Brook) would advertise each other.

But then, according to Carl Barney’s blogpost, Onkar Ghate of ARI persuaded Brook not to keep ARI’s part of the bargain. So Barney left ARI and founded the Objective Standard Institute, appointing Biddle its director.

Barney insinuates that he decided to leave ARI because of ARI’s treatment of Biddle. The truth is as follows. Barney started donating to ARI in 1985 and was always its largest donor. Soon ARI put him on its board of directors. Barney suddenly stopped donating in mid 2018 but remained on ARI’s board. In early March 2019 the board unanimously (except for him) voted to remove him. This last is according to ARI’s brief response to Barney’s blogpost. (ARI is believable here, otherwise they would have to lie for 11 board members.)

Another problem with Barney’s post is that it looks like ARI kept its part of the bargain and advertised TOS.

Anyway, considering Barney’s career he has no business talking to us about truth and honor. For example see Barney’s Big Lie. Neither does anyone at ARI, see the rest of

Now we see why Biddle praised Carl Barney

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This is illuminating if true and exposes Yaron Brook and Onkar Ghate as untrustworthy religionists.

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