Memo to The Filth: You Haven't Won Yet!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-10-02 06:55

The Filth—Woke-Fascists, Islamic gay-stoners, the media, Hollywood, pomo-Academia, Obleftivists—will all be cock-a-hoop over the news that Orange and Melania have tested positive for the Communist China Virus. The Filth will be openly rooting for the deaths of both, as is already their wont. That is what they do. That is their way of dealing with dissent: to wish dissenters dead. The regime they worship sent this virus to all of us while closing down travel within its own borders. That same regime paid Hunter Biden billions of dollars in order to buy Joe—Lyin' Biden. Successfully. But, Filth, it's not over. Orange the Magnificent is a fighter. You are all, collectively, Hitler—but he is singly Churchill. And we know who won in the end. So, Filth, shove your snark; your nihilism; your infantile trolling and blackmailing; your Cancel Culture; your freedom-hatred; your psychotic loathing for Western Civilisation; your PROFA and Only Black Lives Matter; your insufferable, prissy sanctimonious scoldery ... shove all of the above right up your retentive anuses, you unutterable garbage! Orange will prevail! Your tyranny project, Filth, will collapse!

And this:


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Was a bit strange, wasn't it? Shock

I was appalled that anybody, let alone a US Senator, would discuss such matters with one of the womenfolk; even more appalled it was a woman saying those things! Have they no shame? No dignity?

Pity the stupid cow didn't ask any questions about Coney Barrett's qualifications to be a supreme court justice! (such a novelty)

Does The Filth Never Let Up?

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Here's Horrendous Hirono today, asking the nominee if she's ever sexually abused anyone:

As Orange would say, "These people are sick." But their sickness doesn't excuse them. They're evil. The Filth.


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I have found hilarious in the last couple of days is the reaction of the media, politicians, and the establishment to the President return to the White House.

Picture the scene - mid winter, coldest week of the year, the construction worker who has an awful case of the flu. Gets out of bed, pops an aspirin in his mouth, goes to work, sits in a crane feeling rotten shifting enormous steel beams around.

That's Donald Trump.

Or John Wayne getting back on his horse after being shot by a couple of red Indians.

That's Donald Trump.

Or Gary Cooper defending the town.

That's Donald Trump.

After two days in hospital Trump dusts himself off, hops in his car, drives around waving to the crowd. After three days Trump wakes up ("oh I am still alive!") and decides to go home.

And these faggy, effete, utterly useless media/political/establishment girly men can't handle it.

Trump is a REAL man - and they know it.

They are not real men - drama queens, always making a fuss, weak, cowardly..... and they know it.

Waiting for Godot

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At best, they're still waiting for some John Galt version of Godot...though, like Kay Gonda in IDEAL, would they even recognize him if such a person were to show up, today?

At worst, they're treasonous bastards doing the work of George Soros and China.

Valiant Joe

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The worst part is that Obleftivists are not just innocently evading evil; they are actively embracing and promoting it. This is an upside-down world.

Eat Your Non-Existent Hearts Out, Filth!!

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"Don't let it dominate your life!"

Evil is impotent, but don't ignore it.

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As good a time as any to re-quote this:

(Question): " voiced a strongly pessimistic view of the future. How can you you say you're glad to be old, when one of the most important concepts of Objectivism is that irrationality must never be taken seriously?"

Rand: "What in hell gave you that impression? ...the only passage that I can imagine gave you this impression–and if so, makes me angrier, and hurt-is Dagny's line to Galt: 'We never had to take any of it seriously.' That's one of the most beautiful passages in my novel qua fiction. But it is light-years away from 'Irrationality is never to be taken seriously.'"

"I've written that one problem with Americans is that they don't believe in the reality of evil. You better take evil and irrationality seriously: not in the sense of regarding it as important-not in the sense of letting it determine the course of your life or your choice of career or other key values-but in the sense of not evading its existence. You should do everything in your power (though not at the price of self-sacrifice) to counteract evil and irrationality, which requires taking it seriously. But that is not the meaning of this line from ATLAS SHRUGGED."


Call out the propaganada

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I'm not suggesting to watch the show, I'm saying to NOT ignore the propaganda. I've had it with with people who've told me to "ignore it" when I've called out something on a tv show or news report, only to be told that I was reading too much into it, "it's just tv", "it's not important." Those are Alinsky's tactics meant to silence dissent.

Moral Identity

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"Moral Idenity" as used by Zara Rahim is a most curious and bizarre phrase


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God-Emperor - again!


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"The Project" TV show is something I don't bother watching.

They did a "news story" (*ahem*) a couple of years ago where one of the hosts, that ignorant cow Kanoa Lloyd, spent 30 seconds talking straight down the camera inadvertently repeating the talking points which Prime Minister ardern had said earlier that day during a radio interview..... with Lloyd's co-host Jessie Mulligan sitting beside her! Haha!


That was enough for me; basically a half hour infomercial for the labour party each night.

The problem is that the other channel isn't much better. The 7pm "current affairs" show on channel one is hosted by "news boy", Jeremy Wells.

In a previous life Wells co-hosted MTV New Zealand back in 1997/98, where he was known as news boy. Everyone my age tuned in to watch their hilarious antics and it was all great fun....when you're a teenager.

Fast forward 22/23 years and there is no way anybody could take news boy seriously; Jeremy Wells "News and current affairs broadcaster" is such a joke to anyone my age it's met with hoots of derisive laughter!!!

If you check the ratings their worst demographic is mine - men 35 to 44. I suspect that's because none of us who watched news boy on MTV back in the day can take him seriously! Haha! Tongue

So yes, there is nothing worth watching in that timeslot; not for anybody with a brain.

(The other thing about news boy is that back then - 1997/98 - you would hear all sorts of rumours about him. At parties, or in niteclubs, rumours would be whispered and, as it transpired, most of them were true! Lindsay being in the media presumably knows him and will know what I am referring to. So yes, the idea he hosts a "current affairs", serious stuff, is such a joke)

Ignore at your own peril

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"The Project is left wing propaganda and best ignored."

Ignoring left-wing propaganda is a big part of what brought us to this point, to begin with. ("The best trick the devil ever pulled is to convince people that he doesn't exist.") Like those who ignored or made excuses for this, when I tried to warn about Soros and the coming violence back in 2009.

Once again: Where are those naysayers, now? Jeff? Leonid? Rick? (Yaron? Well, we know where HE is...)

(Edit: No sooner did I post this when THIS showed up on Twitter. Ignore them? That is why they speak so openly, now. Take them at their word when they tell you who they are, and respond accordingly.)

"Soros Operative Openly Pines for America to Get Overthrown and Conquered by Foreign Powers"

A veteran operative of the George Soros network is openly pining on social media for a foreign invader to march into the U.S. and take over.

The self-described queer atheist social justice warrior Zack Ford made the declaration on his Twitter account. Ford works as the press secretary for the Alliance for Justice, a left-wing special interest group that has been funded by the Soros network. He had previously written for ThinkProgress before the fake news propaganda outlet went belly up last year.

“Anybody else feeling like this would be a great time for the U.S. to be conquered? Like not a violent war, just a really peaceful takeover — more like an intervention by all the other friendly democracies out there who’ve been watching what’s been going on here,” Ford wrote in a tweet.


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Joe, Lindsay - not doubting for a moment it occurred. The Project is left wing propaganda and best ignored.

I voted ACT as I mentioned in a post on Saturday, mainly because I won't vote for a woman (Judith Collins), and I guess ACT ticks enough boxes on freedom of speech, taxation, guns, and spending cuts.

I consider what he did last night far less appalling than his "Dancing With The Stars" behavior, which was undignified and a disgrace to the office he holds....(don't get me started on it!)

Hold your nose, look beyond personalities, and stick to guns, taxes, and freedom of speech; that's my advice.

Edit: Lindsay...the NC chap looks cute! Go find him, tell him you voted for him - then invite him for a drinkie Wink haha! (I know you aren't quite as lecherous as me, but well, never hurts to ask; he may well be 'up for it' Tongue haha!)

Speaking of getting angry

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Bill Whittle and Scott Ott discuss this fake "scandal"

(Notice how Scotty - fearing pitchforks and baseball bats - gives an hilarious disclaimer Tongue haha!)

But yes, this will make you very angry!


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Yesterday I was in Wgtn, where I am enrolled, and voted early. I gave ACT my party vote, thinking that, although Seymour is disgusting, he's less disgusting than the others. Furthermore, he has that free speech bill, a carbon copy of proposals I long ago outlined here. I know he'll do nothing about it, but thought with some extra MPs he might find a backbone. Reading this about Gutless Gormless Goofy and Orange, I very much regret my vote. Seymour is every bit as disgusting as the others. I gave my electorate vote to New Conservative, whose candidate is so young he's never voted before, let alone run for Parliament. I now wish I'd given them my party vote also, though I've been disappointed in Leighton Baker's utter limpness.


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Here it is, Eli:
"Watch: David Seymour impersonates Donald Trump, says COVID-19 diagnosis is 'comeuppance' "

ACT Party Leader David Seymour has impersonated US President Donald Trump on The Project Monday.

It comes after assumptions Trump has left a trail of COVID-19 infections after testing positive for the virus. Analysts said he could likely be a superspreader for COVID-19 after attending various campaign trails days beforehand.

"I think the problem is, no one's explained to him that super-spreading is a bad thing," host Jeremy Corbett said on The Project Monday.

"We're gonna do the best spreading, the best, we're all gonna do the perfect spreading, and you're going to like it a lot of people are going to like the spreading," Seymour mocked.

The ACT leader described Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19 as a "comeuppance" after talking down the severity of the virus for months.

"Look, just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any weirder, it's like some children's fairytale where people kinda get their comeuppance I suppose," Seymour said.


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Another thing..... In a couple of hours I will be posting stuff on the "What's actually going on" blog (been busy doing research for a few days); nearly finished; nearly ready.

Be good if there were discussions about that - rather than just this point scoring internally; rather than silence.

Problem I am finding is so many folk think this is all "new". It isn't, but it is only now we have the internet to spread the word.

All right

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Keep your hair on. What's this about Greg? He didn't post anything?!?

On the Project: David Seymour

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On the Project: David Seymour impersonates Donald Trump, says COVID-19 diagnosis is 'comeuppance'

Neale Jones @nealejones Oct

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Neale Jones

Oct 2
'It is a rule of mine that I never wish illness on another human being, but in this case I am willing to make an exception.'

Neale Jones, reptilian, political commentator, former Chief of Staff to Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern, and former Chief of Staff to Andrew Little.

Very good posts!

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Again I say, "If your blood isn't boiling, you're a waste of space."

I do not want to hear one more sanctimonious remonstration with me about my tone.

Paul Joseph Watson

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Gives a blistering attack on the filth. Please watch (5mins). Interestingly, in the short time it took me to watch - there were 38,000 views as it went from 128,000 to 166,000 on YouTube!

Yet again...

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Dave sums things up perfectly. Our dear friends at "Blue Collar Logic".

Watch right to the end where Dave hits it for six by saying ...if President Trump does succumb he'll be wondering why the Bobs' and Staceys' encountered so little resistance in their attempts to destroy America.."

So true, alas....


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News is the President seems to be improving; chappie on fox seemed pleased with his progress.


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Revolting isn't it Philip d? - but this is the new NZ everyone has signed up to - without complaint - when I warned about it on in not sure there are grounds for moaning.....

Some fat 'n' ugly woman: "Is

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Some fat 'n' ugly woman: "Is he dead yet?"

The revolting Alison Mau, NZ Stuff, Executive Producer: "I keep refreshing the browser but..."

A couple of days earlier on NZ Stuff:

'Stuff is politically non-partisan. Journalists should take care not to allow bias – or the perception of bias – in their reporting and in public comments, including on social media.'

Chinese invasion via infiltration

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Some of these people wishing death upon President Trump aren't just suffering from TDS, they're part of a larger effort to "invade from within", like Texas State Rep Gene Wu:

"TX Democrat Tries to Delete His Tweet Wishing Death Upon President Trump – Twitter Users Remind Him the Internet is Forever"


Since Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, the left has been spewing out hateful messages nonstop, hoping Trump will die from the virus.

Even government officials have started in this disgusting trend.

Texas Democrat Gene Wu took the low road today when we tweeted this despicable message wishing death upon President Trump:

Texas Democrat Gene Wu wishes death on Trump. Deletes tweet.
The party that repeatedly called for Trump to condemn hate groups is the largest and most brazen hate group in the country.

end quote

So, who is Texas State Rep Gene Wu (D)?

"Gene Wu (Chinese: 吳元之; pinyin: Wú Yuánzhī) is a Chinese-American politician and attorney who is a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives, serving since 2013. He was formerly a prosecutor for Harris County."

"Early life and education
Wu was born in Guangzhou in Guangdong province, China. Shortly after, his family immigrated to the United States, and spent time in Odessa, Texas before moving to Sharpstown, a working-class neighborhood in Southwest Houston.[3] He attended Ed White Elementary, Fondren Middle School, and St. Thomas Episcopal School."

"China virus", indeed. And he's probably a Soros-virus, as well.


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They never heard of the word "unseemly"? Crook'd Hillary would be better saying nothing than sticking her 5 cents in. (Stupid cow!)

As for Obarmarx....


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BTW, that creature in the image here: Obamarx/Crooked spokeswimmin-thing.

In the 24 hours since I posted the primary thread, utter vindication as The Filth went rampant. Surprisingly (!!) none of it on YouTube.

If your blood isn't boiling, you're a waste of space!

Thanks Joe

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It means a lot.

There was a time when guys would get the hump with was because I had porked their boyfriend! Tongue

And he would come back time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time again..... he had finally met a "real" man who took him to heaven and back! Haha!!!

Knew a "God-like Sex Warrior" when he saw one, and wanted to experience the greatest rapture of his life....(as everyone does when they meet me)

Now everyone gets all negative because of my political opinions! Shock

Red Pills go down hard

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"Never thought he (and the filth) would do this.

"I quite like 'ice cream' - and unlike most socialists he gives well argued, well thought out, comments. Therefore rather saddened by his comments where he actually wishes death upon another person.

"So yes Lindsay freely admit I was wrong and you were spot on about these people."

Sucks to be let down by people. Red pills are hard to swallow. No sugar to help the medicine go down. Bu it's necessary, nonetheless.

Thank You Eli!

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Very gracious! I wish I were NOT right!


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Only disgraces those that offer it" - as the saying goes.

Yes - I got it wrong; quite genuinely thought these people wouldn't stoop so low.

What really shocked me, saddened me, is another website where there are partisan political debates. A longtime sparring partner, "Ice Cream" is his non de plume, a really left winger made a couple of appalling posts.....just come from a very heated, very angry, debate with him and his two sicko henchmen.

Never thought he (and the filth) would do this.

I quite like "ice cream" - and unlike most socialists he gives well argued, well thought out, comments. Therefore rather saddened by his comments where he actually wishes death upon another person.

So yes Lindsay freely admit I was wrong and you were spot on about these people.

More Filth Gloating

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“I always pray for the president’s family, that they’re safe. I know he’ll have the best of care. Going into crowds unmasked and all the rest was sort of a brazen invitation for something like this to happen.” — Nancy Pelosi (unmasked in the hair salon)

"But we do want to say to people, come to Chinatown, here we are. We're again careful, safe, and come join us." — Nancy Pelosi (February, 2020, after Trump had banned travel from China and been condemned as "hysterical" and "xenophobic.")

"Well I did slightly leap in the air with joy. It is what it is, and I think the phrase is what goes around comes around." —Dominic West

"He still won't wear a mask. He only cares about himself and his life, NOT those around him or the people he took an oath to protect. Too many lives lost because of his deadly lies." —Rashida Tlaib, Founding Member, Ugly Wimmin's League

Rotten people...

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"The best trick the devil ever pulled is to convince people he doesn't exist."

And this:

"Tom Arnold shares Hope Hicks' cellphone number after she tests positive for coronavirus"
"The anti-Trump star suggested fans contact Hicks after her diagnosis"

I could go on, and on, but you get the point.

Believe half of what you see...

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Who knows what to expect, at this point...


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Nobody who knows what I've been putting up with in my "other" life over the last 4 months would describe me as Neville Chamberlain!

More like the guys landing on Omaha beach on D Day trying desperately to save the roof from caving in whilst - literally - facing the devil and the deep blue sea.

Even if I say so myself, I don't lack courage - even when the odds aren't great and various Australian state governments are making those odds even longer!

No Intention of Calming Down

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This is evil. No calming down!

I was just telling that person on my private list that I would delete him since he couldn't cope with the "intemperance" of my posts. Just like you, Eli. It was an act of mercy. At the same time I asked permission to quote and name him, since the world would find it fascinating. Awaiting his reply.

No excuse, Eli, for your weasel-wording and appeasement!


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I hope I haven't started anything! Starting to wish I hadn't posted anything now!

Please don't delete anybody Lindsay - let's calm down; sleep on it. Feel better in the morning. Today has been a pretty shocking day....(the entire bloody week has been awful)

Neville Chamberlain on My Private List ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... e-mailed me:

Lindsay, I find the intemperance of your language really hard to cope with.

And no, it wasn't Eli!

I replied:

No doubt. Would you like counselling? A social worker, perhaps? I shall delete you from my list.

Do you have any objection to my quoting you?

"Intemperance"? As Trump said to wusses like yourself in 2016, "Terrorists are chopping off heads and my opponents are worried about my tone?"

So, if Neville has no objection, I shall reveal his true identity.

Just for the record, I have had it up to here with tut-tutters scolding me about the intemperance of my language. Again I say, shove it up your cowardly, retentive asses!!


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Everyone - keep your hair on!

I take the view that life is far too short to dislike political opponents, and we should wait rather than condemn.

Be under no illusions - I am deeply concerned; he is 74 years old and I do fear the worst.

And that type of smarm is typical

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"Cunt" is insulting to cunts. And what type of world is it when a Health Minister tweets out something like that?

I'm having a problem following the live coverage right now because of the ghastly airhead fry-quackers fronting it. I have always said that in a world where fry-quacking is the norm and no one notices, things will not end well. I suppose that's what we're seeing.


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of course they’ll hope for his demise. WTF planet are you on?
They will milk this beyond imagination.

Steven Miles ....

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Health Minister for Queensland tweets out upon hearing about Trump and Melania having Covid... "Have you considered intravenous disinfectant?”



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Had seen that story earlier and dismissed it as pathetic.

I am referring to the President - that nobody is going to openly hope for his demise. You'd have to be a pretty rotten person to do so. We shall see. It's still pretty early in America.

Jesus, Eli!

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Just look at this, even before the news came out! Read the comments!

If you stopped being a smug poseur for a moment you'd realise that The Filth is really Filth and not just a platform for your preening!


Mr_Lineberry's picture

On Lindsay - I think we should give the filth a wee bit of credit. Only 4 o'clock in the morning; no one has made any comments and they may well be in bed and unaware of the news.

Inclined to think nobody will disgrace themselves by openly wishing death upon another person; would be genuinely surprised. Also would expect anybody who does to be instantly fired and/or excommunicated.

Forgive me, but I have faith in people - even these people.

Hear Hear!

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Orange the Magnificent will prevail!
And China, plus the rest of the Filth, should beware.

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