Reagan v The Swamp existed in 1964

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Tue, 2020-10-06 02:39

Ronald Reagan in 1964 was more firey than I remember him when he was around as President.

This clip from 1964 shows him railing against the DC smart elites:

In 2016, The BBC, placed Mr Trump as a centrist and Reaganite. Laura Ingraham in her Book The Billionaire at the Barricades confirms that position. She also records that Reagan was an outsider to the Washington DC "Brahman" establishment elite, had simmilar difficuties but not to the same extent that Mr Trump has had.

Reagan makes a comment about Liberals and knowledge which chimes in with the present fabulations of Democrats and MSM.


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Was one of the great ones. For me Ron Reagan had just one failing.

When I was a boy I loved that man - there was Reagan, Thatcher, Pinochet in Chile, and Sir Joh in Australia (whom I have been writing about in another blog in recent days) - dominating the world and shaking up the received wisdom of cowardice and failure.

I worshipped them; the four horsemen of freedom and morality. If only we'd had them here in NZ *sigh*

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