Reclaim New Zealand!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2020-10-07 05:05

Stellar British actor Laurence Fox, who gave up his career to fight Woke-Fascism, has formed a new political party in Britonistan, Reclaim. In my terminology, which he doesn't use, it's tantamount to: Reclaim Civilised Values from The Filth. Its values are libertarian, live-and-let-live, colour-blind, and indifferent to all the non-issues that the Woke-Fascist pushers of Identity Politics claim are paramount to the point of justifying burning, looting and killing. We need Reclaim in NZ. The pretenders to that title, Advance NZ and New Conservative, are, respectively, charlatans and wimps. ACT, of course, are not even on the radar screen. We need people who mean it!


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good place to start!

Bill Whittle and our friends at Right Angle are derisive of the world being created where the greatest virtue is to avoid any sort of risk; sickening; pathetic. I am pleased there are people calling this stuff out. I say let's take risks, my view of life has always been "Pay your money and take your chances" - it's much more fun.

The saddest thing I have experienced in recent years is watching friends my age who sold their souls for a 'job'; a predictable, regular-type life and are now balding, dull, looking far older than they actually are. Sad. That is the price of safety first and something I have avoided at all costs.


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he succeeds.

I do not think NZ is the country for that sort of thing; not sure it ever was.

Throughout our history we have had a large(ish) and visible Maori population, so colour-blind has never existed.

Our infrastructure was government financed and owned from the days of Vogel onwards, whereas Britain and America saw private businesses raise money and build it.

We have also had a strong busybody streak in our culture (perhaps due to living at the edge of the world in small communities where there was nothing else to do?) - so live and let live is alien throughout our history.

Even when we had a libertarian party it was pretty collectivist, dissent from the "received wisdom" of socialism wasn't encouraged, and few people seriously believed a word they were saying. "Who" was more important than "what", than whether sonething was right or wrong.

As for what is now known as " woke"; wokeness. It's always been around - the middle class rushing to embrace things so they aren't viewed as backward, redneck hicks living at the edge of the empire.

Whether it was the League of Nations, or starving negroes, or Spanish civil war, or Vietnam, or springbok tour, or raising the level of lake manapouri, or nuclear bombs, or 101 other things which were seen as fashionable to the middle class - they embraced it.

A shame, really, because NZ could be a great place to establish a libertarian paradise and be by far the richest nation; the problem is New Zealanders.

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