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Professor Jonathan Turley’s blog.

George Washington University law Professor Jonathan Turley’s blog generally has interesting pieces on US law, social commentary and free speech.

Progressives and MSM’s closed minds on the existence of ANTIFA was the subject of this article
“There Is No Evidence”: Professor Publishes Book On Domestic Terrorism While Denying Antifa’s Involvement In Violence

As Jon Turley observes: “Professor of Criminology and Terrorism Studies at UMass-Lowell Arie Perliger, who told The Lowell Sun, that there is absolutely no evidence of organized violence by Antifa. The assertion is astonishing given the extensive evidence of such violence for years on the campuses and streets of the country.” That is understatement.

Senator Nadler does not believe ANTFIA exists and Mr Biden stated it is just an idea.

From the Washington Times: Antifa Escalates...

See also Devin Nunes Newscast: ANTIFA-The Left's Street Troops of 20 September 2020 for a short potted history in the US.

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The Daily Signal

‘Could It Happen Here? The Parallels Between Soviet Bloc and Modern US’

On Monday, 5 October 2020, The Daily Signal carried this piece by Rob Bluey, titled ‘Could It Happen Here? The Parallels Between Soviet Bloc and Modern US'. He looked at on how some US emigres from the Eastern bloc view what is happening in the USA today as comparable to the shutdown of public discourse in Czechoslovakia in 1968:

“’Son, the things I’m seeing happen here in this country now remind me of what I left behind in Czechoslovakia.”…

As young woman, she was put in prison for six years in Czechoslovakia for her Catholic faith.’
“They’re seeing the tyranny of woke culture and cancel culture rise in this country. And they say they can’t believe that Americans won’t pay attention to them and don’t see what’s happening.”


Is a UK on line publication and had this essay, in a more inteelctual vein, on HR and how it has succumbed to “successor ideology has infected HR and thus lead to Woke corporations and seeks to be the new state Ideological State Apparatus.”

“How we bend the knee to our HR overlords: Our managerial class is asserting itself, drunk with its own power” By Aris Roussinos.

“Like the wave of statue-toppling earlier this summer, which immediately subsumed itself into the endless bureaucracy of commissions and panels, overseen by the quangos and opaquely-funded NGOs which actually run this country, we realise that true power in Britain rests neither in the streets nor at the ballot box, but in the hands of the professional managerial class. The spread of the successor ideology is not, despite the urban violence which occasionally attends its spread, a revolutionary moment, but the very opposite, a counterrevolution of HR managers, the means by which managerial liberalism reasserts its authority over the organs of the state.

How does this work in practice? Let’s take the example of Keir Starmer at the moment the successor ideology called out to him: will Keir kneel in the ritual BLM pose, and in doing so, recognise himself as subject to its moral authority? He has three options: he can kneel, and prove himself subject; he can refuse to kneel, and declare himself a rebel or heretic against the rightful authority, with all the social and political risk that brings; or he can ignore it entirely, refusing to either submit or to refuse to submit, thus stripping the ideology of all political power.”

Town Hall

Back to the USA with an article, on 7 October 2020, by Economist Professor Walter E Williams, ‘The Fight for Free Speech’.

A piece on the push back against the anti free speech folk.

More than 12,000 professors, free speech leaders and conservative-leaning organization leaders have signed "The Philadelphia Statement."

"The e 845-word document says in part: "Similarly, colleges and universities are imposing speech regulations to make students 'safe,' not from physical harm, but from challenges to campus orthodoxy. These policies and regulations assume that we as citizens are unable to think for ourselves and to make independent judgments. Instead of teaching us to engage, they foster conformism ("groupthink") and train us to respond to intellectual challenges with one or another form of censorship. A society that lacks comity and allows people to be shamed or intimidated into self-censorship of their ideas and considered judgments will not survive for long. As Americans, we desire a flourishing, open marketplace of ideas, knowing that it is the fairest and most effective way to separate falsehood from truth. Accordingly, dissenting and unpopular voices -- be they of the left or the right -- must be afforded the opportunity to be heard. They have often guided our society toward more just positions, which is why Frederick Douglass said freedom of speech is the 'great moral renovator of society and government"

By the way remember who Frederick Douglas (1818-1895) was. If alive today BLM would not have him cancelled him.

'It's Not Illegal': John Brennan Confirms He Briefed Obama on Russia Election Scheme:

For those following Spygate, Townhall had this on 7 October 2020 by Katie Pavlich, 'It's Not Illegal': John Brennan Confirms He Briefed Obama on Russia Election Scheme.’

“The Office of the Director of National Intelligence transmitted the declassified documents to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on Tuesday afternoon.

"....[summarizing] alleged approved by Hillary Clinton a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service,” Brennan’s notes read."

And what did President Obamas then do…? Let the Big Ball of Bull’s Wool unravel.