Chamelea Harris: She's So Fake!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2020-10-09 05:06

Here's a good montage of and commentary on Chamelea Harris's odious, oleaginous gyrations against Mike Pence, who surgically, clinically exposed her as the deeply shallow power-lusting opportunist that she is. The similarity between this fake-smiling, fry-quacking, upward-inflecting, vacuous and evil grotesquery and the thing that is New Zealand's Prime Minister right now was chilling. The totalitarian agenda is identical in both cases:

Chameleon: "a small slow-moving Old World lizard with a prehensile tail, long extensible tongue, protruding eyes that rotate independently, and a highly developed ability to change colour."


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may find out that your self doubt means nothing was ever there..."

That pretty much sums up Harris, doesn't it? Tongue

Thanks to the band "Green Day" for hitting the nail on the head; a classic song from 1995

VP Debate

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Ben Shapiro's commentary was amusing. He made the point that smirking while on split screen did not do Harris any favours. She came across as untrustworthy to my mind despite manipulating the left wing jargon. MSM had their hair on fire over mansplaining: this was a debate by two Senators aiming for high office. Playing the "little women" victim card by MSM was curious given Harris has been holding her own in Court for a long time as it was disingenuous.

Lets face it, Harris pulled out of the nomination race when she hit 2% rating; she is unpopular with the electorate; did not do well in our home district; and Biden placed 3rd in the first Primary and he is a 3rd timer. The latter two alone are not predictors of success on the Helmut Norpoth indicia.

The polls that count- shall we say are likely to be more reliable- are the ones for the swing states. As this is a base election- the party bases are to be mobilised-ahead of the middle ground independents and non committed.

An answer on the Supreme Court packing may well be important for independents and old time and more conservative Democrats. The Federalist carried the story yesterday that Mr Biden will give his answer AFTER the Election as he does not want recriminations. I think we all can "READ his lips." The post election package (if the D's win) may well include Puerto Rico and DC as states, abolition the Electoral College. One poll swing state poll cited by Dr Steve Turley has put that the EC vote 320 to Trump and 218 to Biden.

Michael Anton has a book out mooting a post election Democrat coup, so all of he above may be irrelevant. Anton's has an article online on American Mind. See also for the push back:

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi is looking at the 25th amendment: but is it for Biden, after the election should he win to flip Harris in?


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Vice President rose to the occasion and I was enormously impressed. Think he has 2024 tied up haha!

Watched it live online with (amongst others) a friend from Seattle who got stuck in NZ with lockdown and is still here. Real left winger. Keeps trying to "bait" me over Trump and gets so frustrated when I simply don't discuss the election haha!

He looked pretty ashen faced by the end - knew this had hit the Biden campaign like a front tire blowout.

The stupid cow was like David Cunliffe in 2014 - describing a world that not only doesn't exist, but nobody recognises. Watch cunliffe's (quite bizarre) budget speech from 2014 - it's online - which must have left the average labour voter wondering what nation he was talking about.

Thing about this woman that is a bit odd, she always sounds as if she's about to burst into tears!

Best thing Mike Pence did (or I guess "didn't" do) was leave her record in California alone. I was worried he'd fall into the old trap for amateurs of singling out cases when she was DA and try to make something of it. Never works.

Worst thing Pence did was go on too long talking about that chap in Iran they killed - (nobody gives a toss about Iranian generals) - but fortunately the debate moved on to the Supreme Court.

She’s exactly like Ardern...

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with that fake giggly, smiley little girl to deflect hard questions.
So fucking weak!!

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