Biden-Democrat Contempt for the Voters on SCOTUS Packing

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Submitted by Graham Hill on Sat, 2020-10-10 21:32

Democrats, the party of lawyers, "lawfare" , of weaponising of the IRS FBI and DoJ have openly manifested contempt for the voters- all of whom are now relegated to Deplorables.

Voting has already started in the USA but the candour of Mr Biden is astonishing as is the hubris: The National Review writer Zachary Evans noted:

Joe Biden on Friday again refused to state whether he would attempt to pack the Supreme Court if elected president, saying in an interview that voters “don’t deserve” to know his position on the issue.
Charles C Cooke writes that:

For weeks, Joe Biden has refused to answer whether he intends to blow up the United States Supreme Court on the preposterous grounds that, if he does, journalists will write about it. Now, he adds that voters “don’t deserve” to know his position. This transmutes an untenable position into a downright nefarious one.

It was contempt and ignoring of voters, and the unpalatable Hillary Clinton, that resulted to a large extent in the Trump victory. It was he, not the party of FDR whose slogan of the 'Forgotten Man' that brought the Democrats to power in the 1930's. FDR and the Professor Felix Frankfurter did alienate the business sector part of the electorate for a while and embarked on some legal warfare against former Finance Secretary under President Hoover over, Andrew Mellon, The Schecters (the Chicken Case) and others. There is pattern that imprints itself on today's Democrats: Impeachments; the Bridgegate, Flynn, Concorde cases et al. Mr Schiff- a former prosecutor, is always itching for a hearing. The rule of lawyers is NOT necessarily the rule of law. Biden after all was a lawyer graduating from Syracuse University and entering practice in 1969.

This election has Spygate in the wings and the recent revelations from document releases now indicates that the hoax was organised by Mrs Clinton to vilify Trump. CIA director John Brennan told Mr Obama, who let it wash on through ot eh $30M Muller probe. Should the tax payer met that or the maker of the hoax? Then there is the Biden Burisma.fiasco, money from China, BLM and the peaceful protests falsehoods which brings into account the need for law and order.

The contempt for the voter is deplorable and leads to a question is democracy also deplorable and to be held in contempt?

FDR contemplated Court packing as the Court was "thwarting" policy implementation. But the Supreme Court is a check, in the constitutional set up, against abuse of power and unlawful action. The Supreme Court is not an inferior adjunct to the legislature. Where measure cannot be got through on a popular vote in Congress the paternalism of the Democrats have sought to give to effect to its policy objectives through judicial legislature. FDR's government evinced a push to circumvent the process of democracy's legislature by departments of state such as the National Recovery Agency, which was tested in the Schlecter Case with a "thwarting" of the NRA.

The push of the Democratic Socialists, with its muddled Identity Socialism, does not augur well for the constitution and the voter.

You would think a party of lawyer would respect this fact. Packing the Court is a step in dismantling the Constitute.

The hubris of Mr Biden's statement of voter disdain and contempt may well be visited with an hamartia- though Biden is no hero- and the Voter furies. If not the US in in for Dionysian Democratic Socialist madness and bloodshed.


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The National Review was the earliest, and most vocal, hotbed of the "Never Trumpers"'s a bit rich for them to now stand back, scratching their heads, in a state of utter astonishment at learning the Demoscum are...(*shock*) all crooks!

These are your best friends - lying in the bed you folk made - so don't complain.

It's either 100% behind Trump or it's becoming the Siamese twin of the corrupt Demoscum. There is no option 3 and hasn't been for 5 years.

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